Obama: DHS Employees Who Don’t Follow Orders Will Face “Consequences”

“Last Wednesday, President Obama delivered an implied threat to discipline or even fire Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees who might be inclined to follow the law instead of DHS’ unlawful amnesty policies. (Weekly Standard, Feb. 25, 2015) While answering questions before amnesty activists at a town hall event hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz-Balart, the President explained that any official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who refused to obey his executive actions would face ‘consequences,'” notes FAIR’s most recent Legislative Update.

Read more at FAIR’s legislative update page.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Republicans and Democrats are actively pursuing donations from big Silicon Valley tech firms, who of course, want increased numbers of H-1B visas for more cheap labor. These same firms also support mass Amnesty and chain migration because such policies result in increased numbers of consumers for their services and devices.


    Once again, its all about money, and the power that goes with it.

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      I noticed that Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is among the big donors to the Democrats. Here she wrote the book Lean In encouraging American women to get good jobs and focus on their careers while simultaneously supporting politicians in favor of increasing the number of H-1Bs. But how can American women get great jobs if supposedly “American” companies like Facebook want to hire as many citizens of foreign countries as possible? What a hypocrite.

      I’ve also seen Rand Paul, one of the big recipients of Silicon Valley bribes, I mean “donations”, talking on TV about how we need more H-1Bs for Silicon Valley. He doesn’t mind stabbing American workers in the back as long as he gets his money for his campaign. What a SOB.

      How can we expect the American people and our country to have a bright future if the best American companies are more interested in hiring foreigners than Americans? Where are Americans supposed to get good jobs if American companies don’t want to hire Americans?

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    The House and Senate must stop Obama from carrying out his wishes by Executive order to go forward with his illegal plans to precede forward with his illegal ammesty wishes.

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    There is only one answer … A constitutional convention called by the state legislature as provided for in Article 5 of the Constitution. With a 2/3 majority of the states agreeing, we can get the convention under way. With 3/4th of the states ratifying the new amendments, the entire federal government … congress, senate, courts and the president can be circumvented. These amendments could call for term limits on elected federal officials, federal judges, the abolishment of the 16th amendment to end our slave tax system and the complete abolishment of some of the out of control and unconstitutional agencies.

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      The Founders were brilliant and highly educated men. Article Five was placed into the Constitution so we could have a last resort, short of exercising our 2nd Amendment rights and rising up with arms. They foresaw the outlandish, dictatorial grab for all out power by the Executive Branch … and here we are with a petulant, Marxist child in the White House making a grab for all the power he can get. And you can bet, those who follow him into that office will become drunk with power as well.

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        When it comes down to it, even under the strictest interpretation of the constitution, the so called “plain language”, the presidency is an enormously powerful position to begin with. He can veto any bill passed by Congress and only rarely are those vetoes overturned. He also appoints all federal judges and those are the people who say what the law is. Supreme Court justices are life appointments and what they rule can push the nation in a different direction for generations.

        And the idea that the executive is entitled to “take action” because Congress won’t do what he wants is a power that simply does not exist under our constitution. Even as an implication. It says he will “faithfully execute the laws”. I would like to see anyone make a case under the constitution that gives him any authority to act when Congress refuses to do so.

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    This is the rantings of a dictator but then we all knew this was what Obama wanted–working inside govt has its challenges if you are a conservative, stand on your honorability and truth and defy some of the “crap” etc. and you will pay a price; I was there for 35 yrs and experienced much. It is just not as blatant and in your face as Obamas threats, it has been more covert since the 90’s under Clinton. It indeed is corrupt and fraudulent.

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    The American electorate,those who actually get out and vote have the power to eliminate all political parties and the criminality associated therewith. Representatives would thus be loyal only to the United States Constitution (Federalism) and to no political party, Communist. Socialist, Leftist, Socialism, fascism, Nazism and others would all be outlawed and individuals running for office would be forced to take an oath to uphold and defend ONLY the United States Constitution. Thus Representatives and Senators would be forced to debate every issue in committee and present their findings and recommendations to the larger body; House or Senate;which could accept, reject, send back to committee or make such changes by amendment as would allow it to pass by a simple majority. It would then be sent as a House Resolution to the Senate for consideration. If it passes in the Senate, it is sent to the President as a joint resolution for signature and passage or veto and returned to the legislature for reconsideration. No party Politics,”Factionalism” would be an obstruction to urgently needed legislation such as the XL Pipeline Construction bill. There could and would not be any extra legislative hanky-panky to obstruct legislation and no fat would be permitted. Terms would be limited to such terms as the Article V Convention deemed fitting and proper. The elimination of ‘factionalism’ or Party Politics would constitute a giant leap forward, put a lot of the ‘Good old Boys’ out of business or in prison and forge a far better Republic.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

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      Raymond Appenzeller on

      I totally agree with your statements! But how would this ever get implemented? This is the main problem getting a large majority all on the same page! That to me would be almost impossible! But one could only hope it could occur!

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      Disagree. Both parties are flip sides of the same rotten coin. The 1% own them both. Which pre-selected bought and paid for stooge did you want to vote for this time?

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      Obama is merely a Corporately bought-and-paid-for Globalist who has disguised himself as a liberal Democrat, just as George W Bush posed as a conservative while being a “Front Man” for Multi-National Corporations.

      Politicians of both political parties are bought and paid for via campaign contributions from big donors as well as additional gifts, favors and donations from Lobbyists. Even when they retire or are voted out of office, they receive perks in the form of “consulting jobs” with the lobbying firms and corporations that they served during their time in office.

      Whether you classify yourself as Liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian you need to realize that politics is driven by greed and not by ideology.

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    The Big Dictator has spoken. Follow my illegal orders or else. So now DHS employees who do not follow the laws in place to protect Americans can say “I was just following orders”. Where have I heard this before?

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    Emperor Obama is ready to intimidate and punish (I.C.E.) Immigration, Customs and Enforcement officials who dare disobey his unlawful executive amnesty decree and who dare to enforce existing immigration laws. God help America get through the next two years.

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      joel wischkaemper on

      Lets be very clear about this: obama has executive orders out that create law… which is illegal. Congress filed a stop process on those executive orders, and they will be fighting this out in the courts. The DHS has to obey Obama on the commands he makes, but Obama cannnot issue a command based on the executive orders he has made, and which are now going to court.

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    The new leftist government of Greece just announced that they will stop detaining almost all illegal immigrants. Of course, it won’t be their worry because the country is so broke that the illegals will just move on to the richer more stable European Union countries. Greece is the same country that spent borrowed money for decades to support a lifestyle they couldn’t afford and now they cry a river that other countries won’t lend them more. Good money after bad is the term that comes to mind.

    The western first-world countries need to make a choice. They can preserve themselves or allow themselves to be overrun by people who are unable to make their home countries work. The choice is that stark.

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      True. Most don’t realize that with a near doubling of the planets population in less than one lifetime, a mass migration is underway from the Third World to the food larders of America, Europe and Austrailia. They will overwhelm in sheer numbers.