Hey California, Thanks for Paying for My Education

Flag-of-CaliforniaIndira Esparza, a Mexican illegal alien who attracted some attention when she accepted her University of California San Diego (UCSD) diploma draped in a Mexican flag, really knows how to show appreciation to the country that financed her education, even though she was an illegal alien.

During the four years she spent at UCSD (occupying a seat that could otherwise have been filled by a legal California resident), Ms. Esparza benefited from California’s in-state tuition policy for illegal aliens. The current in-state tuition fees for full-time UCSD student total $13,456 per year. Full tuition runs a hefty $47,733 per year, meaning that California taxpayers coughed up the difference of $34,277 each year, or a four-year total of $137,108.

But that’s just the start of the public and private benefits that have been lavished on Ms. Esparza, reports Investor’s Business Daily (IBD). While many students struggle to meet the in-state tuition costs, Ms. Esparza was getting as close as one can get to a free ride at UCSD. She was awarded $10,000 in cash under the Chancellor’s Associate Scholars program. IBD reports that, “The program essentially provides a full-ride and loan-free UC San Diego financial aid package to eligible students from several underserved high schools.”

It doesn’t stop there. On top of the in-state tuition break and the Chancellor’s Associate Scholars cash bonus, Ms. Esparza was also received a scholarship from the Patricia and Christopher Weil Family Foundation. Like the recently announced scholarship fund being established by Mark Zuckerberg, the Weil Family Foundation provides private money that further rewards illegal immigration.

So while citizens and legal residents and their families were working, scrimping and taking on debt to pay for college, Ms. Esparza was, in her own words, having a “ridiculously awesome” time at UCSD.

But wait, there’s more! Even before she got to UCSD, Ms. Esparza was getting a ridiculously awesome education at the expense of San Diego taxpayers. She attended the elite Preuss charter school, described as “a unique charter middle and high school for low income students who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college.” The Preuss website also prominently features Ms. Esparza on its home page.

So, what better way to show your appreciation for the opportunities and the hundreds of thousands of education dollars American and California taxpayers have provided you than to parade onto the podium to receive your diploma proudly cocooned in a Mexican flag?

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Fred Hawkins on

    I have a suggestion: all of these comments, and others like them, should be sent to legislators more apt to actually do something about the problem. It won’t do any good sending them to those advocates for illegal immigration. They’ll merely dismiss all of them as comments from bigots, racists, and immigrant bashers. We should make it our business to identify all legislators supporting these stupid policies and vote for their opponent. If we drop out of the system by not voting against them, we’re only helping them be reelected.

    It would almost be amusing, if it wasn’t such a tragic and unnecessary incident, to see the reaction of reporters for some of the networks, reporting the murder of that young woman in California by an illegal alien. Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, has forced them to address the illegal immigration problem, sanctuary cities, and other associated problems because of that incident, and others like it. Instead of casually mentioning the incident once, if that, they have been forced to give it more in-depth coverage. Incidents, like that poor girl’s tragic death, have been occurring for years, under their noses. Now they act like it’s only a recent occurrence so they can salve their conscience for not doing their job. How pathetic!

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    The Old Chip on

    Latest figures are now showing that a full 25% percent of mexico’s population is in the United States and about 40% of those are here ILLEGALLY. They basically deserted their country but want to wave mexican flags and yell how great mexico is; even to the point of where a couple of drunks here ILLEGALLY, stabbed each other arguing which state in mexico is best.
    Consider that these supposed honest, hardworking immigrants’ very first act is criminal; to enter the U.S. without authorization and documents; in other words they’re now ILLEGAL aliens or by definition, criminals. No one went to mexico or anywhere else south of the border and forced people here at gun point. In reality these ILLEGAL aliens are NOT HONEST, because they decided all on their own to sneak into the U.S.; and that laws don’t apply to them so, “we don’t need no stinkin green cards”. Nor any other kind for that matter, because their next criminal act is usually to steal, or buy forged, documents as well as to lie on employment applications to get a job.
    Before the whooping and hollering starts; another lie of ILLEGALS and their liberal corrupt”O”rat supporters is exposed in that the unemployment rate in mexico is between 3 and 5 percent; that here those figures would be considered FULL employment, that anyone that wants a job can get one. In fact, so many potential workers have deserted their beloved country of mexico and parts south, that in some segments there are actually worker shortages.
    So here they are, by the millions, poor, low or non-skilled, uneducated; can’t or won’t speak English and probably illiterate in Spanish as well.

