There’s no mystery about why Democrats resist enforcing our immigration laws

Golden_Fog,_San_Francisco“A new ‘sanctuary cities’ map from the Center for Immigration Studies goes a long way toward explaining why open-borders Democrats are so addicted to flouting our immigration laws. When you consider the political makeup of the cities, counties, and states where illegal aliens are welcomed, you start to suspect that the liberal elite in San Francisco and elsewhere aren’t interested only in cheap nannies and gardeners. For them, pulling in more illegal aliens is, perhaps first and foremost, about pumping up their political power,” says IRLI’s Ian Smith in a new column.

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    Another reporter who gets it wrong. Erica Warner in an Associated Press story: “..thanks to Trump’s provocative claims about Mexican immigrants being ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’.”

    He’s made clear many times over, and his original statement was clear, that he specified illegals as the problem. So any reporter who keeps writing this misleading nonsense is lying. And she’s hardly the only one. It’s a continuing problem by people who don’t care about the truth.

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    Jean Christopher on

    we need to stop those people from comming here illegally. They are criminals.
    democrates want their votes.Stop letting them vote if they aren’t here and are citizens
    We would not have this problem if they followed the laws on immigration..

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      Depending on Our Two Party System to Enforce Immigration Laws

      Is like depending on an uneducated Spanish speaking IA to effectively replace Americans’ jobs. Its not gonna happen.

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    Chris Allen Johansen on

    Amigos, We need Congress to pass a law allowing victims harmed by cities not following immigration laws to sue sanctuary cities.
    This law would stop this nonsense.

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      Larry Southerland on

      I agree with your sentiments. However, under the “Dual Sovereignty Doctrine,” Congress might have to pass such a law allowing “sanctuary cities” (and possibly the city alderpersons or councilpersons) to be sued when people are injured by criminal illegal aliens and the failure of the city to co-operate with federal detainer warrants pursuant to federal civil rights laws. Otherwise, sovereign immunity might prevent suit (and recovery) against the scofflaw sanctuary cities and their wayward alderpersons or councilpersons. (I am afraid that State courts in those States that contain sanctuary cities might now allow suits pursuant to that State’s Torts Claims Acts to go forward to trial. By the same token, many of the trial Judges in the federal system are liberal Democratic appointees and they might be ill-disposed to allowing any suit to go forward in their courts.)