FAIR Counterpoint in Chicago Sun-Times: Immigration Debate Ignores American Public

homepage_opedIn an op-ed published in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times, I offer a rebuttal to Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich’s call for amnesty for illegal aliens. The op-ed points out that the current debate over immigration reform consistently omits the interests of the American people. And, while “the archbishop is no doubt a sincere and compassionate man who sees immigration as a way to help the world’s poor. The problem…is that there is no moral or ethical doctrine that justifies being charitable with other people’s jobs, tax dollars or children’s education.

The complete op-ed can be read here.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Thanks for “there is no moral or ethnical doctrine that justifies being charitable with other people’s jobs, tax dollars or children’s education.” The Archbishop probably lives in a decent house, with a car, and services like cleaning, lawn mowing, laundry etc done. He should live like someone in the bottom tenth of the U.S. working class who is in direct competition with illegal immigrants. He should struggle to put food on his table, pay rent, buy shoes or a warm coat, etc. He should work long hours at low pay and come home and do chores that he doesn’t have to do.

    He should feel the anger of an American who, as a responsible citizen, used birth control to have only one or two children, but is expected to welcome masses of people from countries where population has run wild because the Pope says that contraception is wrong. In the 80’s, the UN offered a $6 million grant to Honduras for family planning. The Catholic Church there screamed “genocide” until the Honduran government turned it down. Population there has doubled.

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    Judy in Oregon on

    Obama continues to destroy America thru Illegal Immigration and allowing our borders to remain open. I’m fearful we have ISIS now in our country just waiting to pounce on us Citizens. I left the Democratic Party after 40 years last year. They would rather take care of Illegal Immigrants and worry about them then they do us Citizens. I was hoping after the November 2014 Election the Republicans would defund Obama like they promised but they lied to us and support Obama’s Amnesty. I am very worried about my children and grandchildren’s future in this country. SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS OF ALL KINDS ARE NOW RUNNING THIS COUNTRY. I believe our elections are now rigged and that is how Obama got re-elected. So many people think that this could not happen in America, and they are all so blind to it all. I WANT “ALL” OF OUR LAWS ENFORCED! I’LL BE SUPPORTING THE TEA-PARTY IN 2016. THEY SUPPORT OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAWS!

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      dear you are not alone. I fear the same thing I worry about my grandchildren and my kids everywhere I go out to eat it’s just full of illegals working there.I mean everywhere I go it seems to be all illegles working in the stores.well at least they look like illegles. I can’t say but when I went to Golden Corral there was a woman who worked in the back who looked like she was in her 20,s she could not speak English at all.So to me that says she’s new to this country I’m for the tea party. I have gotten to where I don’t trust the Republicans or the Democrats. I damn sure don’t trust the Democrats and I sure don’t trust Obama. I did it first! But he has shown himself to me to not be trustworthy and he has gotton away with so much bull crap. And now he haves all the blacks thanking that white people don’t like them and that all whites are raises. If that was true Obama would not of won the first time. I just pray that everyone starts seeing the truth. The Lord is testing us.our we going let him down is the question? It is one thing in helping people and being used. We have laws for a reason! And we need to up hold them just like every outher. Country dose. I’m I right or not??????

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      **** in there, Judy. I left the Demo Party this year also. My family will participate but have to wait to see the candidates to chose ours.
      Maybe, with FAIR’s good work. the obvious harm to the American workers, Texas new tough stance on Border security and the Republican Party doing a turn around on IA workers and, hopefully, favorable court decisions, we might find the doors closing on IAs! The new Governor of Texas is supposedly putting a tight hold on the huge Texas border. Write him, Governor Gregg Abbott care of the Capital Bldg., Austin, Tx., and thank him!
      When deserving citizens lose more and more wages, benefits and jobs due to a massive growth of imported beneficiaries – Something has to give!

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      Unfortunately, the power of the almighty dollar is winning. The rich and powerful hire lobbyists to influence the politicians and there are so many lobbyists now that the politicians rarely have time to listen to the people. The rich and powerful provide much of the campaign funding and campaign advertising. To the politicians whose primary focus is on winning the next election, these are things they pay their greatest attention to. Too many average citizens only listen to the TV ‘news’ which is mostly bought and paid for by the same folks and the average citizen doesn’t take the time to really look for the truth. Too many who are now voters have been educated by our liberal government (public) schools and actually have no idea what the value of the U.S. Constitution is, what liberty is and why our forefathers shed their blood for us to have the chance to be free. Thus we keep moving toward total tyranny. Sad to say, I have no idea how to turn it around.