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    To the person with debt from college loans for his/her children. You and others should contact legislators. We hear about the sons and daughters of illegal immigrants brought here by their parents with no choice, and how that supposedly makes them deserving of tuition breaks for college. Legislators REALLY REALLLY REALLY need to hear about American families suffering from illegal immigration – working exhausting hours to put food on the table and keep a roof over the family’s head, living in fear of a major medical problem, etc. Specifics should be added. I recall, in one story of American hardship, the woman’s threadbare bathrobe and the sheet on the window in the children’s room.

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      Fred Hawkins on

      If our legislators, especially in the border states, don’t know what illegal immigration has done, and is doing, to American families, they either haven’t bothered to find out, they are purposely ignoring the facts, or they’re refusing to use their common sense, not to mention their intelligence. Considering what illegal immigration is doing to my state (NC), with over 800,000 here already, I can only imagine it’s effect in California where their legislators are passing more and more ridiculous laws that take away from citizens in order to encourage and accommodate an ever increasing influx of people entering the state illegally. If our government had upheld our immigration laws (that they passed) for the past 10 to 15 years, we wouldn’t even have the problem today..

      We’ve brought upon ourselves the huge problems we’re experiencing, and ignoring, all for the sake of ambition over devotion to country and, of course, playing that stupid political correctness game. We can do much better than this but I’m not sure we will if people continue putting the same people in office.

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        Good point, Fred. Maybe the only thing to do is gather people and appear at the offices of legislators with big signs and cameras. Then send the video to as many news outlets as possible. A big problem, though, is that so many Americans are afraid to speak out for fear of being called racists and losing their jobs. There’s nothing racist about it. Ireland or France or Holland could be on the other side of the border. And, of course, there is no Hispanic race. People who don’t have facts on their side just fling the “r” word to silence people. Unfortunately, it’s effective.

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          Fred Hawkins on

          Cici, your point should be a good one but in today’s climate I’m not sure the politicians would care if people stood outside their offices, carrying signs and cameras and challenged them for being advocates for illegal immigration. The press (except reporters with networks like Fox News), often appear to be in league with legislators supporting illegal immigration. The demonstrators probably wouldn’t even make the news. Many in the press purposely make no distinction between the word “legal” and “illegal”, making supporters of real reform appear to be racists and bigots. I cannot understand why the American people continue putting up with this nonsense.

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    So when do you draw the line? When you figure you have been over-run, overwhelmed and broke? By then It is already too late.

    Given: The political establishment is bought and paid for. That lawmakers couldn’t care less about your opinion. That writing or phoning your representative is a waste of time. That the donater elite is not paying for it, you are. That none has any obligation to abide by rules written by those who mean you harm.

    So what do have left? An armed insurrection.

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    No borders, no welfare, no warfare.. The law should simply defend life, property and freedom, no more, no less. Or ditch written law and revert to natural law.. which every child understands. Is that so hard?

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    Bravo for her! She’s not the one to blame… blame the law that allows it, the legislator that makes the law and the voter that elects the legislator. That would be us, not me included, because I don’t vote, because it doesn’t matter anyway. Government stinks, democracy is a joke, so I’ve gone underground… have fun with your problems, I’m out of it.

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      NOT BRAVO FOR HER. She is a leech on the taxpayers and she doesn’t even appreciate the advantages that were GIVEN to her. Most legal American students have loans when they graduate but this girl got everything handed to her at no cost to her. She should be deported as she is an illegal immigrant and should have to pay back all the money spent on her education. This is why I resent the illegals because they don’t appreciate what they have been given while they break our laws and shouldn’t even be here. We can thank obama for promoting all these illegals and their attitude. If she is so proud of being mexican, let her go back to mexico and stay there.

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    The Old Chip on

    Here are a couple of insights into the problem with the UC system.
    UC (University of California) System President Janet Napolitano (Ex. open border DHS); now instrumental in the indoctrination and corruption of American college students, said she will nominate an interim chancellor, a professor of political science, history and law, as a time-tested leader and award-winning scholar. In other words, another minister of liberal indoctrination.
    The indoctrination starts young and never lets up. Liberal’s and corrupt”O” rats desire for the country is summed up with these words regarding even innocent birthday cupcakes – “The principal equally stressed fairness concerns. Thus, the cupcake ban will treat every student fairly by ensuring that NO students receive cupcakes.”
    So according to the corrupt”O”rats, the only way to be “Fair” is for everyone to be equally miserable.
    One way to achieve this noble goal; is for everyone to be dependent on the government.
    Keep a sharp watch and Prime the Guns for 2016.

