FAIR’s Dan Stein Debates Pro-Amnesty Grover Norquist Thursday, March 26 (Updated With Debate Video)

On Thursday, Dan Stein, FAIR‘s president, and Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, will debate immigration reform at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C. Washington Times immigration reporter Stephen Dinan will moderate the debate. Thursday morning’s debate will illustrate a stark contrast in what “immigration reform” means: Norquist favors increased legal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens while Stein advocates for limited legal immigration and opposes any form of amnesty. “Norquist and Stein are the two intellectual heavyweights at the epicenter of the immigration debate,” said John Solomon, Editor and Vice President for Content and Business Development for the Washington Times. “This debate promises conflict and common ground and will be illuminating to all who follow the issue.” Watch video of the debate below.

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    Norquist seemed to be at a different debate from Mr Stein. Same old tired (and insincere?) arguments about growth and job creation. These people literally live on lear jets detached from middle America in their think tank world. He kept talking about H1-B’s like they were something wonderful. Oh well at least he showed up.

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      He can talk about H1-B’s being great because he knows that he is not at risk of being replaced by H1-B workers as long as he is being paid the big bucks to push the corporate agenda.

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    Storm the Bastille. Bring back the guillotines. Talk is over. No reason left. “Heads in a Basket and spiked on a pole.” Fire with Fire. Burn them now.

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    We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, which were committed by the Tsarnaev brothers, two Chechen brothers who immigrated to the US as refugees in 2002, during the Bush Administration’s so called “War on Terror”.

    You can read the tragic and gripping testimony of the victims, as given in this report of the court trial.


    Several years before the bombings, the Obama administration received a warning from the Russian Government regarding the older brother. The FBI interviewed the older brother but no action was taken.


    The brothers were given full access to everything that American society has to offer, including welfare benefits:



    These attacks occurred because our bought-and-paid for Government has implemented a de-facto Open Borders policy in order to satisfy the profit motives of corporate executives and Wall Street bankers, who crave an unlimited supply of foreign nationals to keep wages low and aggregate consumption high.

    If the Beltway elitists and their corporate masters continue to implement the policies of mass immigration, then the horror and tragedy of the Boston Bombings and the 911 Terror attacks will be repeated over and over again.

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      Exactly. Our government tells us we have to fight endless wars to defend ourselves from terrorists, then allows open borders and allows potential terrorists to legally immigrate to our country. It seems like it would be a lot cheaper to secure our borders and dramatically reduce the number of Muslims legally immigrating to our country. And I know that all Muslims are not terrorists but we cannot predict who might become radicalized in the future.

      Japan keeps the number of Muslims in their country to a very small number. Ever heard of a Muslim carrying out a terrorist attack in Japan? That’s because a Muslim cannot carry out a terrorist attack in Japan if they are not in Japan in the first place. This is not rocket science.

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    Another thing is we have to stop letting these open borders clowns get away with the polling narrative “those polls show 70% of Americans say they support a pathway to citizenship if they enforce the border, pay back taxes, go threw a criminal back round check, go to the back of the line, are not allowed to collect welfare, dadadaaa

    Rebut that question by asking “do you think 70% of Americans would support a pathway to citizenship if they were told in the poll the reality of what will happen if amesty is passed”? just like 1986″

    The reality of what will happen is ” they will gut any border enforcement in the bill resulting in 50 million more illegals, they will not pay any “back taxes” as a matter of fact they will get $30,000 tax payer funded bonus, they will not do any backround checks they will rubberstamp criminals just like they did in 86 and are doing so now, going to the back of the line is a joke “how does that even make any sence”???, as far as welfare, 70% are already on some type of welfare, what fool think this number is going to go down??

    There only come back will be “your just hateful, anti-immigrant, or racist” to what we need to say, well your right I am hateful toward Anti-American traitors like you that could care less about your fellow American! Booom!

    It’s so easy to make these open border people look like the fools and traitors that they are, it’s there for the taking! Liberals and open borders people will claw your eyes out, and we blow them kisses! It’s time to take the gloves off!

    Also, I think we need to stop adding “legal immigration” to the argument right now, although I am totally against the amount of legal immigration. We have to pick our battles, the eight hundred pound gorilla is illegal aliens, that’s the most destructive and truly dangerous to our country and our lives! We dont have enough resourses to fight them on both fronts right now, but illegal immigration you can never take back, we could change the legal stuff i think if we get some real americans in congress, which i actaully think alot of the younger guys are. We could then take away there narative that “your against Immigrants” If we just say we are illegal aliens it takes any there power they can’t play the words to the public. That’s there biggest asset is using words to take away the illegal out of it.

    Lastly and most importantly, I think we need to do is unite all the anti illegal alien groups and pool our resources, then take it to the courts! That seems to be the only thing that does anything against these traitors we have running this country! Faxes aren’t working anymore when your dealing with people who simply don’t car about Americans and are a waste of money. That money should be used to wage lawsuits! The guys in Texas are the only ones holding things off for now, they need help!

