Illegal Aliens Backstab Their Biggest GOP Advocate

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush stepped out in front of 3,000 eager Miami supporters on Monday to make the biggest announcement of his career, but what happened next was appalling but not entirely surprising.

In the midst of Bush’s declaring his intentions to pursue the Oval Office in 2016, a group of 25 protestors in the bleachers stood up, stripping their plain cloth tops to reveal neon green shirts that read “Legal status is not enough!”

Each person had one letter or space on his or her shirt, stretching the literal political statement across a considerable section of the auditorium.

Upon standing, the group immediately began chanting in disfavor of Bush’s stances, unapologetically interrupting the politician as he officially launched his presidential campaign.

The verbal and written messages were intended to publicly bash Bush for his refusal to support 100 percent of their agenda, as if they forget that in 2011, Bush said he supported a pathway to citizenship.

Ironically, these full-blown amnesty advocates publicly humiliated the Republican candidate who has repeatedly promised to pass some of the immigration reforms that illegal aliens want. But despite Bush’s significant promise making, protestors want more, a lot more, and there’s no end in sight.

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