Tell Your Senators: No Trade Deal Increasing Foreign Workers!

FAIR Action AlertLast week, the House passed legislation granting President Obama fast track trade promotion authority (TPA). With TPA, President Obama will be able to implement part of his immigration agenda through trade agreements instead of by legislation in Congress! He is currently negotiating several major trade deals, including the Trade Pacific Partnership (TPP), where a “key feature” of the TPP is a “temporary entry” guest worker program!

Call Your Senators NOW!

Tell Them Congress Must Not Give President Obama Authority to Change Immigration Laws Through Trade Agreements!

After weeks of unsuccessfully being able to pass TPA, Congressional leaders have devised a new plan to get a TPA bill to the President’s desk. The bill the House passed last week is different than the version the Senate passed last month, so now the Senate is going to vote on the House’s TPA bill TOMORROW MORNING. If the Senate passes the bill, it will go to the President’s desk and become law. That means we have ONE LAST CHANCE to stop Congress from giving President Obama further authority to change immigration laws through trade deals!

Call Your Senators NOW!

Tell Them Congress Must Not Give President Obama Authority to Change Immigration Laws Through Trade Agreements!

Supporters of the TPA claim that no immigration is involved in the trade deals, but last month they refused to let the Senate vote on amendments that would have expressly denied the TPA authority to change immigration law! In fact, past trade agreements have been used to “dramatically alter established law and bring in more immigrants.” Now the fate of the TPA is up to the Senate!

The consequences of giving President Obama authority to fast track trade agreements are severe. Call your Senators NOW!

Tell Them:

  • You OPPOSE the Trade Promotion Authority, and do not believe President Obama can be trusted to negotiate anything that might affect immigration law.
  • President Obama has already unilaterally usurped the power that belongs to Congress to change immigration laws, and Congress has NO business giving up more of its authority to him.
  • Trade agreements have been used in the past to increase immigration and President Obama is currently negotiating several trade agreements that will encompass three-fourths of the world’s economy!
  • You expect them to vote NO on the cloture vote for TPA.

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    NO on the TPA bill. No more foreigners, no more guest workers. Give jobs to Americans. We expect you to vote w/us. Not against us. You work for US.

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    Call or email our representatives NOW!!! This is our last chance to stop this. They have to listen to us if we flood them with telling them to vote NO. DEMAND IT!!!

  3. avatar

    watering down the voter base, no, hell no to any more of their tread bills they do nothing for us. Except screw the American people

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    Dorothy Labi on

    My Congressman, Chris Gibson, voted against TPP. Sen Schumer says that he will vote against it. I am hoping his friend, Sen Gillibrand, will vote against it, also.

    TPP is anti American worker, anti US Constitution, and done in secret.

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      The media always says “critics claim that past trade deals have caused increased trade deficits and job losses”. The “critics” may say that, but it’s not just a “claim”. It happens to be a fact. but members of the media are too biased or lazy to go look up the numbers. This president pushed the South Korea free trade deal in 2012 and promised the exact opposite of what happened, which was exploding deficits with that country. Then we hear the argument that “if we don’t do this, China will”. What a load of horse hockey. If it was any kind of benefit, China would have already done it. They know it’s not.

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        No trade agreement for foreign workers we need stop letting everything under the sun come into our country and quit setting Arabs and Hindus up in business at Americans expense for nothing but to send money back to there own country

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    He’s the same guy who called NAFTA a “mistake” back in 2008 as a candidate. Has he done anything to correct that mistake? No, he just needed your vote then. Now he has to appease his big business owners because he knows he’s going to retire to a wealthy life of corporate boards and speeches.