    3/20/2015 – (AP) – A student group is criticizing University of California President Janet Napolitano for calling chants by students protesting tuition hikes “crap”. An open mic picked up her saying, “Let’s go, we don’t have to listen to this crap. UC Student Association President Jefferson Kuoch-Seng; comment shows “disrespect for public expression of the student interest.

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    This is just another example of what happens when we are divided as a Country and when we are not selective about who receives citizenship in this Country. Trillions of dollars spent to help pull others out of poverty and this is the thanks that is given, UNGRATEFUL, ARROGANT , IN YOUR FACE DISRESPECT for all who helped her and the SYMBOL of THE AMERICAN FLAG to strut across the stage draped in a MEXICAN FLAG who could offer her nothing. But let me say this, GOD IS NOT ASLEEP! HE SEES THIS WICKEDNESS and ONE DAY she will pay for her disrespectful actions. Don’t let her IGNORANCE DETER YOU, Go to your leaders and make it known this is unacceptable and change it so that this won’t happen again. The Mexican Flag has no place and no business being flown nor displayed as she accepted a diploma ONLY because of the generosity of AMERICAN PEOPLE and TAXPAYERS!!!

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    I lived in CA from 1967 t0 1988. And over thoses years the problem with illegals getting free things, which the normal American could not, increased by atlease 50%. And now the CA goverment just to allow more Illegals to come in, they are now going to give drivers licenses to any of thoses that wnat them with out being tested as others would be.. A great way to run a state! I would have to guess but I would say at the rate things are going there, the lower half of the state will belong to Mexico within the next 10 to 15 years.

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      The Old Chip on

      “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you
      – you know your nation is doomed.” -Ayn Rand

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      I pray you are right Joe. I live in CA now in a more conservative city but I am making plans to move my family out in the next year or 2. I do not want my kids growing up in this blatant abuse of power and disrespect for the rule of law. I love when people say “What would Jesus do?”, like God and Jesus do not have laws that are to be followed. Even the Bible states for man to obey and respect man’s law. Soon the liberals will be calling people prejudice and selfish who do not let an illegal walk through the front door of their house, go to the fridge and then sit down to use their TV. What’s the difference between doing that and just barging across our boarders demanding food, shelter and money? The whole country is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to these insane liberal policies. I feel most terrible for the men that died in the many wars our country fought in to make what’s right right. The fact that our leaders are determined to do whats wrong is so very disheartening.

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        Mindy Robinson on

        Wa state is just as bad , we are preparing to leave the state by next summer. My husband is near retirement and I work from home so the only tie we had here, his work, will no longer be an issue. The beauty of it is that we are taking our tax dollars with us , as are many tax paying Washington state citizens. They are going to have a problem when enough of us are gone.

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    Unfortunately, these problems are only going to get worse. Conservatives fight over insignificant issues like gay marriage, abortion, and free markets, while they accept the cultural Marxist premise that makes all these issues virtually irrelevant. Liberals say that group differences (inequality) are caused merely by unjust social forces that can be remedied, and conservatives blame liberal policies. However, group differences, particularly race differences, are very real, and while environmental effects are responsible for some portion of these differences, virtually all important human traits, such as intelligence, aggression, and sexual behavior, are substantially heritable. To summarize, multiculturalism is a recipe that ONLY leads to disaster. The United States is on its way to breaking apart, balkanized by third world immigration. Look to the entire Western (white) world. Even in white ancestral homelands, whites are projected to become minorities in this century. When this occurs, there will be no more Western civilization. The light that the West has provided the entire world for centuries is on its way to extinction. For those of you who are academically inclined, look to the peer-reviewed literature for irrefutable evidence supporting my words. Some excellent scientists to search are Arthur Jensen, Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Thomas Bouchard, Linda Gottfredson, and many more. Please note that while it is true that individuals from any group may possess any combination of favorable human traits, the aggregated differences between groups are real, and they were produced by human evolution over thousands of years. This does not make any group “better” than another, but every group should prefer its own members. The group that does not prefer its own kind ceases to exist, and that is where whites are headed now. “Diversity” is the worst weakness that any nation could have, and it is only a matter of time before our great nation is COMPLETELY destroyed. We are leaving HELL to our children.

