Court Ruling Demonstrates Congress Must Defund Amnesty


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Congress Must Act Now to Defund

On Monday, true immigration reformers scored a huge victory when Federal Judge Andrew Hanen issued a temporary injunction that prohibits the Obama Administration from expanding its executive amnesty programs until the lawsuit filed by 26 states challenging it is decided on the merits. Significantly, Judge Hanen ruled that the executive amnesty directly causes significant injury to states because of the taxpayer funded benefits and programs they will be required to provide to amnestied illegal aliens.

The ruling makes the case for defunding even stronger!
Call your Senators now!

Currently, the House-passed DHS funding bill that defunds President Obama’s executive amnesties is stalled in the Senate because pro-amnesty Democrats are preventing the Senate from debating, or even offering amendments to, the bill. On three separate occasions, Senate Democrats unanimously voted against the motion to proceed to debate on the common sense House-passed DHS funding bill. In doing so, seven Democratic Senators (joined by pro-amnesty Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)) broke their promises to oppose the executive amnesty!

Time is of the essence, without action DHS funding runs out on February 27. This week Members of Congress are back home and it is critical they hear from you at their local offices.

Call your Senators AT THEIR LOCAL OFFICES.

Demand they vote YES on the motion to proceed to debate. Tell them there is no such thing as a “clean” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. Senators will either vote to fund President Obama’s executive amnesty or to defund it.

Tell them:

  • You oppose President Obama’s executive amnesty
  • You expect them to vote YES on the motion to proceed
  • You want Congress to stop the President’s abuse of power, now and in the future
  • You demand that Congress act NOW to rein in President Obama’s abuse of power and restore respect for our immigration laws.

Make your voice heard! To find your Senators’ LOCAL offices, click here.



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    Congress cannot afford to rely solely on the Courts to stop Obama’s amnesty and must vote to defund to make sure the coffin lid is nailed down tight.

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    Not many people really believed Obama would ever manage to get total amnesty when he was first elected but he’s doing exactly that, just one step at a time. It’s time for everyone to wake up and stop it now before it’s too late.

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    We work hard day and night to make America a better place when Americana ard out as homeless asking us for money why stop the reform??? Everyone aganist it should think before the talking with knowing the meaning to hard work as an immigrant!!!

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    This is actually a well written opinion. Click “ruled”. There is no doubt that many states are being left to pick up the economic pieces of the failure, the willful failure, of the US government to enforce immigration law. Our “broken system” will not be repaired by once again excusing, and rewarding, the actions of those who knowingly violated our laws against illegal entry or overstaying a visa. All that these previous amnesties have done is encourage more of the same. Why would they not? I mean, were those in favor of these actions born yesterday?

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      Good Point Leland

      How about the DACA kids already dumped into America, maybe they can’t give them amnesty, but how do we rid ourselves of the costs and responsibilities of Central America’s serious child neglect abuse? Maybe Mexico will help?….LOL