Zuckerberg Continues To Promote, Encourage And Reward Illegal Immigration

Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg and his wife are giving $5 million  to something called “TheDREAM.US” scholarship fund. This is pocket change to Zuckerberg, but his decision to give to a fund that gives only to illegal aliens underscores everything that’s wrong with Zuckerberg’s approach.

To get the money, you must have broken the law and be here in violation of federal law. To quality you must be a citizen of a country other than the United States. To qualify, your parents must have evaded detection and deportation over several years. To qualify, you cannot be someone patiently waiting outside the U.S. and respecting our borders and law.  You must be a line-jumper and law breaker whose parents are scamming the system and taxpayer.

The Facebook founder says “We ought to welcome smart and hardworking young people from every nation, and to help everyone in our society achieve their (sic) full potential.”

Isn’t it possible someone could reach their full potential in their home country – the country where the person is regarded as a citizen? What is accomplished by explicitly discriminating against American citizens?

Zuckerberg himself relies upon respect for law in his own personal and commercial affairs. He benefits by living within a civil society in which the rule of law prevails. All his property relies upon civil protections that ensure title to his land, stock and vast wealth is protected from theft.

Yet Zuckerberg thumbs his nose at the borders, and chooses to encourage and reward lawbreaking at the expense of our common understandings of fair play and justice in order to curry favor with a political constituency and make his “cheap labor” grab appear high-minded. What gives him the right to pick and choose and make those moral judgments for the rest of us.

For disadvantaged Americans who can trace through their ancestry generations of sacrifice and suffering to build this nation, this kind of arrogance is a bitter pill to swallow.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The article is not completely accurate………when they were brought here there was no Federal Law broken…..I agree with his donation……….the situation is not solved and it is taking years……so best to have such demographics being educated to improve our chances for a better Country in the future……..

    FAcebook’s CEO has the right to do whatever he wants with his money….and if he want to improve that shady side of us that is happening right now….undocumented…he is in his own right to do that……ELSE by your own logic we do not own this country and it should be given back to the indians…….or descendants…..SAME LOGIC….SAME JUSTICE….


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      Why do you cut and paste the exact same post? You know they will reject a duplicate so you throw in a few random letters at the end.

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      There were no federal laws when they were brought here? What?? Are you just a troll or something or are you just another idiot like Zuckerberg?

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    The article is not completely accurate………when they were brought here there was no Federal Law broken…..I agree with his donation……….the situation is not solved and it is taking years……so best to have such demographics being educated to improve our chances for a better Country in the future……..

    FAcebook’s CEO has the right to do whatever he wants with his money….and if he want to improve that shady side of us that is happening right now….undocumented…he is in his own right to do that……ELSE by your own logic we do not own this country and it should be given back to the indians…….or descendants…..SAME LOGIC….SAME JUSTICE….

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    if I could I would tell the Zucke something it would be>>>> he can let these illegalsd live at his house only and he must be responsible for them the whole time they are here and this includes everything and esp a translator. He is truly a freak and a legend in his own mind. Money doesn’t buy wisdom and Mark is here to prove it. There are many children that do not have access to quality education, including higher education that are English speaking citizens here legally.

    I have a better idea for the Zucke
    why doesn’t he take his money and move to mexico? Anyone else agree?

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      and you are no forefather’s vision of our country’s nowadays citizens……..

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      I agree 1000%….For that kind of money he could move his citizenship, his home and kids etc,etc, build schools and colleges and straighten out their country and put them all to work in MEXICO and we would ALL be happy!!!!

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    Zuckerberg will then hire these illegals at lower wages, just like other businesses, profit and more profit, screw Americans.
    Yes, build the dam wall with armed patrols, use drones.
    Force obummer to stop flying refugees and illegals in, its pathetic.
    The refugee shot in Louisville should have NEVER been allowed in, he probably hated it here, like a fish out of water.
    He offered nothing to America like most refugees, yet gets immediate access to govt benefits.
    Zuckerberg is a moron, probably for population control like Bill gates.
    Zuckerberg could give $5 million to Appalachian children for college, think he will or even cares?

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    Build a wall, and stop the lawless exploitation of the US.
    We need to stop drug trafficking which will help both the United States, and
    Mexico. Along with that we need to stop non-citizens from using our safety nets.

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    There must be something we can do? A lot of talk will not solve this problem!
    We must take our country back, now! It must be in the form of revolution!
    Who has the knowledge and wisdom to lead us?

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      That’s simple. Everyone in charge or in law enforcement. Just get them to enforce the laws on the books. Even the president can not override those laws. The people in charge are just lazy. If they wanted to they could round and up and ship back every single illegal families and all and have them shipped out in no time. Eisenhower did it in the late 50s. This has been something that can be done and it’s being held up by corrupt Hispanic organizations and loophole lawyers. These ppl have their own country that need to give them welfare and feed them if they WANTED to. They come here all they make illegally is shipped back their country to fund more invasions.

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      Linda Johnson on

      We need to elect a president who believes in the laws contained in our constitution and understands they need to be enforced. We need to elect TED CRUZ in 2016.

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    As pointed out, Zuckerberg benefits from the law when it protects HIS property. In the past though, he hasn’t shown the same respect. He got sued by the others who participated in the founding of Facebook, including his ex roommate, and had to pay them off because he tried to cut them out of what was a group idea.

    Sean Parker was a founder of Napster. For those that don’t remember, Napster started the downloading trend that deprived musicians of the royalties owed them for their music. Eventually many of those musicians sued and Napster paid a huge settlement and eventually went out of business. Parker became Zuckerberg’s good buddy and was made the first company president of Facebook. Birds of a feather flocking together.