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      Globally whites are an extreme minority accounting for less than 10%. It’s just that where whites have settled and built, the blacks and browns want to invade and destroy.

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        You are so wrong David Smith. This country was built up on the BACKS FROM FREE LABOR OF BLACK PEOPLE and CONTINUE to reap benefits off of BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORTING YOUR BUSINESSES as we are kept from getting loans to build our communities. YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE about the struggles of black people because of WHITE SUPREMACY. YOU are BLIND and only think of what white people and not the CONTRIBUTIONS of other RACES. STOP and THINK before you SPEW YOUR PREJUDIICE AGAINST LAW ABIDING PEOPLE different than you. BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO!!!

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          If Black Lives Matter so much why are there 25-50 black on black killings every weekend in Chicago, or Baltimore, or New York, or any other major urban city in the U.S. where there are black only neighborhoods?
          If Black Lives Matter why is the illegitimate birth rate amongst Blacks the highest in the country, only soon to be surpassed by Hispanics?
          If Black Lives Matter, why are most Blacks illiterate and drop outs, and being a mule, a thug, or a “gangsta is more important than getting an education, and any Black person who does is called an “Uncle Tom?”
          If Black lives matter, why do the Black communities have the highest unemployment, but by percentage, are the highest users of social services – SNAP, subsidized Housing, Welfare, Affirmative Action, and how about the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act – the very one that brought down the housing market)? Wouldn’t studying and getting good grades help young Black people compete in the market place?
          The schools were desegregated over 55 years ago, and Blacks have not been denied and education – Ben Carson, Allan Keyes, Col. Alan West, Carol Swain, Thomas Sowell, ALL, and many more Black people have succeeded, and took advantage of the education available to them.
          How about Yellow lives, Brown lives, and White lives – they don’t matter? WHITE SUPREMACY you say? Then why are Asian students surpassing Blacks in Western, and according to you “White Supremacist” schools? Why do they and the Mexicans enter illegally in the thousands, rather than Africa? Do they come because Black Lives Matter? They come to take your jobs, because you still have it wrong – “education matters!” If Fredrick Douglass where alive he would certainly have something to say to you and it would not be very flattering. Mr.. Douglass would not care about being politically correct, and would there is no place for “grievance mongering, which is the self-imposed yoke and chains of self-victimization.
          He would probably say, get off your duff and get an education,and go out and compete like an equal, rather than complain like a loser – oh poor me, “white” people hold me back.
          Be grateful, count your blessings, you could be a victim of Bobk Haram, or ISIS, or a Mexican/S.A. Drug Cartel, or the ravages of Ebola.

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          Mindy Robinson on

          You comment is based on ignorance and I plead with you to rectify that. Slavery has been a fact of life since the beginning of time and it is not racist, all races of people have been enslaved at some point in history. Today, islam enslaves any whom it’s followers capture , those who are not muslims, race is not a factor. Also, have your forgotten the irish, the chinese? Do you know there were more Irish slaves then black slaves? Do you know the most ruthless slavers in this country were black? Do you know that many black slaves were sold to slave traders by blacks who had already enslaved them? Do you know that slavery no longer exists in this nation? You need to do some research.

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      BRITAIN is being forced to dump food worth millions every month because it has been “contaminated” by illegal immigrants breaking into lorries at Calais.

      By Scott Campbell Daily Express

      Shops are rejecting entire truckloads of deliveries over hygiene fears as food bosses warned that the industry has lost £10 million of produce already. Some drivers are taking detours of 100 miles into Holland to avoid gangs of would-be asylum seekers trying to sneak into the UK in the back of trucks. Freight Transport Association chief James Hookham said: “We have some lorries being surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of people, trying locks, attempting to get into containers, stowing themselves underneath or even slitting open curtain-sided vehicles to get in. It’s chaos.”

      About 3,000 migrants are now camped out near the northern French port – double the number a year ago. In a stark warning, Fresh Produce Consortium boss Nigel Jenney said: “The situation has got increasingly worse. “Historically this would have been an exceptional incident. Now it is becoming much more prevalent.” He added: “It is fresh produce, it’s for immediate consumption and not packaged in a way that makes the product totally sealed, and therefore if you have a risk in the back there is a risk of contamination.” The Home Office said more than 40,000 attempts by illegal immigrants to get to the UK had been thwarted in 2014 but drivers say the situation is now far worse than last year.

