The Obama Administration Wants Non-Citizens Voting In Federal Elections

vote_here_sign“It’s time we had proof of citizenship in federal elections. The fundamental right of choosing our representatives is threatened to the extent non-citizens are able to vote. Our elections are now tighter than ever and when a non-citizens votes, like a recipient of Obama’s amnesty for instance, the legitimate vote of a citizen gets cancelled out. This threat has never been more serious than it is today,” notes the Immigration Reform Law Institute in a post about the lawsuit by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to get the federal Election Assistance Commission amend his state’s version of the federal voter registration form to include proof of citizenship.

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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    David Smith on

    The flap about photo ID doesn’t start until about 4 months before an election at which time Democrats complain some old lady in a wheelchair doesn’t have enough time to get one as she doesn’t have a car and can’t drive so the mess is put off until after the election to not deny her “rights” and then is to not be heard from again until 4 months before the next election. Repeat.

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    Wow I monitor this site occasionally and I’m always amazed at the thought that the respondents are able to find each other. It’s truly frightening!

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      Some of the comments on here I don’t always agree with, but why don’t you address the main point of the article. What’s wrong with asking for some kind of proof of citizenship to be able to vote. It’s not that tough to come up with. Unless you prefer illegals voting?

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        Not Policically Correct on

        I think you lost her at main point. Trolls don’t know how to make a point.

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          She’s just another hit and run artist who can’t hold her own in a debate.

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    TexRancher on

    We can thank this phony president for such an insane proposal! Voting is a Right reserved for AMERICAN CITIZENS, not a bunch of foreign nationals many of whom are hostile to this nation! Only a TREASONOUS TRAITOR would support allowing our enemies to pick our representatives including the president. We already let that happen twice and look what resulted: The destruction of the greatest country in the history of the world. Thanks former democrats now socialists!

    How much voter fraud will it take to keep these TRAITORS in office next election?

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      Myself, as well as MILLIONS of others will be dancing in the streets when we are rid of the illegal, arrogant, socialist, Muslim liar Obama! We have put up with too much sh*t for far too long and any imbecile that would vote for Hillary needs their head examined also. It would be an Obama third-term and pretty much guarantee the end of this country. You NEVER hear these amnesty-pushers say what they will do for Americans to help them. It’s ALL about the illegals!

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    There has never been a more utterly asinine and unlawful administration in our history than the current one, with the flaming incompetent (BO) at the helm, period!

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    Just another instance, of a thousand just like it, where this administration has a choice of upholding the law or finding a way around it, and they invariably go to the non enforcement side. Of course, the Republicans could pass a bill mandating this since they control both houses, but they won’t because they’re all hot air. They’ve developed amnesia about all those promises last election to put the brakes on amnesty and enforce the law. And people wonder why the public gets cynical. It doesn’t matter what any of these politicians say, they invariably break their promises. I’m sure John McCain is sharpening up his tough on enforcement image like he did in 2010 and then he went right back to pushing amnesty. Two faced liars, the whole pack of them.