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      Mark,is like the rest of the big cheese money talks and bulls@%$ walks ,if he has so much money then why not help the needy instead of helping the illegals that has come over get all the free benefits and never worked a day in their life in the US and the American people who don’t have a job suffer.so if you want to remove my comment it want be the first time and probably want be the last because I do speak my mind

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      There’s really no need to use that language. It gives enemies of this site ammunition.

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        “Enemies”? What are they going to do? Shut it down? It’s a fact that Jews in the media, politics and business are the biggest proponents of illegal immigration. Why sugar coat it?

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    Zuckerberg is an open borders advocate who believes that national sovereignty is an outdated concept. His only loyalty is to money and the lifestyle it provides for him and his wife. He is an American in name only.

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    Evie Barbero on

    Where in Governor Abbott’s bill does it round them up and send them home? I’m tired of paying for these people; my taxes in Texas are more than my house payment! Stop the BS – these people have been coming here freely for 30 years that I’ve live and worked with them. They are the reason wages have remained the same for most of us. They are taking our jobs I’ve witnessed it for the last 30 years. Everything from construction to roofing; they are not domestic and the ones that are make extremely good $$ – $300 – 400 per day cleaning 2 businesses or a couple of houses all tax free! Then they get to collect all the welfare benefits, i.e., food stamps, medicaid, section 8 housing vouchers. I get nothing from my government but a tax bill.

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      Exactly right, many earn cash, pay no taxes yet apply for food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Their kids go to college for free, do my American citizens children go for free, hell no. Do i have health insurance, hell no yet millions of refugees and immigrants do. Tired of this bs.

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    This points out the need to outlaw AND prosecute all who aid and abet the illegal entry and occupation of this country. They are as guilty of violating our laws as the ILLEGALS!

    Zuckerberg is a prime example of people who profit from the law breaking by these INVADERS! Thety should be prosecuted and deported like any other ILLEGAL for acting against the laws and best interests of the country!

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      Thank God for people like Zuckerburg.

      All of you are working with information concerning the undocumented that is inaccurate. Howevet, I wouldn’t attempt to change your hearts and minds in this forum or in any forum for that matter. I learned a long time ago that a change in thinking on this subject is virtually impossible. However, the young people in our country overwhelmingly believe that the undocumented worker deserves to be a vital part of our society.

      So I say to all of you, this change that you fear will happen, it’s just a matter of time. Like myself , many people whose
      families have been in this country for hundreds of years are working to afford the undocumented the same integration into our society.

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        Oh please. If you can tell us what “information concerning the undocumented that is inaccurate”, then do so. The problem is you can’t and if you tried you would get set straight in a minute.

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        You don’t seem to grasp the difference between charity and suicidal stupidity. If our nation’s young people choose amnesty for millions of illegals, our nation will disappear under an avalanche of Third World squalor. These young people will lose their country, their culture, and their own children’s future.

        That Zuckerberg and his ilk believe their money will protect them from the long-term consequences of this stupidity only demonstrates their ignorance of history.

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        Sue, how do you earn your living? Obviously not blue collar. I use to be a carpenter building houses and made a decent wage of $15/hour. All the illegals came in, I had a choice of taking a pay cut down to $9.00/hour or get fired. And do you think the Builder of those houses who saved all of that labor cost sold those houses any cheaper to the customers??? White collar people don’t get. They look down on any one who works with their hands or back. Why should my back be worth any less than your brain??? And what do you think is going to happen once the illegals get amnesty? They are going to go on strike until they get better wages.
        All of these journalist, bankers, lawyers, ceo’s, actors, and other pseudo intellectuals wouldn’t be so gung ho pro amnesty if it was 11,000,000 illegal journalist, bankers, lawyers, ceo’s, and actors cheating the system.

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          Rossbach…well you definitely match suicidal stupidity……..n that is what exactly he is trying to avoid…..

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    The last I heard Zuckerberg was living in Palo Alto, home of Stanford University. Zuckerberg advocates for more illegal immigration, but I live in the Bay Area and trust me, Silicon Valley high rollers are not living in the crime ridden neighborhoods where illegals live and their children do not go to the same schools as the gang member offspring of illegals. Illegals may work in the kitchens and luxury hotels of the posh parts of Palo Alto, but Zuckerberg and his ilk that advocate for more illegal immigration choose to use their wealth to insulate themselves from its worst effects. Then they condescendingly call Americans against illegal immigration who do not have the same resources to insulate themselves racists who do not love diversity as much as they do. Their hypocrisy is incredible.

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      debbie ciolli on

      AMEN!! & EVERY BIT TRUE! All of the ELITISTS would NEVER Live where their SO-CALLED CAUSES actually CAUSE those who DO have to Live in Places where Crimes WOULD “GET TO THEM”..NO WAY! These people are SUCH HYPOCRITES! MAKES ME SICK..But..someday, they’ll FEEL what they’ve Caused, whether it’s in this life or next..makes me so happy, knowing all their MONEY & all the POWER they think they Have, will NOT SAVE THEM..not their Health, Happiness and they WILL PAY For their HYPOCRITICAL “DEEDS”!

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    Scum like Suckerberg, are the malignant cancer that destroy the USA from within it’s own borders.

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      Zuckerburg is despicable for aiding and abetting criminals in their deliberate law breaking schemes and encouraging more of this criminal activity.

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      Kyle you are scum that is destroying this country..if you insult Zuckerburg and your feedback is kept I expect no less for Dan Stein……….unless I am censored which in that case he becomes no differently uncle he just puts freedom of Speech in his own mind his own way which would be UNAMERICAN…you are the same kind of those who opposed the Civil Rights….