Senator Feinstein’s Staff Reluctantly Meets with Citizen Activists…

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Illegal aliens routinely lobby members of Congress. They even meet the president and get invited to sit with the First Lady while he delivers the State of the Union address.

But what if you’re just an ordinary hard-working, taxpaying citizen who wants to meet with your United States senator to discuss how mass illegal immigration is harming you and your family? Well, if your senator happens to be Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that could be problematic.

On February 4, a FAIR activist accompanied a group of Southern California activists who had scheduled a meeting with Senator Feinstein’s staff in her Los Angeles office. They weren’t expecting a warm reception from the senator’s staff, but no one was ready for the chilly reception they received. Literally chilly. When they got there – some having traveled two hours through L.A. traffic to get there – they were told that Feinstein’s staffer would not meet them in the senator’s office, but rather on a cold outdoor patio. (Okay, cold by L.A. standards.)

Finally, after being left waiting for a half hour the busy intersection outside Feinstein’s office, her district director Trevor Daley managed to procure an indoor conference room, where citizen activist were allowed to come in shifts to discuss their concerns about immigration policy.

No one expected that they were going to change any minds. But as citizens and constituents they kind of expected that they would be treated with the same degree of respect and courtesy that the senator would extend to say, a group of illegal aliens. Sadly that was not the case.

Photos credit: By Robin Hvidston


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Susan has been with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) since 2002. She is a former business owner, manager for municipal code enforcement, immigration coordinator for the Coalition of Government Officials (southern California), and president of Citizens Committee for Immigration Policy. Susan manages FAIR's extensive and national Field Program. She develops members and activist support and educates the media and public on immigration issues.


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    I wish I knew of this I would have been there. In fact I just found this group I’ve been with NumbersUSA, Alipac, CAPP for years. We need a better way to spread the word BILLBOARDS Heck I’ll chip in for one or two.

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    Dianne Feinstien is a traitor and a fraud her along with Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi all need to be charged formally with crimes against the citizens. Cal Watch Dog has a recall petition for Brown and Harris google for Pelosi Feinstien pos has a lot of power and her tend to come down as soon as they go up. Stand up for California don’t let these criminal politicians and illegals take over. I see 12 year old girls prostituting themselves now, I’m sad disgusted and furious that this is going on. Little kids dealing drug. OVer it.

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    When the demonstrators were finally brought in from the cold, you can be sure that it was not out of human kindness. The longer they were out there, the more people could read their signs. How did she get into office? Media overflowing with sad stories featuring sobbing illegal immigrants. The voting public falls for that every time and doesn’t bother to think of all the people who are harmed by mass immigration.

    Has anyone ever heard an illegal immigrant apologize for stealing someone’s Social Security number and messing up his/her life? A man who had a terrible motorcycle accident was denied benefits because someone using his Social Security was working many miles away. Even if it did get straightened out, think of all the hassle and horrendous stress to him when doctors were telling him to rest and heal. An L.A. County police officer was unable to buy a home because someone who’d stolen his SSN had run up bad debts.

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    How did she get into office? Illegal citizens do not have the right to vote. This is a shame for everyone.

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    Well, if the citizenry start interfering with the sweetheart deals her Husbands company has been getting
    as punishment, she might pay attention. There is a reason why she got so rich being a “public servant”.
    Look at where the money is flowing for the so-called high speed train project and you will better understand
    why such a boondoggle keeps getting supported. It’s all about payoffs and kick backs.

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    It is time Feinstein, Pelosi and many others retire. Their leadership is much of why the country is in such poor shape.
    Hear that, bad governing. Feinstein is one who rushed that 2008 “anti-trafficking law thru,” This child-trafficking has been going on since she has been in D.C., and she just notices it – the last minute of session in 2008 when everyone is heading out the door! Get real! This great country – and people put into containers to come in –
    It is time to get serious about our immigration laws. And time to overhaul our weak government bureaus and services to protect the citizens, not to pander to personal interests of the representatives.

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    They should have promised a contract for one of her husband’s companies and they would have received a reception fit for royalty…just sayin’

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    “No one expected that they were going to change any minds”. That’s for sure. As one of Senator Feinstein’s constituents, I can always tell that they do not like hearing what I have to say about immigration when I call their office. I really don’t ever expect her to change her mind, because frankly she is an unprincipled crook, but that does not stop me from sending her office info or calling to express my opinion. The alternative is to just give up, which I find unacceptable.

    The one thing I can do, and am planning to do, is vote with my feet and move to a state that does not lavish illegal immigrants with benefits. Of course the biggest problem with California is the millions of voters that keep voting for open borders politicians like Feinstein, even though the state is overcrowded, running out of water and going broke. So many people in California claim to care about the environment, but then are in favor of increasing the state’s population by millions of people which will increase the car emissions they say will destroy the planet, and further drain rapidly diminishing water supplies.

    I care about taking care of the planet, but I have to say that from what I’ve seen in California it’s too bad for the planet that a lot the people who say they also care about the planet are not intelligent enough to really be up to the task. For a lot of them it’s really all more about left wing politics and increasing taxes on evil corporations than objectively being for what is best for the environment, because less immigration would mean less voters for the Democrats. Too bad for the planet.

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      Yes, Pull the Property Tax Plug Supporting IAs, Drain Their Funds and Go to a Cheaper Real Estate State

      There’s no better attack on the IA invasion than moving the Hades out. Bring your legal citizen disabled family with you, so they don’t get hurt.

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      I also call DiFi’s office often. But at least there, you get to talk to a real person, and occasionally engage in debate. With Boxer is always, always, always voicemail. “Leave a message”. They are both bad, but which witch is worse?

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    This just verifies how these lowlife parasites (our elitist elected incompetents), would rather suck up to the open border scum, than respect their duty to real American citizens. And they actually make a career out of sponging off U.S. taxpayers, while being financially rewarded by these spineless lobbyists. How else do you think a part-time government employee could retire as a millionaire?

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    “Two hours through LA traffic to get there”. That’s true. Traffic in Los Angeles is almost gridlock from early in the morning until 8 or 9 pm. I’m sure more people arriving from other countries will help the situation. Not.

    Which leads to this story from this week. An Associate Press article by Joan Lowy titled “Report Points to Transportation Crisis Ahead”.

    The story is about an Obama administration report that was released Monday and notes “By then [2045] the US population will grow by 70 million” and notes “If there are no changes in the capacity of the national highway system, recurring peak congestion is expected to increase from 11% of the system in 2007 to to 37% in 2040.”

    Left unsaid is the fact that most of that 70 million population increase will be due to the direct and indirect effects of immigration. And highways are just one component of the hugely expensive increase in infrastructure that will be required for that many people. All those who want to pretend that mass immigration is such a positive refuse to address those issues.