Cost In Translation: A New FAIR Report on School Costs

classroom_foto_flickrPoliticians talk a lot about the nation’s “broken immigration system.” Usually they mean we don’t let in enough immigrants to keep the narrow special interests that dominate Washington politics happy. What you don’t hear them talk about is the effects the broken system is having on the localities where immigrants settle, particularly the strains that immigration, more especially illegal immigration, has on the nation’s public school system. A new report from FAIR reveals that in the D.C. metro area alone, the cost of educating children who are limited English proficient (LEP) runs to $2.4 billion.

Cost In Translation: English Language Education in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area breaks down the cost of LEP education in Washington, D.C. and six Maryland and Virginia school districts. These costs will only increase as the Obama administration circumvents the law to allow millions of illegal aliens to settle permanently in the U.S.

Among Cost in Translation’s key findings:

  • Nearly half, 45.8 percent of the Alexandria, Virginia, public school system’s budget is now devoted to the needs of LEP students who comprise nearly 30 percent of the student body. The Alexandria schools have experienced a 125 percent growth in its LEP population since the 2005-06 school year.
  • Fairfax County, Virginia, carries the largest cost burden in the area, spending more than $676 million a year on education and services for more than 33,000 LEP students.
  • Montgomery County bears the largest burden among Maryland school districts, spending more than $466 million on LEP students. Nearly 40 percent of Montgomery County residents speak a language other than English at home.
  • Throughout the D.C. metro area, education costs for LEP students are about 50 percent higher than for English-speaking students. The costs for recently arrived unaccompanied minors are an additional 25 percent higher than other LEP students.

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    18 thrillion and we can aford free school. health, jobs? I ask, WHERE’S the money? Forgetting the U.S. AMERICANS are we? Chierity starts at home FIRST.

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    Forget it, America as it was known is history! We have been betrayed on every level and the only solution would be similar to 1776, and nobody has the stomach for that kind of sacrifice.

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    About 85% of the Los Angeles School District, which is huge, is populated with illegals. Unfair that county property owners are being forced to pay to educate people who are not even supposed to be here. Most property owners have much better things to do with their own money than waste it on illegal aliens.

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    Anthony – are you a troll? What more proof do you need -being fired and then illegals hired in your place?
    WTFU! Wake up…hello…anybody home?

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    Americans who support all this immigration and feel it is our responsibility to feed, educate, take care of every person that comes across our borders should let the immigrants move in with them and support them in every way, those of us who are tired of the moochers should pay nothing.
    TTime to seal the border with over 1 million legal immigrants yearly and who knows how many illegals we are being coverted to a third world country. Look at France, look at London where 3000 muslims just protested against cartoons the other day, with full support of British govt. Total bs. Look up Rotterdam rape, where muslims slime have been raping countless English girls in the name of perverted allah. Officials were told to hide it, act like it never happened. They are taking over Europe and America is next. Stop this insanity now before our childrens future is ruined.

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      I agree Chad. I think there is a secret agenda to bring down America that has been going on since Obama got elected. I cannot believe the American people are so nieve to believe in a man they knew little about. I sure as hell did not vote for him, never will. I think he hates America and is a small puppet on a string for a special group to do just that. I’m saying look at what he does- supports everything immoral and ungodly- like same sex marrage, he will not stand up to foreign Islamic groups ISIS- and he passes laws of the land himself without congressional approval-
      he circumvents congress in other areas as well to a point of illegal aggression against the American public- example his health care plan. I knew in 2008 he was the wrong man for the job. You are right about the muslim explosion going on in Europe, like up to 60,ooo per year in England proper alone. I mean I don’t think Amercans are moving into London by the bus load gee it must be do to Muslim expansion and I don’t mean American ones either. They are all doing what the illegals from south of the border are doing to Amerca only on an international scale.

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    Why is it our job to provide an education to illegals. They don’t get one where they came from. Our teachers shouldn’t have to learn but 3 sentences in their language. 1. Sit down 2. Shut up. 3. GO HOME!

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    I believe it. These illegals have been shoved down our throats for years. Especially here i. Southern california, what a mess. The schools i went to in downey,ca. are nearly if not 100% mexican! How is this fair to us americans? I am a construction superintendent and what i have seen in the last 8-10 years is that nearly all of the workers are mexican, most i can’t communicate with! Quality is crap! I’m sick and tired of being sold out and to be labeled a racist for opposing it ! Say goodbye to america as we know it!

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      American Citizen in Kentucky on

      Is our government in a race to increase our population to match India or China? Illegals mess up everything their own country, then come to USA as major “Moochers” demanding our government to change our laws to suit them. a lot of them pretend they can’t speak English to get sympathy from our government. Years ago immigrants from Europe learned English on their own, without help from our government. The “melting pot is FULL” . we are importing diseases, measeles, whooping cough, Flu viruses with our open border policies. Our border patrol is not allowed to do their job. They are a “Escort service that escorts illegals to FREE lawyers to fight against our laws, at taxpayer expense. We need to STOP Birthright Citizenship to children born to illegals who are tresspassing in America.

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      So you acknowledge that you were presented with “facts” but you claim that’s “no proof”? Huh?

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      Anthony….the “proof” is out there if you really want it…these figures are in the public domain…..we are all paying for this…many teachers around the country complain that they spend so much time with Spanish speaking only kids that little time is spent with American kids….look at our education standing in the world and how it has dropped since the Regan amnesty….wake up…..if you want to know what our country will look like in 25 years just look to the south.

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          No, it’s just your post that’s lame. Our students know nothing and trying to teach kids in two languages is killing our education system.

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        American Citizen in Kentucky on

        I understand that good teachers in California are being fired because they don’t speak Spanish. Why aren’t illegals smart enough to learn English on their own, from television and radio like our Ancesters did years ago.