Lawmakers Seek to Deny Tax Credits to Amnestied Illegal Aliens

Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol are trying to prevent illegal alien beneficiaries of President Obama’s executive amnesty from collecting tens of thousands of dollars in tax credits. Under the President’s unconstitutional November amnesty decree, four-to-five million illegal aliens will receive Social Security Numbers, making them eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Because U.S. tax law allows a person to amend their tax returns from the past three years, the Congressional Research Service, the nonpartisan policy research arm for Congress, determined that illegal aliens will each be eligible for nearly $25,000 in EITC tax credits for tax years 2011-2014 combined. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Mar. 3, 2015)

Read more about this story in FAIR’s latest Legislative Update.

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    They Have Secret Meetings in Favor of IAs

    And see nothing wrong with embezzling mass money for them from the American Social Security pot meant for the retirees that paid into it all their lives. Then lament we need more overpopulation to fund Social Security, but also lament Social Security is bad, the recipients put more in than they take out. They can’t have it both ways.

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    I second the motion for Congress to pass a ‘clean bill’ (Democrats do love clean bills) that prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving lucrative income tax child credits for 2014 and for all previous years they were in our country. unlawfully. Leland’s right that the bill needs to be very narrowly focussed on this outrageous abusive tax loophole for illegal immigrants and nothing else. This bill could pass in both houses of Congress at lightning speed several weeks before the April 15th tax filing deadline. There should be NO VOTE taken in the U.S. Senate on confirming Mr. Obama’s pro-executive amnesty nominee, Loretta *****, for U.S. Attorney General until our imperial President signs such a bill into law. And, if this reform bill is filibustered by Senate Democrats, there is no vote on Loretta ***** either. The power of ‘advise and consent’ is a political weapon to reign in this lawless President. I call on Senator Mitch McConnell to use it now and help save this republic before it is too late.

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    Not Policically Correct on

    Any EICs need to be returned to the coffers to pay back the taxpayers for the freebies they have received including public school education of their children whether anchor babies or ones they brought over from their country of origin.

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    If this is true illegals are receiving tax credits
    and taxpayers money is funding illegal children
    And the progressive liberals can’t see that this
    Is wrong and illegal than America is the land
    and hope of every free loader.
    While Americans are under paid, the price of
    goods and services are increasing faster than
    Income. And the support of illegals laws and activities
    by our elected officials is a hopeless lost to our
    our country. Stop the unfairness and get back
    to basics.

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    Asset forfeiture or asset seizure you can not profit from a criminal act.
    to give them the past supposed earned assets while they were here illegally is profiting from a criminal act.

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    So Leland could you please explain how does this credit work?…….give me an examlpe and why thi is illegal?

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      Maybe you could actually look it up instead of spending your time cut and pasting the same post.

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    I hope no one is stupid enough to attach this to another bill. It needs to be a stand alone single issue bill which will force the president to veto it or let it become law. If he vetoes it then his obvious bias for rewarding illegal entry will become evident.

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      So Leland could you please explain how does this credit work?…….give me an examlpe and why thi is illegal?

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      Truth can’t spell either – for example? Instead of a Bill, the House and Senate can work on the temporary status of the Executive orders – there is no tax law that gives “refundable tax credits” or other government benefits to temporary status aliens. Since fake Social Security numbers have been used fraudulently for years by IA’s for work and other purposes, certainly, the government can figure out how to issue proper ID’s that cover only the purposes of the EOs. Mainly, no deportation and licenses issued. When we see how dishonest the government has been, in ignoring the fraud imported into this country – maybe it is time to demand an overhaul the programs that are highly abused. Taxes, (Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credits alone are nearly 20 billion dollars according to reports.) How that, little taxpayer? Time for forensic auditors for every department of the government!