True Immigration Reform Amendment Killed on House Floor

Last night, Rep. Doug Collins’s (R-Ga.) true immigration reform amendment to H.R. 2578, the 2016 fiscal year Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) appropriations (funding) bill died on the House floor. The amendment would have denied federal funds to “sanctuary cities” – jurisdictions that impede immigration enforcement by refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Specifically, the Collins amendment prohibited federal funds—mainly SCAAP funds—from being used to assist state and local entities whose laws and policies obstruct and undermine federal immigration law and enforcement. The rationale for the Collins amendment is clear: jurisdictions that do not cooperate with efforts to remove criminal aliens should not expect federal assistance to offset the costs of incarcerating them.

However, this commonsense amendment was halted when pro-amnesty House Democrats objected that the amendment improperly legislates through appropriations bills. Shockingly, the amendment was ruled out of order. This decision is puzzling because Rep. Collins introduced the identical amendment last year for the 2015 CJS appropriations bill and it was approved unanimously!

Watch Rep. Collins passionately defend his amendment and the importance of enforcing our immigration laws:


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    Amendment? Should not even be an amendment. This is already law! All that is being asked is for federal law to be enforced as it is already written.
    This is crime committed by elected officials right on C-Span in front of our faces. What is being asked is SO obvious that we can’t possibly of understood it correctly.
    They should be impeached for encouraging and breaking federal laws. No funds should be given to any state, city or local governments that do not enforce our laws that the people of the United States have trusted them to enforce.
    If there is any amendment, it should be they that want to change current law regarding this very thing.
    Illegals are being set free once caught and incarcerated, instead of deported as the law says.
    We all must get involved in this or it will be our own fault if they succeed, in letting Illegals get social security cards, food stamps, health insurance, education and much more, on our taxes that are meant for Americans.
    Every job that ONE of them has, is an American out of work. All legal immigrants are welcome here. It’s the Illegals that are not.
    I write my Congressman at least once a month in regard to this. Please contact yours NOW!
    Go to………..There you can contact your Congressman and Senator by putting in just your zip code. They have letters already written if you don’t have the time to get your point across. It doesn’t matter what party you vote for. Here you will be able to contact your representatives regardless if you are a Democrat or Republican.
    Do it now or our children and grandchildren will pay the price for your inaction while you had the chance.
    How do you REWARD criminals behavior. Cheaters, cowards who couldn’t rise up in their own country.

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      It amazes me that the ‘popular’ thing seems to be to ignore the law, or even be proud to be a criminal and break the laws.
      “I have a pen and a phone”

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    Every time a State tries to get a handle on illegal aliens the Federal government sues them in Court and spares no expense to thwrat their effort. Now they want to protect santuary states from being denied money from other non-santuary states to bail out their own deficits from insane giveaway programs to illegals? Is this story the Wizard of Oz or is it Alice in Wonderland?

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      Sorry, but I must disagree with you. This is not Alice in Wonderland or even 1984.
      We are living in Dante’s Inferno and guess which role our leaders play?

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    Carol Durand on

    What is the problem with supporting current law with the stipulation that entities out of compliance will forfeit federal funds? This is becoming absolutely ridiculous!!

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      Simply Sara on

      It looks like the Pro Amnesty have infiltrated the government thru the Obama Administration and making up their own laws as they go along. Or either skirting the laws and dancing around the edges, so as to have everyone confused and afraid to move one way or the other.
      Did you read the article published here recently where the IRS guy (commissioner) stated the IA’s are entitled to the Earned Income Tax Credit (which could be as much as $35,000 when the government starts handing out S.S. cards). Congress and/or the Senate can put a stop to this. The government can issue a temporary “right to work”, if it ever comes to pass and can also require they file tax returns but their ” RTW” status will not allow them to claim any “refundable credits.”
      It will take 10 to 20 of “little guys” $20,000 income tax payments to cover just 1 or 2 of the refunds handed out to these people as a reward for their “illegals” acts. With the SS numbers will also come food stamps, medicaid and (who knows) housing allowance. Little taxpayer will try to get by on his/her $20,000 and will pay his 10% Income Tax and live with “Mom and Dad” while IAs’ moves up to middle class status and if they i have children with their $30,000 in federal benefits and nice refundable credits.
      Write to your Representatives and let them know, you feel this is totally unfair to the American Taxpayer.
      The EITC program has done more to destroy “marriage” in this country than any program. It also promotes “fraud” and especially among criminals or outsiders. IRS does not have the program or person power to keep up with anyone but the “big fish.”

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    They Want Their Cake and they Want to Eat It Too

    The only forces trying to undermine our laws are “organized crime”. Let’s call the open border pundits what they are.

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    Exactly why these scum representatives that do not truly represent U.S. citizens, but rather pander to the open-border degenerates and their mentally challenged ilk, have to be removed from OUR government!