Illegal Alien Advocates Invade Offices of Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz

Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 11.35.10 AMIllegal alien advocates staged noisy protests inside the Capitol Hill offices of Senators Jeff Session (R-Ala.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday. The protestors, identifying themselves as the Aloha Dream Team, disrupted the senators’ staffs from being able to carry out their business until they were finally removed.

The group also has plans to occupy and disrupt the offices of 35 Republican congressional members, whom they deem to be “attacking immigrant families” by attempting to “repeal the President’s immigration action.”

See video of the protest in Sen. Sessions’ office here.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col, USA (ret) on

    They have no regard for the Americans whose land they destroy akin to the destruction caused by fire-ants, grasshoppers,termites, etc.Solution: Station National guard troops at overlapping intervals along the borderss of California Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Arm them with Flame-throwers. Make it deadly and impossible to cross. Mexico has been troublesome for centuries and the militant organization La Raza is the prime agitator. One of La Raza’s leaders is Representative Raul M. Grijalva representing Arizona’s 3rd Congresional District. He has stated quite ofteh that, “All lands ceded to the United States by the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo still belong to Mexico.” Is his commentary and support for aliens not treasonous? We are in need of an extrmination process to rid ourselves of the vermin and insects within the United States and set a strong enough border defense to preclude further encroachments, crossings or attempted crossings. Terminate ALL foreign aid to Mexico until that malgoverned nation sees the futility of being an enemy rather than a neighbor. Stop ALL immiration until they comply. We are not Mexicos central dumping ground for their waste matter..


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    This is an illegal act,,
    Where is the personal responsible to prevent this act,,
    Otherwise it will be repeated every day,, every where,, endless,,

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    This statement should not be published, It is just plain crude and Leland is so correct -it is harmful.
    Write a decent protest to your Representatives and we may get results.
    State that no one under this program of Obama’s should be allowed any benefits or tax credits of any kind until this program is affirmed to be permanent by Congress. Congress should request that the question of taxes should be addressed in tax reform and the law needs to be changed to allow refundable and lucrative credits to citizens of the U.S. only. And the grandfather law of handing out prior tax credits to previously “unlawful” residents is completely *insane. The poor America is paying taxes to hand out $25,000 to $30,000, $40.000 worth of credits and benefits to nonciitzens. Debt is only 18 trillion + so taxes are meaningless anyway. Maybe Congress should just vote to disband the IRS and hand out nice bonuses to every citzen in the country each year. A trillion here, a trillion there!

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    Call me racist,Islampobic or white privileged i don’t care if your in this country illegally then you broke our law so deport them and ban them from ever becoming a legal citizen of the U S that way all others who come in illegally they know if found you will be deported and band for life.

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      I stand in agreement with you. I am appalled at the wording of this advocacy group. whom they deem to be “attacking immigrant families”. What justification do Americans get for millions of individuals entering this country illegally and then stealing, pillaging our resources. I mean really, is the illegal immigrant family the only family to taken into consideration. What about American families who has been and will continue to be effected by this invasion of illegal aliens.

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    To Timothy Ferguson – LELAND IS EXACTLY RIGHT ! ! ! (2/14/15, 12:22pm) Millions of Americans of all ethnic

    groups are tolerant and act reasonably to combat the harm of illegal immigration. People who benefit from

    illegal immigration ignore us and zero in on remarks by people like you to “prove” racism ! ! !

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    If any of those protesters are here illegally, then they have no rights in this country! Lawbreakers should be arrested and if they are illegal, they should be deported.

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      I agree, Michelle! This is so far ABOVE OUTRAGEOUS! WHEN are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to finally TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK???? I have 4 grandkids, 1 boy and 3 girls, growing up amid all this turmoil. I would LIKE to believe that they will be able to grow up SAFELY!!

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    If any of those protesters are here illegally, then they have no rights in this country! Lawbreakers should be arrested and if they ate illegal, they should be deported.

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    You clearly do not have good knowledge about what source wiped out the buffalo.
    Study up on Native Americans before you blame.