    Sorry so long winded, this thing has me fired up!

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    Wow, I don’t even know where to start! First of all I would like to comment on how much smarter Mr Stein is then the traitor norcheeze. Stein won the debate hands down, also with class. I just couldnt be so nice to these traitors, what boils my blood more the anything is the fact that you could see in his eyes, he could care less about his fellow American! The obvious ridiculous paradox with these so called “tax reformers” is that they are for amesty that brings in millions of democrate voters that will vote to raise taxes!!!!!!! Duhhhh! One fact that is never brought up in the debate by our side is that the election directly after Reagan gave 1/3.5 million illegals amesty, the hispanics rewarded George bush senior, the lowest persentage of the hispanic vote ever for a president (22%) And all the RINOS use romneys 27% there trumpet for cowering.

    I just don’t think being nice about this works anymore, we have call out how Anti-American these people like norcheeze is! Because that’s exactly what they are! We need to yell at them at the top of our lungs! That’s the only thing people understand anymore. Chris christy style tactics! Also I would question Norcheeze directly, if he understands that his Actions and he lobby indirectly cause the deaths of 3000 Americans every year! See how he squirms out of that one!

    I for one am ripping up my Republican card, that was the last time I’m going to be lied to and stabbed in the back! They do not represent Americans either! They are a bunch of coward traitors who are almost worst then democrates and that’s saying a lot! I’m calling for a national Real Republican rip up your cards day! I’m going to tape it and send to the traitors boehner, mcconell, and the chamber of commerce! Who’s with me!

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      I have to agree with you!!

      Norquist is a “Bad guy” and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood also according to Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck just did a show about him and then had Grover on the next night to answer Glenn’s questions and stick up for himself.

      He didn’t do a good job there either!! 🙂

      Watch who you donate to, I do!!

      All the best!!

      Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

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        Yeah I agree, beck lost me a bit for a while with the whole teddy bears thing, i don’t but he meant it but he flamed the whole liberal “children refuge” narrative when we all no it was a lie. He seems to be making some sense again.

        Yeah I don’t know if I’m giving anymore money to numbersusa anymore, the whole fax thing is just a waste, even calling senators anymore. You can’t reason with traitors and that’s what these people in republican leadership are, they could care less about the republicans they represent or all Americans for that matter. I don’t know how many times they need to stab us in the back for people to get it.

        Sue sue sue! That’s the only way! I would give $1000 to a class action lawsuit right now!

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    I love when the media refers to immigration as an “explosive issue.” Why and when did defending our sovereignty and protecting American jobs become “explosive?”

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    This Problem of Law Breaking is Not Only Destroying the Economy With Recent Overpopulation Added

    Its making law abiding citizens the “whipping post” of the open border pundits’ lawlessness.

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    How can any sane person be for more legal immigration. California is not the only area of the country suffering water woes. Although they are the extreme example, on the verge of running out in a year, other states, even those in the eastern part of the country, are going through shortages of their own. We are drawing down the huge aquifer that underlies the Mid-West, a source that took many thousands of years to fill.

    Norquist lives in a dream world if he thinks all those poor people who he’s looking to give amnesty to are going to vote anything other than Democratic, and the most liberal high tax Democrats at that. His Republican party is already partly in a hole when it comes to the presidential electoral vote and he says dig deeper. Smart thinking, genius. Same with Lindsay Graham and McCain and all the others who think that pandering on the issue of amnesty is going to make Hispanics vote for Republicans. Here’s a bulletin. You give in on amnesty and the Democrats will simply raise the stakes and outpromise them with things like immediate citizenship.

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      it seems every argument is centered around who the illegals will vote for if given the opportunity. How about whether giving 30 million persons who have entered the country, against the laws we all agree to live by, is right or wrong. At some point, disregard for the law and special treatment for a selected group, will take a toll on all of us. Fostering lawlessness creates ciaos, and further lawlessness. I wonder when it will start?

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        I agree. We are giving a reward to people who not only crossed the border illegally or overstayed the leave date on their visa, we are also ignoring the fraud they committed by using false or stolen SS numbers to work, and the licenses and other ID they obtained illegally.

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      Lance Mannion on

      There are many reasons to oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, but the point that they will obviously vote Democrat in large majorities has always puzzled me. The Republican candidate has never come close to winning the Hispanic vote in any presidential election. Do the Republicans have some secret strategy for winning over all the illegals once they are given amnesty? If they know how to win them over then why haven’t they done it before. I know it’s politically incorrect to ask, but I’m dying for all these question to be put to the pro-amnesty Republicans. If we give amnesty to millions of hispanics, how will they vote? Are poor, illiterate, uneducated Hispanics a group strongly supportive of our party? Just from a purely political view, allowing illegals to vote will harm the Republican party, won’t it?