After the Steinle Murder, the Recklessness of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Becomes Painfully Glaring

Killing-in-CA_070715“Last week’s shooting death on San Francisco’s Pier 14 should finally oblige officials from so-called sanctuary cities to seriously reflect on their reckless and irresponsible alien-harboring policies. It’s hoped they now appreciate that, yes, providing “sanctuary” from federal immigration enforcement can have negative consequences,” says IRLI’s Ian Smith.

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Founded in 1987, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest legal education and advocacy law firm.


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    Not Politically Correct on

    Can the Steinle family file a wrongful death suit against the city of San Francisco? How about each individual member of the city council or board of supervisors or whoever approved this outlandish policy?

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    Sherwin Start on

    I heard and seen what the WASHINGTON,D.C.’ answer is to illegal immigration- They are literally turning a DEAF Ear and Shutting their and burying their heads in the Sand!
    I do not wonder why the Border States are taking matters into their own hands as much as they can!!
    One particular Idea I have seen on this forum is about SANCTUARY CITY’S !
    Is there a List of these of these city’s /States? If there is I would like to see it!
    BOYCOTT THOSE CITY’S and STATES as Much as u can!
    Do not Do any business with any of these City’s and/or States!
    Do Not VISIT any of these City’s/States!
    I AM NOR AFRAID are YOU? THIS IS OUR COUNTRY WE ARE FIGHTING TO PRESERVE for our Grandchildren and ALL Other Future Generations of AMERICAN CITIZENS!!
    Lets get the Ball rolling and get the word out to Everyone that is a REAL AMERICAN CITIZEN -TODAY!

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      lea tomassone on

      I live in IL. we are a sanctuary city, our property taxes are the second highest in the nation. Thanks to our politicians. I don’t know why people are mad at Trump, we still have freedom of speech, don’t we ? My granddaughters were molested by an illegal . Then he ran back to Mexico, and was found there & Mexico would not release him to the states. I guess they want him there so he can rape all their teen age girls. That’s all thoes drunks are good for.

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    Sanctuary cities aren’t all about compassion for the downtrodden alien, as I once naively thought. These corrupt politicians know exactly what they’re doing. They know they couldn’t win elections — at least not as easily or as often as they do — without illegal alien voters. Rather like US President Barack Obama’s open-border strategy, isn’t it?

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    David Roberts on

    Time to use the leftist tactics against them, especially where a city’s blatant disregard for the law cost a young lady her life – bring a monster lawsuit against the city and its officials.

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      As I’ve said all along people should be suing not only local but state and federal governments for their negligence when they are victims of crimes by illegal immigrants. Obama should be in court every day because of his reckless executive orders. Perhaps after a few of those lawsuits they would get serious about enforcing the law and honoring the pledge they said when they took office to uphold the law.

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    American citizens should demand that our laws be upheld! The murder of Kate Steinle and others like her

    should wake up Americans to take back their country and their cities! Build that fence Donald Trump!

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    Concerned Citizen on

    The callous reaction from the City of San Francisco is revealing. Reflection is not something the left is remotely interested in…they made their minds up long ago and they press on with their revolution. If people are murdered along the way, it’s all for what they feel is the greater good. This is how the far left has operated for 100 years.

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    As a suggestion, I think it would be helpful for people for FAIR to put a link on the front page of its website to its document listing the locations of “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” so people can know what cities and states to put pressure on in the country.