      Trucker Michael Pearson said: “A group of maybe 20 or 30 people, crowbar in hand, broke the padlock off the truck in front, broke the [security] seal and opened the doors. “If I think about it now, I’m in fear of my life and I’m not by myself on this, several of my colleagues also spoke about that. “Their [illegal immigrants] attitude, their whole goal is just to get to the UK irrespective of what damage, or damage to persons, vehicles, property they cause, it doesn’t matter. “They were raising fists, there was a bloke with an iron bar because I was blowing the horn to alert the driver in front that they were getting into his trailer. That’s the bit they don’t like, blowing your horn.“That threat was directed at me personally. I was terrified because I’m on my own and if you get out – you can’t get out – because your life’s in danger.

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    Simply Unbelievable, That she should be so CLUELESS to Insult the American taxpayers who Financed her Efucation, while their kids didn’t have Access to the same college system!! Perhaps she could just Move back to Mexico since she Basically Spit on the American taxpayer, And If she cares at all-her American friends.

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    I was born here in California, worked here and supported the UC system with my taxes for over 40 working years. Now, I have a child that is a great student and he cannot get into the UC system because he has to compete with millions of other students who have parents that did not pay into the system at all. Then on top of the capacity issue, California gives away my tax dollars to subsidize the very person who is taking my sons position at an institution that we paid for. This is fair? To whom?

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    This is very upsetting!!!!! We have a lot of debt for our two girls college education. I am currently working 6+ days a week to pay college bills. The rates the government gives are really high. How fair is that?

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      Why don’t you do something about it then, instead of complaining about how unfair it is. Write your Congressman and Senators. Start a class action law suit. There will be plenty of American families that will want to be part of it, I can promise you that.
      This is a travesty. I put my 3 children through college at the cost of over a half million dollars. I have parent plus loans that I will never pay off. I will be dead and buried long before I could possibly do so.
      What I can’t believe is how our country has gone the wrong way for the past 25 years, yet we let it happen by voting these people that do this to us, into office.
      That would be a good place to start. Quit voting for these bleeding heart liberals that are ruining America.

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    They all should be eradicated, bundled up and sent home in their Mexican flag, a forced march to the border, and take that moron Governor Brown, all his staff, and all the Mexican heritage (traitorous) filth that passes for state representatives with them.

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    I blame this girl for being in this country illegally, but I put most of the rest of the blame on the California government and its educational system. Living in California I am aware of the multiculturalism that is so pervasive at its universities. In the past when our melting pot was actually successful, our schools and culture emphasized what is great about our country and learning about becoming an American. Now we have multiculturalism which is so prevalent in universities in California and elsewhere where new immigrants are taught to identify with their culture of origin and view themselves as victims.

    Can we really expect a different result than students graduating while identifying with their countries of origin when our government spends so much money teaching new arrivals why they shouldn’t want to be American? I believe ultimately in personal responsibility no matter what a person has been taught, but given the educational policies of states like California, we should not expect a different outcome.

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    I am so damned tired of seeing more and more of what little I make taken in taxes to support ungrateful parasites who hate this country, it’s people and don’t give a damn about our laws while homeless and jobless veterans are treated like garbage.

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      A: How do you know this person does not appreciate this country? She probably didn’t move here because she hates it…
      B: As far as being a parasite, having gotten a degree, she’ll probably pay far more in taxes in the future than she cost the state for her education…
      C: Veterans get free college, so I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

      I’m sick and tired of people labeling others. Have you ever met an undocumented immigrant? Have you ever talked to one and listened to their story?

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        We are a nation of LAWS. She BROKE the LAW by being here illegally. The stupid state of Kalifornication is a poor representation of what our laws are SUPPOSED to be. I had to work full time in a stinking hot steel mill while paying for my OWN college degree as a FULL TIME student on top of it.

        Don’t even compare this ingrate to our veterans. My father left part of his skull and brain on a Pacific island fighting for this country, he DESERVED veterans benefits for schooling.

        It is appalling that she cloaked herself in a Mexican flag…why din’t she use an American flag to show her appreciation for what THIS country did for her, and not Mexico from where she fled???

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        The point is Samuel, that this student took the place of an American child that needed that education. That life has been altered forever because of someone who broke our laws and was rewarded for it. You condone this? Then you are part of the problem. I assume you don’t have college age children, because if you did, you wouldn’t feel the way you do.
        First and foremost, she had no right to be here in the first place. Any benefit she ever gets for what American did for her was at the sacrifice of a deserving American child.
        Every job that an illegal has is more American out of work.
        Someday it may be your job! Here’s hoping it is!

