A Legal Process Blind to Reality

The Immigration Reform Law Institute has continued to analyze last week’s decision by a federal judge to halt President Obama’s executive amnesty program.

“To the disappointment of immigration-enforcement advocates, Judge Andrew S. Hanen last week rejected a key argument that Texas raised in its attempt to establish legal standing. Texas tried to show that Obama’s amnesty policies would lead to an increase of illegal aliens in the state and would strain state coffers as a consequence.”

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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    The supreme irony in the defunding Homeland Security debate is that this administration has in essence done the same thing that they claim to worry so much about. One of the three Brooklyn men just arrested in a plot to travel to Syria and join the radicals had an expired visa. If he had been just a little more undercover he would have escaped detention by the INS. Because this administration, whose immigration policy is courtesy of La Raza, does everything in their power to prevent INS from doing it’s job.

    Agents are ordered to go out of their way to release illegals. Border Patrol agents on our southern border are ordered to retreat when border crossers endanger their physical well being by throwing rocks at them, instead of standing their ground and meeting those rocks with armed force. Which is exactly what the rock throwers are trying to achieve, because it makes it more likely that those attempting to cross illegally will be able to do so when the agents retreat. Our “broken system” is not the fault of a lack of money, but the will to enforce our laws as written.

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      This has been going on for many years on the Texas, Arizona and California border. I worked in that business and for years for funding turned on and off by Congress members from those states who were more focused on providing cheap labor for their friends, big business and personal interests. There were big payoffs to elected officials at all levels for not enforcing laws. That drives up our cost for unemployment of Americans, welfare, etc. Add to that the cost of free benefits for the legals and our taxes at all levels skyrocket. All those crooks make themselves and corrupt politicians rich. The corrupt politicians talk trash to their electorate, who stupidly believes them because they are living comfortably doing nothing. And the unions keep talking trash to make $$$. And the charities play all sides making themselves rich while claiming they are helping everyone, but not illegals, while at the same time serving as employment agencies! And the mayors getting payola call their cities sanctuaries. In thand Muslims!e midst of this the illegals sent $45 billion home last year, paid no taxes, put demands on your city, raised your taxes, brought you crime and drugs. And out of touch Obama wants to make them citizens to give his corrupt party more power in the future setting the final stage for a Marxist state run by dictators