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        If your looking for a solution to turning it around, look to history. The Jews didn’t excape slavery under Pheroah Ramasas except with a blood bath. The Greeks didn’t escape the tyranny of the Persian Empire except with a blood bath. The Americans didn’t escape the tyranny of the British Crown except with a blood bath. The French didn’t escapt the French Crown except with a blood bath. The Irish didn’t escape the British Crown except with a blood bath. The Arabs didn’t escape the tyranny of the Ottoman Empire except with a blood bath. The Russians didn’t escape the tyranny of the Czar without a blood bath. The Nazi’s unfortunately waited until they were overwhelmed and conquered to escape tyranny but still enduraded a blood bath. Guess what it will take.

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    It does not make any sense to legalize anyone who is labeled “Illegal”. If anyone is characterized as an illegal let them return to their previous home and legally file for entrance. Anyone who commits an illegal offense to gain entry should be closely observed for subsequent violations since their disrespect for the rules of law have obviously been clearly demonstrated.

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    Nice work, Dan. The American people have been the “sacrificial lambs” for so long in this immigration issue, for which it’s business as usual for our lawmakers who seem to only listen to the braying of illegal alien advocates, that we have almost given up on having our immigration laws upheld. As one Californian put it in a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, “the United States has always been a magnet for those wanting to enjoy the ordered liberty of the civil society created by the founding fathers, not the works of prior immigrants who also came to partake of that society.” However, many of our lawmakers, as well as some of our sweet, simple, uninformed, naive and generous fellow Americans are blinkered by the weary cliche that we are a “nation of immigrants.” So are most of the nations on the planet.

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    As almost all Hispanic illegals are Catholic from Central America and the Phillipines, its no suprise the Catholic Church would welcome amnesty for all its new members.

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      Vicki Martin on

      worldsalary.org/mexico reports a Mexican professor makes less than an un-skilled, un-educated American
      laborer getting $7.25 hourly. The professor works 8 hours more than the laborer.
      The largest previous invasion was a mere 3-4 million Nazis into Russia.

      The archbishop all other amnesty supporters should go to Tiajuana Prison and help Sister Antonia, or Doctors
      Without Borders or etc etc

      It’s obscene to push for the less fortunate to pay for one’s “compassion” . Where’s Cupitch’s compassion for the daily victims of illegal immigrant crime (Rep Steve King) 12 people killed, 13 people murdered, 8 children molested. How about the infrastructure and jobs not done because we’re paying out $210 BILLION YEARLY for illegal immigrants social services….more billions for ANCHOR BABIES AND CHAIN MIGRATION.
      Hispanic family breakdown (Heather McDonald) reports highest drop out rate, 3 times unwed pregnancy rate of whites, way higher incarceration.
      They’ll destroy this country.

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        Pregnancy rates are higher as :whites” have to pay their own bills while illegals just pass them onto the welfare office. In fact, the more carcasses they poop, the higher their welfare checks. Whites are being forced to pay for their own destruction.

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    With all respect due the Archbishop, he should not confuse forgiveness with amnesty.

    God forgives man’s sins. The government should not. Civil law put into place to keep LAW AND ORDER which is desirable under God. God expects our civil laws to uphold his moral laws. Scripture says GOD is not the author of confusion. Look at all the confusion we are now experiencing due to going against one of God’s moral precepts regarding homosexuality and marriage. Now we have men with male equipment wanting to be able to use the women’s restrooms. God forbid. The world has gone crazy with sin. Sin leads to chaos, confusion, wars and then DEATH which is the ultimate penalty for sin.

    God permits elected officials to serve. For that reason GOD holds all elected officials accountable; those who oppress the poor are going to answer to God. He despises he/she whomever oppresses the poor. The poor are powerless. I get that the wealthy elites and international bankers want the majority of us P & P, poor and powerless.

