Displaced American Workers Request Summary Judgment in Visa Case

court room“On Monday evening, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) filed a motion and brief on behalf of its client Save Jobs USA to halt a new H-4 visa Rule, which purports to make spouses of so-called “high-tech” H-1B guest workers eligible for work permits, adding (in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) own estimates) 179,600 additional workers to the American labor market this year and a further 55,000 every year going forward. In their brief, the American workers prove that DHS acted outside its authority and arbitrarily and captiously in passing the Rule,” says a new press release from the Immigration Reform Law Institute. Read more here.


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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    Dear Dan or Susan Tully

    I know you have heard me raise serious concerns about the influx and saturation of illegals here in California. Well,, now it has reached a critical point, namely where my own Employment is concerned.

    I am and remain unemployed yet college educated and degree holding. CA policymakers do not care about ensuring whether I am gainfully employed, but they have no problem facilitating big business to have their cheap labor; how is someone like me supposed to survive?

    I send out 30 resumes per day! What is worse, is that I come across ads on Craigslist which make English the secondary language and Spanish to primary! EX: “Fluency in Spanish required. English is a bonus” I take umbrage with these kinds of ads, and I want them stopped. Who else beside FAIR is looking out for the American Worker? And when are we going to implement English as an Official Language? By now, this should not be happening yet it is is and I am fearful for my survival and sanity….I have deep resent for this government and for the people who have slipped through the cracks and are taking jobs I ought to be doing.

    I am fighting mad…I don’t know how much longer I can go on this way.

    It isnt FAIR

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      You have every right to be mad. Our so called government “of the people” is selling you out. You’ve probably paid a lot of taxes in your life and people who have paid nothing come in and take your job. Disney got a lot of bad publicity for firing American workers to bring in H1B visa workers and so now they have announced that they are suspending that program. They did not say they are bringing the fired people back. And this new TPP “free trade” deal will only be making it worse.

      I was reading a story about how many Chinese students studying here are children of high political officials and are not in any way good students. It’s long been said that our colleges simply want the money in extra tuition these foreign students bring. Hard to argue when this seems to be the case. And how many deserving American kids got shut out when their parents paid taxes for many years.

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      My Advice to Parents of College Kids

      Don’t believe the fairy tale that a college education will bring you an extra $1M in a lifetime….LOL….or why do your kids boomerang back in your house after college? That was for the Baby Boomers and X Gens….the rules have all changed now for the Y Gens.

      Seriously consider buying them a cheap house in the Midwest instead of wasting it on college expenses with an unemployed or underemployed future with a degree. I did that for my 26 YO daughter. I grabbed up a foreclosed house and she pays no rent now. Now, who gets the million dollars living rent-free for her life? My kid or yours?

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        That’s another effect of immigration fueled population growth. Housing prices in places like California and New York City have spiraled out of the reach of most working people.

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        your daughter at the expense of the family who tragically lost their house at your benefit.

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          Open Border Pundits Love to Delay the Foreclosure Process

          By paying an attorney like $200/mo and delaying the foreclosure process like 8 years….the squatters paying no rent or mortgage call it “cheap rent”.

          Meanwhile they keep the foreclosed unit off the listing base [and destroy it] to artificially prop up prices with a collapsed listing base and the open border pundits gouge buyers that way. They then charge more property tax for their welfare programs with homes too high in price.

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      RE-invent yourself……like our ancestors did………..look elsewhere in the country or have your own company…….