Deportable Alien with Priors Kills Cyclist during Tragic DUI in Kentucky

At the end of May, Odilon Paz-Salvador, a Mexican national who had been put into deportation proceedings tragically killed a well-known and respected Lexington attorney, Mark Hinkel, after driving drunk and running into the cyclist during a racing event in Kentucky.

Paz-Salvador was still in the United States despite three prior arrests and two convictions for DUI. In 2010, Paz-Salvador first pled guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of alcohol intoxication. In 2011, he pled guilty to a second “aggravated” DUI and driving without a license. Unfortunately, ICE did not assume custody of Paz-Salvador to initiate deportation proceedings until June 2013, when he was arrested for a third time on a DUI charge. ICE released him on bond eight days later.

Tragically, under the Obama Administration’s enforcement “priority” policies, which have been in effect since March 2011, Paz-Salvador was considered a “Third Priority” (the lowest priority) for immigration enforcement.

When ICE released Paz-Salvador on bond, the agency surely knew that the backlog in our immigration courts has skyrocketed since 2008. (For a chart showing the increasing immigration court backlogs nationwide, click here). Indeed, after his release in 2013 Paz-Salvador remained free for two years until he killed Mr. Hinkel. He had not yet had a deportation hearing.

President Obama frequently invokes family unity for illegal aliens as an excuse for not enforcing immigration laws. Yet he will not even acknowledge the tragic consequences of his policies on countless American families, like Mr. Hinkel’s, that are irrevocably torn apart by his refusal to deport illegal aliens who have demonstrated a callous disregard for public safety.

It should not take the killing of an innocent person to raise the enforcement “priority” of a convicted illegal alien from a third tier to a first tier. ICE has now issued another detainer with the local authorities who are holding him on murder charges, keeping him incarcerated under a $100,000.00 bond.

To see other examples of crimes that illegal aliens have committed, click here.

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    I live in Kentucky, watch news occasionally but read news on the Internet multiple times a day, had to hear about this here.
    This attorneys family to file suit against obummer, may not work but would at least get attention.
    Some dumb azz ultra liberal will probably fight for this scumbags release.
    Our highways are being flooded with illegals, immigrants and refugees that care little about laws, many cant read English and never will, many have no car insurance.
    There was an article on web about immigrant truck drivers paying people to take their written test since they couldn’t read English. Talking to American truck drivers at my job, these immigrant truck drivers undercut and steal business. Many drive new rigs. They have brought the wages down on this type of job, like many others.
    There are probably 2 or 300 hundred Bosnian truck drivers in my small town alone.
    A high, uninsured, unlicensed Mexican hit my daughters car and another car, did not stop, my daughters boyfriend chased him down calling the police.
    The car belonged to the Mexicans mom, also no insurance who was in the car.
    Over $1500 damage to the car my daughter saved up to buy, we never received a dime.

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    What will it take for American Citizens to rise up and say “enough”?? We’re getting sh*t on every day by the “ruling class” in Washington DC while illegals get special treatment, welfare, and free education??! WTF?

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    Obama and his boot-licking media aren’t interested in these stories. After all, these victims are average American’s going about their own business when murdered. That and it would be politically damaging to Obama to let everyone know of his lawlessness and incompetence! Too late B.O., millions of us are wise to your treason, even though you have neutered most of Congress!

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    I’m sick to death with these illegal parasites coming into our country, raping and killing our people. They are deported over and over and over again, so my suggestion is when one is deported they be either branded or tattooed depending on their crime with a large “I” on their right cheek with the warning that if they come back there will be no more 2nd chances. They will be shot on sight. That includes the ones sitting in prison on the taxpayers dime. Shoot a few when they come back and the others might think twice about coming back. This seems to be what its going to take cause for sure under the big 0 nothing going to be done about enforcing our immigration laws!!!!!!

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    Another American is killed by someone in our country illegally. How many Americans have to die before our government does its job of securing our borders and protecting the American people?

    Also, somehow I doubt that our national media will give this story much coverage. If a white police officer kills a black man it is 24 hour coverage. If an illegal alien kills a US citizen, whatever their race, there is a deafening silence. Most of our national media only cares about the killing of a US citizen if it advances their left wing agenda. Sad.

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      Precisely, it’s all part of the agenda. Anything to incite civil war, then we have a king for life, suspended elections, and the same garbage in DC until they drop dead. RepublicRats are as bad as the demoCraps. Liars, traitorous scum of the earth.

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    Why does a convicted criminal, who has demonstrated complete disregard for our laws, even rate deportation proceedings? People like that should be deported quickly and without ceremony.