FAIR President Dan Stein Discusses Court Ruling Against Obama Amnesty

FAIR President Dan Stein appeared on EWTN News May 27, 2015 to discuss the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding an injunction that stopped President Obama’s amnesty orders from going into effect. The segment about the ruling begins at 7:15 in the video.


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    As of May 29, the state of California is saying that the Sierra winter snowpack has melted. “0%” remains. But the same propagandists will keep denying that immigration fueled population growth has anything to do with it.

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      To be clear they are denying that population growth has anything to do with water shortages.

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    Thankfully our almost entirely Protestant Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution designed to check the power grabs of wannabe Dictators like Obama. They knew all too well the long history of the abuses of power of the Kings and Popes of Europe and wanted something better for the United States.

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    Catholic Legal spokesperson. Illegals are mostly Hispanic from former Spanish Crown colonies and mostly Catholic. The Catholic Church has been losing members from its pews and needs to fill them up with cash paying customers. While the Catholic Church lies to wrap itself in some holy garb, the fact is they are money grubbing business people seeking to make their cash registers zing.