Court Ruling that Obama Exceeded Authority Provides Clarity for Congress to Act Now, Says FAIR

penandphone“FAIR applauds the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision maintaining the injunction on President Obama’s executive amnesty programs. FAIR, along with our legal affiliate the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), is among many organizations and elected officials that filed amicus briefs in support of the 26 states suing to prevent the president’s expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the Deferred Action for Parents of American (DAPA) programs from imposing new burdens and costs on their states,” said FAIR President Dan Stein in a press release issued this week in response to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Tuesday.

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    It seems that this plan to infiltrate USA with millions of foreigners has been around for a while. Why else would we already have laws in place that the children MUST be educated by our schools? Signs at stores have been in two languages for years.It’s a shame it has gotten this far. Our gov’t is now deciding which laws it will enforce!!
    We must turn things back toward rule of law. If FAIR or anyone has a plan, let me know how to help.

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      There are Billionaires That Think Like Us

      We need there financial help for campaigning against amnesty and picking out good political candidates against overpopulation.

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    karen in tx on

    Does Obama think LEGAL Americans forget he had TWO relatives here ILLEGALLY?!!!! And, no, they were NOT expelled from the US after they were exposed. As many other ILLEGALS, they have NO respect for our laws & stay here, hiding in the shadows long after their Visas expire. They know our government does nothing to enforce expired visas.

    Shame on Obama!

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      I agree Karen,not only does our government have no way to find and track these illegals,OBUTTHEAD is allowing
      hundreds of thousands of illegal African muslims into the country in which he is having them bused up from
      south of the border.They are being transported here to indoctrinate our children.Sol I suggest to EVERY parent
      is,take your children out of the public school systems,send them to PRIVATE school or home school them that
      way OBUTTHEADS muslims won’t be able to get into their heads.Take stock people OBUTTHEAD IS THE ENEMY!

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    The reason that this president behaves as he does is that he does not actually believe in the rule of law. His attitude is that he won the election and therefore he should be allowed to circumvent any rules or regulations that restrict his ability to govern as he wishes. The US Constitution was designed to prevent the president from doing that.

    Respect for the rule of law is what differentiates republican government from authoritarian government. The US presidency is not an elected dictatorship.

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      it is about time, “we the people”, so what our constitutional rights allow.
      Bush did the same thing forcing the Patriot Act that should have gained the same,attention as Obama’s dicatorship attitude.
      Presidents are elected officials by the people, for the people. Democracy is the right as American LEGAL citizens to vote on issues that affect the American citizens.
      Our constitution is the Supreme Law of The Land and not just some piece of paper obama or other people elected as the highest privileged position that is in place to do what the majority of American leagal citizens need for our society.
      Illegal citizens are not included in any language in our constitution just like when American LEGAL Citizen go to a foreign country and are obligated to be visitors under that nations laws and rules.
      just because the US is the only nation to have the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, doesn’t mean our nation is obligated to change the language of our Constitution to appease the needs and wants of those not LEGAL citizens. That is the privilege of being a LEGAL AMERICAN Citizen is all about, being allowed the liberties and freedoms of our Constitution.
      All individuals who are not, it is not the duty or problems of the LEGAL American Citizens to add these people, or go without so they can have. Those rights were written because of the all those who lost their lives for our freedoms. Being a LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN allows us those rights that all illegals pushing through our borders demanding the same rights because they do not understand the English language, do not choose to learn the English language and who do not even chose to read or understand what our Constitution is until they have committed a crime and demand the same Due Process that American LEGAL Citizens get is making a mockery not only of our Judicial System,but our Constitution.
      Shame on obama for behaving like he is some ruler and not the president he was elected to do a job for the LEGAL American Citizen , not those illeagal citizens wanting privilege they want and demand just because they live in the US.
      Every family who gains employment, if they send half of the money they make in the US to what ever country they come from, that money is helping that eeeconomy, and hurting the economy in the US.
      I am glad finally someone has taken the right steps to protect the LEGAL American Citizens when the people’s president that the people elected to do the job of protecting the LEGAL American Citizens and refuses to do the job he was gitime,,the same job obama assumes he has no boss when ,”We the People”, are his boss……

