Amnesty Confusion in the Courts

“Two big amnesty decisions came down in the courts last week: The refusal by Texas district court judge Andrew Hanen to stay his injunction order against DAPA and DACA and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision to dismiss 12 ICE agents’ case against DACA only. Interestingly, both courts came to completely opposing views on the issue of whether or not ICE agents have discretion in instituting deportation proceedings,” says Ian Smith of the Immigration Reform Law Institute. Read more at IRLI’s blog here.

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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    As the Bible Says [Jesus]

    “He who is without sin cast the first stone”

    The Mexican criminals need to stop throwing stones at us. It is apparent, they have sinned.

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    Not Policically Correct on

    seems to me they’d only have to shoot a few rock throwers, no great loss, to get the message across.

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    It is completely beyond belief that the majority of people voted for an individual who has completely failed to uphold his sworn promise to protect our country and it’s citizens TWICE! May GOD bless America, because Barrack Insane Obama sure will not.

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    Bias much? In a story attributed to “Tribune Newspapers and news services” was the following paragraph:

    “The Border Patrol has faced growing criticism for agents shooting unarmed people, sometimes across the border in Mexico, usually in response to rocks being thrown. Few agents have faced prosecutions or other apparent accountability.”

    A lot of assumptions there. Is a rock that comes flying across the border going to do less damage to an agent if it hits him in the eye. And the same old media flat-line thinking that somehow “unarmed”, as in no gun, means there’s no danger. Tell that to the women beaten to death by their partners. Or the people killed by one sucker punch. Saying there is “no accountability” for agents assumes that they are wrong to take any defensive actions. Sympathy for the criminals, as always.

    When this president issued orders several months ago that agents had to retreat from rock throwers, it actually put those agents in danger. It says to the criminals, hey take a shot, you have nothing to lose and you can always take off into Mexico. And it gives the rock throwers what they want, which is to move agents back from the border so illegals or drugs can be sent across. Meanwhile, the border patrol has to cower under a barrage of rocks.

    But this administration has never stood on the side of law enforcement, from day one. How many months did we go through with “White House go to guy” Al Sharpton and this Ferguson nonsense, when the Dept. of Justice knew in a matter of days that officer Wilson’s story of a 300 lb strong arm robber trying to take his gun was backed up by the forensic evidence. Move beyond racism in this country? Maybe when this administration stops stirring the pot.