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    Don’t be afraid principled conservatives and other opponents of illegal immigration of being called racists, obstructionists, and advocates of government shut downs by Washington D.C. media talking heads (including many on Fox ), La Raza activists, Chamber of Commerce lobbyists, and Immigration Lawyer groups. Congress, by refusing to fund President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty decree that overrides existing immigration law and gives social security numbers and work permits to five million unauthorized aliens is doing its duty and exercising it explicit powers under our governmental system while defending U.S. citizenship sovereignty, and the rule of law. President Obama is not an emperor and he ironically made a compelling case over the last 3 years and in more than twenty speeches that he was not one. He explained why under our system of government that the legislative branch and not the President has jurisdiction on immigration matters (See Article 1, Section 8 U.S.C.). The President acting alone is ‘not how our democracy works’ Mr. Obama told pro-amnesty audiences over and over again. And now the nutty pro-open borders/amnesty narrative coming out of Washington D.C. is that the only way to oppose what Mr. Obama has done issuing this executive amnesty order is for Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration law that makes what Obama did unnecessary. This is a preposterous argument. The most important tool Congress has is the power of the purse and if it is not used at this critical time in our nation’s history, Congress may become an asterisk in our governmental system and a de facto emperor will be crowned in Washington D.C. later this year. Run to this battle patriots and not away from it.

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      I agree with what you are saying. The other side is going to charge racism automatically. My point to the poster below is to not give them unnecessary ammunition by using derogatory names. There is no need for it. Keep the focus on the arguments that are there. It is not racist to note that about 30% of those on Medicaid [not Medicare] are Hispanic, far above their percentage of the population. When the argument becomes about other than that, such as name calling, it’s not helpful.

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      Larry Brown….do not give an attitude of a victim……here history repeats itself over and over………………..nobody is calling racist to people that are already racists………..really u r a funny guy.

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    Things like you are saying are used by immigration advocates to portray sites like this as racist. There are plenty of legitimate arguments to be made against immigration. If you really cared about the issue you wouldn’t be posting comments like that. It does more harm than good.

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    These illegal immigrants have had every opportunity to become legal residents if they would just do it like all other immigrants. LEGALLY!!!! If they can not do that they do not deserve to be here. We the taxpayers are having to foot the bill for them to be here and OUR government aids and abets them with OUR money. ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, THEY ARE NOT BROKEN, OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS.

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      I agree Pam , I have family that came from Bolivia and they had to come the legal way. It may not be easy but that’s how it should be done Now our Government may be illegal and we need to fix that as well.

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      Why bother doing things legally when being illegal is so much easier? The President and Attorney General as well as the head of Homeland security all have your back. They aren’t “Illegal Aliens” or even “Undocumented Immigrants”. They are “Dreamers”. Come get your free medical care and free food stamps. By the way you can claim 3 years worth of back taxes with earned income credit (they just call it that. You don’t have to EARN anything.)with as many dependents as you can dream up.

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        Pam, Darlene & Bruce… are the reason Europeans think we are and call us stupid…….study our immigration system before you open your moths like monkeys……..

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    Why do we not lock up these people and stop putting up with people who scream in the street and demand what they want from us, send them back, put the fence up. Why should Americans obey the law when these people don’t and get by with it. My grandfather had rules he had to go by to come here, we don’t want people who do not believe in law and order. .

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    Preston Jemmott on

    If the laws of the land were being followed they would have been deported but with the traitor in chief in the White House they will probably get a White House dinner at taxpayer expense of course.

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    is this still america, obummer has tried to give it to the muslims and anyone that came across our borders, it’s time to stop him and those that he invited into our country illegale

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    Why wasn’t ICE called in? It is time for these bullies who believe in only machismo behavior to be shown the light. We are Americans not some gutless tribal rabble. I think prisons in the middle of the desert modeled after Sherriff Joe Arpaio are a legitimate answer. Probably the cheapest way to hold the law breakers until they can be repatriated to their home country. Do not release the culprits when caught but hold them until they are sent back. I also like the idea of Arpaio holding areas in the tundra of Alaska and island holding areas in Puerto Rico.

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    Ike isenhower in the 50’s, sent all the ILLEGALS back home. The U.s.a. was just out of ww11 and not much money around. We cand do it again if tcongress has a back bone.