ICE Director Wavers on Sanctuary City Policies

On March 23, four Republican members of Congress sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson, challenging the Administration for undermining Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) detainers. (Letter to Johnson from Sessions, Cornyn, Goodlatte, and Gowdy, Mar. 23, 2015) They pointed out that ICE’s early March dragnet, which captured 2,059 illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes, would not have been necessary if state and local jurisdictions would cooperate with ICE and if DHS had not ended the Secure Communities Program. (Id.; see FAIR Legislative Update, Mar. 24, 2015; see FAIR Legislative Update, Nov. 24, 2014)

While ICE Director Sarah Saldaña touted the operation for taking criminals “off our streets,” and exemplifying the agency’s “commitment to making our communities safer,” the Congressmen pointed out that aliens already convicted of serious crimes should never have been on the streets in the first place. (ICE Press Release, Mar. 9, 2015; Letter to Johnson, Mar. 23, 2015) “Costly operations to apprehend at-large criminal aliens,” who have committed crimes like manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and child pornography, are needed only because state and local jurisdictions do not cooperate with ICE, they wrote. (Id.) These “sanctuary cities” refuse to honor ICE detainers, to advise ICE before releasing criminal aliens, or to allow ICE access to detention facilities, it said. (Id.)

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    You ignore the law, flip your middle finger at the process and skip the fence to demand that US officials follow every single letter of the law of any loophole you found and to provide you with every recourse possible. You seperated your own families by abandoning them to sneek across the border then claim families are important to smuggle the rest to the US welfare office for a free ride. Nuts. You are entitled to nothing.

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    This is exactly what happens when we have an utterly unlawful incompetent, at the highest position of our useless government to begin with. It’s gotta make one wonder for the future of this nation, that the electorate, continues to reelect these parasitic imbeciles repeatedly, expecting a change that will never happen. Greed and power emboldens these lowlifes, like no other cancer could ever accomplish!

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    This is a simple problem to solve. Republicans control both houses of Congress. Pass a “clean” bill for this issue only and and have it declare that local authorities must comply and cooperate with ICE authorities. Sarah Saldana is another fox guarding the hen house. It’s absurd for her to claim that they are keeping “criminals off the street” when they are being released only to be caught again. The only “Secure Communities” are those this administration is attempting to create for illegals. And notice who is leading the charge on this issue. Once again, Jeff Sessions. One of the only guys who doesn’t back down. I disagree with a lot of his conservative agenda but on the issue of immigration and protecting American workers he is totally on the mark.

    And once again NBC News does it’s nightly report on the New York cop who got a little loud with an Uber driver. Of course, most of the media seems to be having a hard time reporting the beating a week ago of a white train passenger in St Louis by three blacks who asked him about the “Michael Brown situation”. Most of the rest of the black passengers chuckled. Just seems to have slipped under the media radar. Wrong color victim maybe?