USCIS Chief: Immigration Laws are Unjust

USCIS Chief Says U.S. Immigration Laws are Unjust; He Should Resign

Leon-RodriguezLeon Rodriguez, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency said on Wednesday that U.S. immigration laws are unjust and do not reflect our nation’s values. Mr. Rodriguez, like every other American, is entitled to his opinion. He should not be entitled to remain director of USCIS, however.

It is clear that Rodriguez assumed his current position and took his oath to uphold the laws of the United States under false pretenses. Moreover, he cannot be expected to faithfully carry out laws that, as a matter of conscience, he believes to be unjust. His only legal and ethical option is to resign his post immediately.

Speaking to the Catholic Legal Immigration Network in Salt Lake City, Rodriguez observed that among the laws and regulations governing U.S. immigration policy, “You will never once see the word ‘justice.’” I haven’t read through the countless volumes that make up the U.S. immigration code, but I’ll take his word for it. I seriously doubt you will find the word justice in the tax code, or any of the other voluminous sets of laws that govern and regulate how our country operates.

The function of the immigration code is to regulate the influx of foreign nationals to the U.S. By necessity, that entails disappointing a lot of people. Being told “no” might not feel good; but it is not necessarily an injustice.

Perhaps most importantly, Rodriguez’s comments represent a fundamental misunderstanding of who U.S. immigration laws are meant to serve – and he is not alone in this misperception. First and foremost they are meant to serve and protect the interests and security of the American people. Aspiring immigrants have an interest in U.S. immigration policy, but the stakeholders are American citizens: workers, taxpayers, and parents of future generations of Americans.

The refusal of Mr. Rodriguez and the president he serves to conscientiously enforce laws meant to protect the interests of the American people is unjust, not the laws themselves. The millions of Americans who lose jobs and wages to illegal aliens, the taxpayers who shell out about $100 billion a year to provide basic services to illegal aliens, the thousands of Americans who are victimized by criminal aliens, and future generations of Americans who will live with the social and environmental consequences of current immigration policies, could use a little justice too. But they won’t get it from Mr. Rodriguez.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    arewethereyet on

    illegal aliens have kids in this country at the rate of 340,000 every year……….. 1.36 MILLION every 4 years …….every 4 years 1.36 million turn 18 and are changing the political landscape…… most will vote for who ever gives them or promises the most bread and circuses …..someday soon Texas will turn blue, its totally inevitable… look at the election maps over the years…….at that point with New York, California and Florida the country will be run by Democrats as Republicans take a knee and at best morph into moderate Democrats…….. socialism will be the new norm……,_2012

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    Kelly Roberts on

    Mr. Rodriguez might also like to remember that these laws were written and enacted for a reason. That reason is still in evidence only a hundred fold now. The laws are to protect us, the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES not the ILLEGAL wanna be immigrants that he wants “justice” for. How about “JUSTICE” for the CITIZENS and LEGAL Immigrants that went through all of the proper channels and spent years of their lives to come to this country with the expectation that they would learn our language, have a job waiting for them and a sponsor that helps them when needed not social services that we the citizens and the legal Immigrants have to pay for and then have nothing when we might need it!!! Get his *** out of that position, he has NO BUSINESS being there.

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    I wish the whole lot of the buffoons in Washington could get fired. No one is doing anything for us working folk. We’re just demanded to pay for all of the losers, refugees and all of the useless decisions they make regarding our money. I wouldn’t give you 50 cents for the entire lot of them.

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    Our government needs to COMPLETELY secure our borders and start enforcing ALL of our immigration laws. Had our government secured our borders we would not be having these discussions.

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      Which was the promise with the 1986 amnesty. We got the amnesty, but not the border security and workplace enforcement.

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    if we did not have immigration laws to manage the influx of people from around the world, I would really hate to see the devestation done to this country and its citizens by uncontrolled population growth. We have already observed the demise ofbthec so-called middle class in terms of negative wage growth. Just think about the shortages of water taking place in the west. Controlled growth must take into account our limited resources. We need people in government that fully enforce laws and I doubt the director is such a person for the job. He needs to go–now.

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    Anyone notice that when these open borders crazies give a speech it’s always to a pro-amnesty crowd? This clown spoke to a Catholic Legal Immigration Network. If he spoke to a crowd of patriots he would have been booed off of the stage.

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      Notice the last name here, Rodriguez? That speaks volumes. So sick of hearing the term “broken-borders”. The border isn’t “broken” and most Americans know that. It is purposely not being enforced by the Obama regime with the blessings of La Raza, Chamber of Commerce, and big-business. Also, the new communist party (but still using the name Democratic Party), Rinos such as Boehner and McConnell, and the Mexican drug cartels. The bottom line is they refuse to enforce the law even though time and time again Americans overwhelmingly support secure borders and deportation of those that ignore our laws. They want to exclude a certain group of people from laws the rest of us are expected to follow.

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      The Catholic Church are a bunch of raging hypocrites. They fight birth control in the countries most of these illegals come from and then they insist that we have to pay the price for their stone age family planning policies. Maybe they just need to take a few years off from their righteous moralizing and examine themselves. For instance, the fact that the church has paid out billions all over this country because of their habit of moving child abusers from one parish to another. Like the old saying, when you yourself live in a glass house don’t be throwing stones at others.

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    Obviously this president has been freed from any more elections to face and he is in full amnesty mode. Look at everyone he has appointed since last fall. Not one supports any enforcement. I wonder what our founding fathers would think. They wrote that the president should enforce the laws “faithfully”. Now we have elected officials and candidates for that office who are pledging they will not uphold our laws, and those they can’t get rid of, they will make moot by “executive orders”.

    Rodriquez is typical of “advocates”. He seems to believe that foreign nationals are owed something by this country. Maybe he could point out where in the Constitution that citizens of other countries are guaranteed “justice”. Not that he really needs to, because this administration simply makes it up.

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    BeResponsible2 on

    USCIS CHIEF: apparently you don’t know what your own job is or how to do it! especially with so much crap escaping your mouth these days! perhaps you need a new line of work such as port-potty monitor in a park. But then again that takes some responsibility, something you are lacking huh?

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    BeResponsible2 on

    USCIS CHIEF: apparently you don’t know what your own job is! especially with so much crap escaping your mouth these days! perhaps you need a new line of work such as port-potty monitor in a park. But then again that takes some responsibility, something you are definitely lacking huh?

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    BeResponsible2 on

    USCIS CHIEF: apparently you don’t know what your own job is! especially with so much crap escaping your mouth these days! perhaps you need a new line of work such as port-potty monitor in a park. But then again that takes some responsibility, something you are lacking huh?

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    The death penalty does not reflect our values as a nation. Or does it?
    Invadin Iraq – now that shows our national values..