Wall Street Set to Cash-In on Obama Amnesty

Stacks_of_moneyLast week IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before Congress that illegal aliens who benefit from the Obama amnesty will also be in line to collect money from the Treasury in the form of retroactive Earned Income Tax Credits.

Guess who else is getting on the amnesty gravy train? According to a report by the McClatchy News Service, Wall Street is set to cash-in on what long-time open borders advocate Frank Sharry describes as “the biggest (immigration) program they’ve ever had to implement” (not to mention an unconstitutional one as well). McClatchy reports that big processing contracts to handle to flood of applications are now being passed out. “It starts with the banking firm of J.P. Morgan Chase, which will be paid to open envelopes, scan applications and deposit checks at centers in Dallas and Phoenix,” states the report.

This should not come as a big surprise. After all, big business interests have invested millions of lobbying dollars in the effort to gain amnesty for illegal aliens and flood the already saturated U.S. labor market.

The McClathchy report also should put to rest any notion that the Obama amnesty will be anything other than a massive rubber-stamping operation. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), whose former vice president is Obama’s chief domestic policy advisor, is demanding that the approval process be expedited in order to convince as many illegal alien as possible to step forward and take advantage of the program. “If it takes six months for anybody to get approved, that’s going to affect participation,” said Charles Kamasaki of NCLR. “If they are getting approvals in two to three months, then the skeptics are more likely to come forward.” Under this administration, what NCLR wants, NCLR generally gets…and so does J.P. Morgan Chase.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Would anyone like to comment about all of the Social Security taxes that have been taken out of their paychecks with no possible way for the undocumented person to ever use the money.

    I am not Hispanic but I am involved in the undocumented community. I assure you that the jobs that everyone claims they are taking away from Americans are jobs that Americans don’t even apply for. Ask the farmers in the Midwest, or the restaurant owner in New York City about how difficult it is to find American workers.
    The undocumented will eventually become documented in our country. It’s happened throughout our history and it will happen again. We will be a better nation because of it.

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      Only about 3% of illegals work in agriculture, according to Pew. Bigger categaories are service 23%, construction 18%, manufacturing 14% and others including transportation, management etc. The “tomato picker in the hot sun” is total bs. As far as Social Security goes, steal someone elses number and feel unfair? Go home to your own cesspool country and complain.

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          And, I believe if the farmers would offer a ‘living’ wage, there would be a surplus of workers right here! No need then for the illegals. Also many , if not all of the illegals could not come in legally, due to some disease they have or a CRIMINAL background

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        Good job on pointing out the facts, D. Smith. When I was a kid a lot of my dad’s friends worked in construction and I personally know construction workers who have left the business because illegals have taken so many of the jobs and driven wages to lower than they were 20 years ago. The idea that illegals are only doing the jobs “Americans won’t do” is just a fantasy. It’s a proven fact that the meat packing companies started recruiting illegals back in the 90s to break the back of the unions. Those were high paying jobs at one time.

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      Lawrence P. Goodwin on

      And I can assure you that what you have said is true in only some cases, and NOT true in many others. Many illegals fake documentation in the names of American citizens who died young, contribute as they work, then collect in the name of the deceased. Many others work under the table, and contribute nothing to Social Security. You make your argument on the basis of SOME illegals, and not even the majority.
      A very high percentage send much of their money home, be that to Mexico, Central American countries, or countries in the middle East, Europe & Asia, and OUT of our economy.
      This is not to mention the billions of dollars stolen by congress from the social security fund, which is no fault of illegals, excepting to the extent they benefit from programs to which Congress diverted those billions.
      We must also look at all the illegal immigrants who have stolen citizenship in other ways such as fraudulently voting, unlawfully steering our country in some cases away from what legal American citizens want.
      I can also assure you that there are Americans in this economy who DO want some of those jobs you mention, and they are largely Americans who have dependents and are losing their homes & other assets by being unemployed.
      If we are to make America a better country by bringing in more immigrants, let us do it as our laws prescribe, not by means outside the law. When laws aren’t changed, it may very well be because voters in this democratic republic don’t want them changed.

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    THE ILLEGAL ALIEN PROBLEM. Updated 1-7-2015.

    RESPECT AMERICAN CITIZENS TAX upon each illegal alien WHO WILL NOW PAY RESPECT TO AMERICAN CITIZENS. About time American citizens were paid respect by illegals!
    PAYMENT OF THIS (Sin) Tax by each illegal alien pays for that illegal aliens illegal occupation of America.
    U.S. government now pays respect to American citizens by collecting this tax paid to American citizens into a single account owned by American citizens, not used by government, use is by Americans to combat illegals.
    (If any of the fed voting congress or Obama objects to paying respect to American citizens, then see ** below).
    A.i) Optional. Each illegal determined as an illegal by law enforcement has that illegal wear a GPS device.

    A.1) Tax upon each illegal at tax of
    $100.00 per illegal per month first calendar month or any part thereof (*plus government cost overhead cost to collect this tax or not as itemized below as a >74% overhead paid by Mexico (!) per item “D.1” below);
    tax upon each illegal at tax of $200.00 per illegal per second calendar month increasing at $100 per month thereafter until gov set ceiling is reached.
    A.2) Tax upon each illegal at tax of
    $1.00 per illegal per day first calendar month (*plus government cost overhead cost to collect this tax with 74% of this government cost overhead paid by Mexico (see below herein)),
    $2.00 per illegal per day second calendar month,
    $3.00 per illegal per day third calendar month,
    $4.00 per illegal per day fourth calendar month,
    $5.00 per illegal per day fifth calendar month.
    Payment made each time they encounter law enforcement (minimum),
    $6.00 per illegal per day sixth calendar month, etc.
    This should force illegals to respect the law and price illegals out of the sub-wage industry gold mine illegals operate.

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    This is amazing. American citizens get thrown in jail for violating our laws, but illegal aliens get rewarded with retroactive Earned Income Tax Credits and jobs? Looks like our country has been Transformed as Obama said he would do. All you that voted for him, hope you enjoy your new country and your unemployment.

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    ???? So I thought we were going to have “strict background checks” of all these people? So why are they owed any expedited process for their law breaking. It should take whatever time it takes, if a true background check is what the government was really interested in. But it’s not what they are interested in, it’s just another broken promise, another lie the public was told and everyone now forgets.

    Like no government benefits. Remember that? Now they will be able to claim the earned income credit going back three years, with checks as big as 15 thousand dollars. Of course, the earned income credit was meant to go to those here legally, but why be surprised any more by what these liars say. You know the saying, if their lips are moving they’re lying.