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        Bush acted on the Patriot Act, because of 9/11. At the time it was needed. But Bush did it lawfully, with Congressional approval. It was voted into law by the majority of our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle in Congress, the way you’re supposed to..
        Obama only had use for Congress when the Democrats controlled both House’s of Congress, then after losing the House, used the Senate to block anything meaningful the Republicans tried to offer through Harry Reid.
        Now because he cannot be elected again to the oval office, he does not care what laws he violates. He won’t have to answer for them.
        An example was this past mid-term election. His own party wanted nothing to do with him. Anyone that was up for re-election or running for office for the first time as a Democrat were afraid to even be seen with him. They even know he is a terrible president, but they need their job, so they keep quite and publically support him while privately wish he was gone.
        That didn’t help the Democrats that were Obama supporters trying to hold on to their office. The mass majority of Americans do NOT want Obama Care and legalizing Illegals. Every Illegal that has a job is one more American that’s out of a job. The American people are so fed up with Democrat policies, that Mickey Mouse would have won the mid-term.
        Now Hilary Clinton has said that if she becomes president that she will go further to the left, saying Obama didn’t go far enough! Last week Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are now under investigation for the RICO ACT. She is a crook! She should be in jail.
        This is a perfect example of the crimes Democrats do, then are protected by the people in government that will keep her and Bill out of jail.
        Any citizen would have been in jail a LONG time ago. Bottom line is the far left Democrat party today are Socialist and Communists. It’s a shame that the good Democrat politicians and their voters are silenced by these radicals. Their voices are not heard anymore. That would be out of line.
        How else do you explain 16 Republicans running for President against only Hilary Clinton. If that doesn’t make you understand the fix is in, nothing will.
        Democrats understand only these things. Raising taxes, pushing the agenda of dependent minorities and Illegal immigrants, for future voters that will keep them in power. They don’t want to lose that government check each month!
        They have no message, no vision, no cause, no independent ideas. They do not promote love of country. They do not inspire you to better yourself, when all they have to do is wait for their monthly check.
        The Republicans are just the opposite. They promote the Constitution, pursuit of happiness, get out there and become wealthy They promote independence, resourcefulness, ingenuity, less taxes which leaves us with more money to spend on what we want. They want the individual to succeed. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea. God Bless America!

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      Obama is the single most shameful president I have ever known. I am 59 years old and I can’t believe a person like him would ever be allowed to be a president of our country. You have to admit, he is in no way patriotic at all. He comes across as caring, but it is only for political gain, not for the betterment of the American people, in everything he does.
      An American president should have more love for America than anyone else. It is the president that is supposed to inspire Americans in their times of doubt, not be the cause of it.
      When have you ever saw a U.S president care more for foreigners and their problems than the American people he was elected to protect.
      When have you ever saw American become weaker as a nation. When have you ever saw a president of the United States take the side of criminals, over our police departments.
      When have you ever saw a president of the United States apologize to leaders of other countries for Americans involvement in their country.
      When have you ever saw a president of the United States bow to a leader of another country. Have you ever saw an American president lie so much that he doesn’t care what you think about it.?
      There is so much more, these are but a few. We will correct this, as soon as he is out of office or impeached, which ever comes first.

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        He comes across as CARING? HMMMMM, I guess I must have missed that part. NAAAAH, he’s not caring – HE HATES AMERICA.

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    He has a pen and he has a phone and we have a constitution that says he is to execute the laws “faithfully”, not ignore them and look for loopholes.

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      Exactly right. Obama somehow believes that he has the power to “pick and choose” what laws he will follow and if he doesn’t agree, then he can just “re-write” them. Glad to see this tyrant taken down a peg or two. But he has proved he can’t be trusted so I expect he will try something else to screw the American people over.

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        Nixon was impeached for less…
        So why is obama still sitting, living in our White House. It isn’t his, we are his landlords, he works for us, the legal American people.

        If he worked anywhere else and pulled this, do you think he would get to keep his job?

        Would that employer just turn their cheek and allow a liar to keep messing up that company into bankruptcy?

        No, I don’t know any employer who would tolerate this behavior and yet, The American people keep letting obama keep going and waiting till his term is over.

        We really need to do what Our Constitution says when it comes to electing another president.
        We the people need to make sure the next being groomed by congress doesn’t happen again.
        I run into people ,LEGAL American Citizens who have NEVER even read their constitution.
        That is so bad, the complacent attitude of the LEGAL American people who have never read their constitution ,then complain how it has changed..It hasn’t..
        our Constitution is and always will be the Supreme Law of this Land.
        If the American people want Those civil rights to work, STOP giving them away every time someone complains who is NOT a LEGAL Citizen their rights are being violated when they aren’t.
        Stop allowing prisoners more rights than those who never broke the law.
        Just read your constitution and learn how to understand the language, it is the duty of Every LEGAL American Citizen to read that document that allows all,of you to even write your opinions in this forum. the amount of people who haven’t ever taken time to read their constitution is just sick.

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      Fred Mitchell on

      He has a pen and he has a phone but he has no regard for the U S Constitution at all. He’s a renegade person without any conscience.

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        The republicans are in on it, too. I contacted them and they defend him. All the career politicians need to be turned out of office. Revolting bunch of vermin!

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          You are so right about that. As long as their pockets are being lined with dollars, they could not care less about what happens to the average American.