I am an Immigrant and I Work for FAIR

US_map_-_statesI am an immigrant. I came to the United States a few years ago, legally needless to say. FAIR gave me my first job in the U.S. and an opportunity to contribute to an ongoing and vital yet controversial debate. As an expert on migration (PhD in Migration Studies), I was grateful for FAIR’s opportunity to tackle matters freely, knowing that whoever works on immigration is often supposed to lobby for the immigrant without concern for how it affects Americans. It was refreshing to be able to contribute to this cause and not follow the ‘politically correct’ position that usually leaves no room for critical thinking and reality checks.

I feel blessed to be in the United States, I cherish its values, vow to uphold its laws and hope I am worthy to be, one day, one of its own. I believe every immigrant should take this stand, one of gratitude, respect and loyalty.

I am not anti-immigrant and neither is FAIR. For those who doubt us, let them be reminded, we are not AGAINST, we are PRO. We defend the values of the United States of America. We are for those who respect and uphold these moral and legal guidelines. We support those who come to follow the rules and not impose their own; those who contribute to this great nation without harming its own children.

To all immigrants I say, the American dream is real. We just need to play by the rules and feel humbled by the opportunity we have been given. We cannot force acceptance or impose our presence through political usury. Disrespecting the laws of the U.S. may lead to the reward of amnesty but will never guarantee a real sense of belonging.  Let our contribution always be fair to our hosting country above all. That is simply FAIR’s message (and mine).

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