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Did you know that if an illegal alien gives birth in the U.S. the child is a U.S. citizen? Then, once the child turns 21 he or she may sponsor family members for legal permanent resident (green card) status and put them on a path to citizenship. It’s true! Known as “birthright citizenship” — it is the practice of automatically granting U.S. citizenship to anyone born in the United States, regardless of the parents’ immigration status.

Now, true immigration reformer Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is trying to eliminate this magnet for illegal immigration. Specifically, Sen. Vitter introduced an amendment to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (S. 178) that would close this loophole. The Vitter amendment would amend the Constitution so that children born in the U.S. only gain citizenship automatically if one parent is either (1) a U.S. citizen; (2) a legal permanent resident; or (3) a non-immigrant active member of the Armed Forces.

Call your Senators NOW and urge them to support the Vitter Amendment!

The current practice of birthright citizenship is based on a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. The Vitter amendment restores the original intent behind the “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause of excluding from automatic citizenship American-born persons whose allegiance to the United States is incomplete.

Time is of the essence, the Senate is working on S. 178 THIS WEEK! It is critical that the Vitter Amendment receive a vote so all Senators can be on the record for where they stand on birthright citizenship.

Even the Obama Administration recognizes that birthright citizenship encourages unlawful behavior and abuse of the system! Indeed, just last week federal law enforcement raided the offices of an Irvine, California company that encourages foreign pregnant women to come to the U.S. to give birth, promising them benefits like citizenship and free education. Known as “birth tourism,” these companies arrange for a fee — ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 — for pregnant women to come to the U.S. and advise them to provide false information on visa applications.

Call your Senators NOW!

If you are from Louisiana, thank Senator Vitter for introducing this commonsense legislation that combats mass illegal immigration. If you are from any other state, tell your Senators:

  • You oppose the current practice of birthright citizenship
  • You support the Vitter Amendment which is consistent with the intent of the 14th Amendment
  • You expect them to demand Senate Leadership allow a vote on the Vitter amendment
  • You expect them to support the Vitter amendment

To find your Senators, click here.

Then, after you have called your Senators, call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) at 202-224-2541 and demand that he allow a vote on the Vitter Amendment.



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    This is Contrary to Our Constitution too

    The 14th Amendment prohibited foreign nationals from breeding anchor babies in America, then the open border liars tell us we to change the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to fix it. The open border silver tongue devil liars hard at work in America brainwashing the masses to accept overpopulation.

    • avatar

      HAHAHA!!….where did yo go to school?…even more accurately * precise…..r u born in the US did you go to school here?…………..really…?
      “The 14th Amendment prohibited foreign nationals from breeding anchor babies in America”

      HAHAHA!!…you should be a comedian…..

  3. avatar
    Gery Galarza on

    We have to amend our 14th Amendment and put an end to chain magration and birth rights.

  4. avatar

    I remember reading about a popular movie in China that was in Chinese theaters in the last year or two, that was a romance and it featured a Chinese woman who was pregnant and part of the story was about her coming to the US to give birth. So a lot of Chinese are aware of “birth tourism”, so we better get our act together and end birthright citizenship because there are a lot of women of child bearing age who can afford a plane ticket in China.

    • avatar

      That’s another difference between the 19th century and now. It was not as simple as getting on a plane to come here. It was a long and difficult journey and there was no real incentive to come here just to have a citizen child and then return home.

      • avatar

        Leland how do you know?………did you live in the 19th century?……………….people came of all backgrounds ….pregnant no pregnant with the same goal a better place to live…….

        It is not that easy to come here form China, if not we would have already been full of them…..

        The Chinese thing is no different………………………they are born here then once off age they come back here for a better life……………………….just a different route………….

        There will always be a different route as long as we are a power……………

  5. avatar

    Ironically, the Supreme Court based it’s decision in the 1898 Wong Kim Ark decision on “jus soli”, English common law for birthright citizenship. Some who disagreed pointed out we fought a war over being under English law. Even more ironic, Britain changed their policy years ago.

    The court also noted that Ark’s parents were business owners and “domiciled” in San Francisco. Which means they went out of their way to portray them as what we now call legal permanent residents. There are already exclusions to the rule, invading foreign troops are one, so why would anyone think they would want people to benefit by an illegal act.

    In any event, the reason for the 14th amendment was clear. It had to do with granting citizenship to former slaves. Look at the time it was passed, immediately after the Civil War. They wanted to put it in the Constitution to prevent future Congresses from trying to take away that citizenship.

    • avatar

      Leland if you were from the 1800’s you and the rest here would have been against the Civil Rights………that is where you come from………………….that side of the country…….the one that will never move forward…..

      • avatar

        that will never move forward as history writes time and looks back… far as you think you are aware of…times r different and u think you own this land……………nobody does……….we come and go…and are supposed to improve it………………….my ancestors created this country and fought and funded the American Revolution….etc,…yet none of us come close to that and what the others did back them…….3rd of the population against Britain……..yet here you do not grasp the 13t & 14th Amendment…….remember you did not live that time……blacks, Chines and others benefited from it…..not just blacks…..not just former blacks………