Emotional Testimony From This Week’s Sanctuary City Hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing this week about Sanctuary City policies. Several family members of victims of illegal aliens criminals testified at the hearing. Their statements are collected in the playlist below.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Fred Hawkins on

    No matter who’s in power–Democrat or Republican–nothing is done about the illegal immigration problem. The Democrats usually oppose true immigration reform while the Republicans say they support true reform yet do nothing when they have the power. They control both houses of Congress but leave it to a handful of brave reformers to even bring up the subject. How many reformers thought Bush would rescind Clinton’s executive order that forces anyone receiving Federal funds to provide translation services to anyone, in any language, who can’t be bothered to learn the English language, as required by Federal law. Except for a few true reformers in Congress, both parties lack the will, and courage to do anything about this very serious problem. Their number one priority is to convince the American people to keep putting them in office and once secure in their precious seat, they follow the dictates of the large contributors of their political campaigns. Nothing is done because we keep putting the same people in office.

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    Raymond Babcock on

    How can the people in Washington sleep. We need fresh blood in Washington. Donald Trump fits the bill.

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    The question is why did it take this particular tragedy to have a bill introduced to deny funds to sanctuary cities. The Republicans have been in power in Congress for six months. It should have been introduced the first month. Of course it will be vetoed but that just officially puts on record that this administration prefers the “rights” of illegals over those of Americans.

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      EXACTLY!! Republicans ALSO COULD HAVE de-funded Obozo’s ILLEGAL executive amnesty order back in November when they had the power of the purse BUT THEY DID NOT DO IT!!! They (GOP) ARE SPINELESS!!! ALL TALK AND NO ACTION!! They swore they were going to fight this ILLEGAL amnesty “tooth and nail” and haven’t!!
      The ONLY one who seems serious about it is DONALD TRUMP!!