Texas v. USA: DOJ’s Request To Stop Injunction Without Merit

“In their request for a partial stay of Judge Hanen’s injunction last week, DOJ claims the order ‘vastly exceeds the relief necessary to redress the limited alleged harms’ suffered by the state of Texas. According to their application, the injunction currently applies to ‘States [which]the Court did not find to have established any injury, and even to States that have informed th[e]Court that they desire and expect to benefit from [DAPA].’ At the very least, they claim, ‘the injunction should be stayed so that it applies only to the implementation of [DAPA] in Texas,'” notes the Immigration Reform Law Institute in a recent blog post.

“Such a state-by-state injunction of DAPA would clearly lead to absurd results. Nothing would appear to keep the almost 2 million illegal aliens residing in Texas to travel to another state to claim deferred action status and work permits.”

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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    Harm? The costs of welfare, healthcare and education are born by the States. The Feds only pay for Food Stamps.

    While the Heritage Foundation figures Amnesty would cost $9 Trillion minus $3 trillion in paid taxes leaves a deficit of about $6 Trillion. Obola’s executive action on 5 million is expected to cost about $2 Trillion to US taxpayers.

    Employers, who hire easily exploitable illegal labor, pass the social costs onto the backs of County property owners. A no cost solution is mandatory E-verify – No job, No money, No reason to stay. Self-deport or starve, your choice. Only about 10% currently participate.

    Wonder why US wages have stagnated over the past 15 years? While about 18 million immigrants (half legal and half illegal) are competing for only about 9 million new US jobs created since 2002. Not included are about 5 million US mid-level manufacturing jobs offshored overseas and investment tax credits allowing the purchase of robots to replace even more workers were about 2 million new jobs needed for those graduating from school and entering the workforce. All of this is government policy and is no accident. Obola is evil.