Is America Losing Its Culture?

4thofjuly paradeThat is a question American novelist and screenwriter Jack Engelhard asks in a recent op-ed. “Anything can happen in a country that’s changing by the hour. People we don’t know keep coming in from countries where they used to burn our flag,” he writes. Multiculturalism, spurred by mass immigration, is transforming the United States from a diverse nation with a unifying culture into “another place, a confusion of tongues. We’re becoming many nations under many gods.”

Engelhard’s unease is likely shared by the majority of Americans, though few people talk or write about it publicly. Tellingly, Engelhard’s op-ed was not published on an American website, but rather the Israeli Arutz Sheva (Channel 7) site.

Culture, and the impact that mass immigration has on it, is a difficult matter to discuss. These are issues that can be easily demagogued by those on the fringes of the immigration debate. But that does not mean we should not have a national discussion this sensitive, but important topic.

Engelhard has started that discussion. You can read it here.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Please spell words in the title correctly. It’s is a contraction for It is.
    Its is the possessive form of the pronoun.

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    Engelhard is confused……………starts with countries that burn our flag to multiculturism…….define it then focus….scattered brain and ignorance at its best……then Leland attack the Mexicans that have been longer than us in this land…..not to mentioned the indians were almost exterminated…..yes there chaos and change by the second not v=by the hour…..all this is called REALITY people!!!

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      The Mexicans have been in Mexico, not this country. That’s why they’re called Mexicans. You’re just babbling like you always do. Ironic that you tell other people to “focus”,

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      Are u kidding? So Anglo-Americans should just pack up and leave? Why don’t immigrants and refugees work on making their own country better instead of turning America into a third world country. Immigrants used to work, learn English, not live off welfare and worked at assimilation, now 70‰of immigrants will be dependent on uncle sam for their entire life.
      Some refugees are coached as what to say to be admitted. Refugees get instant health care, cash, food stamps, rent assistance, churches help them get cars. What about the millions of citizens who need a car or free insurance but dont get it because they make 10 an hour and are told their too wealthy for food stamps or Medicaid?
      Its total bs and needs to stop.
      The indian excuse is getting really old, yeah they were here first, treated bad, im all for more land and benefits for them.
      Also, no country in history has survived when mass muslim immigration occurs, it’s a slow process to domination, they REFUSE to change, they want change, no they demand it.

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        Chad…..the below average citizen……… this country is made of immigrants……..u must be Leland,s brother…..

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          Why don’t you comment on what he said. Of course this country was made by immigrants. The difference is that a hundred and more years ago they didn’t get welfare programs because they didn’t exist. Now we put out a lot of taxpayer money for these people If you think that the recipe for economic success is importing poverty stricken people, it’s your thinking that’s “below average”.

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      The French Got Here First?

      America Unearthed found a whole colony of human remains dating back some 15-20K years ago. They were from France and used the Ice Age frozen Atlantic to get here. Europeans own America apparently, they were the first here.

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    We could be living through the decline of the West as the US and Europe are overrun with the Third World masses and China rises. China does have a large number of ethnic groups but over 90 percent of their population is ethnic Han Chinese and it has very strong borders secured by their military. Also Japan long ago decided that they wanted to remain a racially and culturally homogeneous society. Both countries are running large trade surpluses and
    each hold over a trillion dollars in US government debt.

    I am not saying overpopulated China with its brutal totalitarian government is a great place to live or be an average citizen, just that if current trends continue unabated East Asia may emerge as the most powerful and dominant region in the world as the West fades away.

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    Losing? We’ve lost it! Thanks to the wayward liberal/progressives that pervade our government, along with the panders and spineless that exist from both of our major parties.

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    It’s very easy. What sane person would want to be like corrupt and violent Mexico or most of the rest of Latin America or the warring chaotic nations of the Middle East. I know a lot of people want to claim that somehow we are just lucky, but it’s because we and the nations of Europe have formed stable democracies that embrace a wide degree of tolerance.

    The ironic part is that the people who constantly charge “Islamophobia” will avert their eyes to the fact that women are second class citizens who are by law subservient to their husbands, or to the fact that people are being murdered because of their sexual orientation, while we carry on for weeks over the slightest perceived slight.

    And training the troops in Iraq, that’s another refusal to deal with the reality that they won’t fight, except among themselves. ISIL is a relatively small group who any competent dedicated army would wipe out like the roaches they are.

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      I would like to see massive bombing campaigns, like those shown in ww2, just obliterate the cowards. Drones will not work nor a few f – 18s.

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        The problem with that is that we will then see media scenes of innocent people killed. They have to fight their own battles, not us.