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        @AKatz How dare you even consider comparing her to our Veterns!!!??? They fight and sacrifice, as do their families, to give you and me and now even illegal in our Country people, the rights you so freely enjoy and take for granted!!!

        I just do not have the works for your insulting and ignorent post re: Veterns.

        As for this kids who had her diploma draped in the Mexican Flag-who took money from deserving Americans and the people who are supportiung this type of “entitlement” you are all a disgrace to the American people, the Flag and I cant say how I feel–I do not have the words!!!!

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        Mindy Robinson on

        We do not have the resource to continue to provide for illegals or even new immigrants. What financial resource we had is gone. You can pretend like this nation doesn’t have a money problem but that won’t change the fact that we do, this nation is bankrupt. There are Americans who need our help, Americans whose families have paid taxes for years who are being ignored while illegals steal what they have no right to, American tax dollars. Furthermore, they are criminals, they have committed a serious offense. They are not assimilating , they are invading, they are actively attempting to take at least a portion of this nation.

        The girl is not welcome here, she is not, nor will she ever be , an American, she is our enemy and proudly broadcast that.

        The vast majority of these people continue on with criminal activities, rape, theft, murder, pedophilia, drugs, crime rates sore where ever they are concentrated.

        Furthermore our natural resources are strained, in particular CA does not have water. Yet, they let the illegals pour in, let them drain the natural resource and put them further in debt.

        Your thinking is warped, you are not a good, kind person, you are a selfish and dangerous person.

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    As appalled as I am that we spend more on illegals than our own citizens, I am appalled more for UCSD to have allowed this person to drape themselves in that flag.
    Will never understand why our American government, schools, businesses, and some citizens, feel the need to support them more than our own.
    We have millions of our own who live in extreme poverty and are lucky to even eat something once a day, let alone be able to even finish high school due to their lives of poverty.
    I am disgusted that the afore mentioned honors ands supports illegals, people who they themselves or their families broke the law before seven stepping foot in America, over our own starving and poor.

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    I am certainly not agreeing with what she said or did and quite honestly I find it appalling. BUT is it her fault that California gave her the free ride or is it California’s fault for having all that money accessible to illegal aliens? It sounds like she’s one smart girl to me. She learned what’s broken in the governmental system and used it to her advantage.

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      Rockingham01 on

      No truer words have ever been written. We should have closed the borders years ago, after 9/11. If we would’ve done that then, we might have been able to get this situation under control. Now we’re overpopulated by people who can’t speak English, don’t want to learn how to speak English, and want handouts. And we the taxpayers are footing the bill.

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    As a one time California resident and Cal-Vet I had called up about going back to school after I got out of the Army in 1974. I was
    Told then the same as today you have Veterans benefits but not state? I often wonder how these people come
    Here get tuition, acceptance letters and finish college? It all costs money? I grew up in California and had to go back into the U.S. Army Reserve in order to survive! My job working for PSA (airlines) disappeared but she and her fellow Latio’s get assistance (how)? Thank you Cali!

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    Bill Beveridge on

    of course she did. The Mexican people have no alliance with the United States. They are here for everything they can take. Why would they? They never paid income Tax. They say they pay taxes, which they do, sales tax, gasoline tax and taxes on utilities with the free money they get, tax on cars in order to get them licensed.They only have some loyalty to Mexico, and not much for that either. You come into a country illegally and then are allowed to stay, how could you possibly respect that country?

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    I’ve NEVER known a Mexican that didn’t sponge off others…its all about” what’s for free”, to them!

  22. avatar

    Actually, this incident only confirms what many polls have shown for years. Majorities of Mexicans in this country identify themselves more as Mexican than American. And the excuse for this is that she was “showing her pride in her heritage”.

    Ok fine, there’s a time and place for that. But why of all places would she choose to rub it in by carrying the Mexican flag. I could even understand carrying both flags. What she did was a slap in the face to American taxpayers. Here’s a bulletin for her. Mexico did not finance your education, this country did. And it is a total insult to this country to do what she did. She owes an apology.

    • avatar

      Americans should demand that her degree be withdrawn and that she and her illegal family be deported. She’s not through robbing the good taxpaying citizens, because I’m sure affirmative action in the job market is next. Oh yeah, she’ll bump some highly qualified legal American out of a deserved job or she’ll go to work helping other criminals game the system.