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    I understand that the people that come to the United States want a better life. The problem is that these illegal aliens are not willing to fight for a better life in their own country. It is said that the largest group of illegal aliens comes from Mexico. They are needed in Mexico to fight for a better way of life. The same goes for most other illegal aliens. Go back; organize; and make your country better.Take the risk that we Americans have taken when we rebelled or fought world wars to make things better. To those of you that think illegal aliens should be legalized I would remind you that you are spitting in the faces of the millions of persons that have respected our laws and are waiting to enter the U.S. legally while existing in less than favorable conditions until their immigrant visa number allows them entry. On the other hand, the illegal aliens have broken several laws just to enter the U.S. to live and work. Many of the illegal aliens have been enjoying the fruits of the country and don’t care about our laws. Who should we favor? Illegal aliens that break our laws? Or, should we favor those that chose to obey our laws and who are not enjoying the fruits of our country? The choice is crystal clear. The Federal Government is not truthful when they say there are too many illegal aliens to deport. They don’t have to deport them. Illegal aliens will leave if they are not hired by businesses. The fix is simple, but there is no will amonst politicians to take the steps necessary for illegals to self deport. Most of what we hear about illegal immigration from those elites in Washington is a lie. The fix is simple.

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    Great article. Does make sense, let more catholics in to increase church base, but what about the huge number of muslims let in and all the others? America is on a downfall that must be stopped. Just read that the majority of middle and high school students in Vienna, Austria were muslim and soon they would overtake elementary. This will be Americas future if we dont stop our open borders and the lies about needing more skilled labor.

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    Excellent article. Every country has immigration laws to protect its Citizens, society, culture, traditions, economy, security, and it’s sovereignty.

    If the United States allows Carte Blanche, unrestricted, open borders, then the only thing that it accomplishes is that it dilutes everything that America stands for until it has no value.

    Ultimately it hurts the legal natural born and naturalized citizens by burdening and overwhelming the system until it collapses. That is the Cloward-Piven strategy.

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    Where does it all stop? After the first amnesty, the rate of illegal entry into this country has escalated. So every expectation that future amnesties will just result in an open ended dose of more of the same until the
    US economy moves in reverse and the standard of living decreases. Lest we forget about the natural resources like water and clean air we all depend on being spread out amongst an uncontrolled growing population. Uncontrolled entry into this country because of porous borders and lax visa control have resulted in criminals, illegal drugs and contraband (including human contraband), and most likely diseases and terrorist influx. Those people who sneak into this country are not immigrants, they are unlawfully present law breakers and do not deserve any benefits of this country. Any sensibly run country must know who is in this country and whether they are present legally. The recent report about social security numbers of deceased Americans being used by illegally present individual should be a reason for immediate deportation. Immigration law nearly 20 yeas on the books need to be fully enforced by the president and failure to do so should be grounds for impeachment.

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    The Bible Makes It Very Clear

    Pagan countries were to be controlled through military force as necessary, not let in to invade your God fearing country.

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    Great op-ed Dan. Although I cannot say that I know the motivations of the Archbishop of Chicago, in my opinion most of the hierarchy of the US Catholic Church is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens because a lot of illegals are Catholic, and the US Catholic Church needs new members after a lot of Catholics left the Catholic Church in this country after all of the scandals.

    So the US Catholic Church benefits with more members and more members giving them money. Over 60 percent of the money the Vatican receives is from the US, so it is to their advantage for Catholics to move from underdeveloped countries to the US where they will have more money to give to the Catholic Church even if they are still poor by US standards. Plus, as FAIR and others have documented, a lot of the financial assistance the US Catholic Church uses to help illegal aliens is from US taxpayers, and not from the Catholic Church, and this does even count the other costs taxpayers pick up, such as schools, prisons, and the Americans killed, raped, etc. by illegals. The US Catholic Church hierarchy could care less about what this does to our country as long as they benefit.

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      The Catholic Church is very wealthy but hold on to their wealth, What do they do when they have lawsuits from the misdeeds of their priests?. They file for bankruptcy………Good gig, if you can it!

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    More hypocrisy from the Catholic Church. They condemn the use of birth control and tell poor uneducated people they will go to hell if they use it. Then they insist that the countries like the US, who actually would control their population growth if not for immigration, that we are responsible for taking in the poor that their policies helped create. Until you address birth control, just shut up already. YOU are the problem, not us.

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      It is poor, uneducated people who are the last people who need to be told this, because the more uneducated the person the more likely they will be unable to understand how having too many children is not good if you are poor, and the more likely they will be unable to understand the concept that we live on a finite planet with only so much water, farmland,etc.

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        They certainly understand how many children it takes to get maximum government benefits – just look at the cost to the country in areas that have absorbed large populations of ……………………………………………