Should We Be Concerned About the Lack of Enforcement?

“As yet another presidential election cycle approaches, immigration remains on the forefront of the issues the candidates must address. We believe that the questions that each one of us should pose to these candidates must include questions concerning their intentions about enforcing existing law and encouraging agents and officers of the Department of Homeland Security to actively enforce the existing laws governing immigration,” say The Hon. Mahlon F. Hanson and Hon. Elizabeth A. Hacker at the Immigration Reform Law Institute blog. Read more there.


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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    Only about 10% American business participate in the largely voluntary e-verify program for obvious reasons, according to Pew..

    There are only two ways to rid the country of illegal aliens, kill them or starve them out. There is no nice way. Mandatory e-verify means No job, No money, No reasons to stay – self deport. No fence required.

    Since 2002, the US has created about 8 million new jobs. It has imported about 16 million immigrants, both legal and illegal. Nearly 100% of all new jobs have been filled by immigrants which has caused wages to flat line or decline for the average American worker. Today, adjusted for inflation, wages for American workers are on about par with those in 1968. Without putting a stop to it, the situation will get way worse.

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    Tis funny (odd) how our language has become doublespeak. Political correctness is used as a weapon to try to shame those who stand up and speak out for what is right. Most of our leaders lie to us so much that we consider it the norm. ‘Immigration reform’ now is used to describe forcing the taxpayers to pay for criminals who ignored our immigration laws. ‘Women’s rights’ means forcing the taxpayers to pay for abortions. ‘Common sense’ means the listener should go along with whatever crackpot idea the speaker is spewing. And the top, most powerful politicians and bureaucrats all seem to be focused on spewing whatever kind of drivel will keep the minds of Joe and Joanna Average off the fact they these politicians are doing everything they can to make themselves richer and more powerful while destroying our country, attempting to turn it into a piece of the global plantation. Is it possible to turn our schools around to educate the next generation to know what freedom and liberty really is, to teach them that there really is a right and a wrong, and to give them the self-respect to stand up for their rights?

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    Should We Be Concerned About the Lack of Enforcement? Of course we should; but the highest office in the USA, POTUS, the AG such as either of them are, blatantly condone violators. POTUS, the Muslim fag and his fag wife make phone calls, at US Taxpayer expense to console criminals, if they are black. May GOD bless our once great country, and put us back on the way we were being governed before Barrack Insane Obama took office

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    You know why this is an issue as “yet another presidential election cycle approaches”? Because yet another amnesty is not going to solve the problem. Only addressing the issue of enforcement is going to stop this endless game. And yet all we talk about is amnesty, aka “reform”.