The Defiant, Audacious, Contemptible Response to Steinle’s Murder

Kate Steinle’s murder three weeks ago by a previously deported illegal alien has sparked national outrage, intense debate, nonstop media coverage, two congressional hearings, testimony from a grieving father and law enforcement officials pleading for an end to sanctuary policies. All this after months of emerging evidence showing the Obama administration has been releasing criminal aliens by the tens of thousands.

Granted, no one rioted.

3220208432_b3ed859879_oAfter Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson by a police officer fearing for his life, Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, culminating in 81 pages of recommendations that police departments nationwide are compelled to follow.

Yet after Kathryn Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien who was deported five times with seven criminal convictions, Obama responded by adamantly promising he would veto any legislation that halts the sanctuary policies directly causing her death.

Obama’s Lawless Cartel – his administration, his Far Left friends along with the special interests who advocate on behalf of illegal aliens – are dug in and doubling down on their opposition to any solution that detains criminal aliens and saves lives.  Despite the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence that Kate Steinle’s life was lost because of sanctuary policies, the Far Left just doesn’t care and they told us so these past few weeks:

  • White House Spokesman Josh Ernest blamed Republicans for Kate’s murder because they didn’t pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” (amnesty).
  • No one from the White House or administration bothered to call the Steinle family.
  • When asked in a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Kate Steinle, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson responded by saying, “who?”
  • When asked by Senator Vitter in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing if the administration was ever going to impose penalties on sanctuary cities, ICE Director Sarah Saldana said, “I presume when you all address comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty); perhaps it can be addressed there.”
  • The Office of Management and Budget expressed its opposition to Rep. Hunter’s Bill that would have denied funding to sanctuary cities by claiming it, “threatens the civil rights of all Americans.”
  • Xaveir Becerra, Chairman of the House Democrat Caucus said, “I don’t believe we should be trying to ascribe blame based on a designation as a sanctuary city.” Later he said, “We can do the so-called Donald Trump Act which simply denies the cities and towns their dollars to hire police officers while attacking immigrant communities.”
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Linda Sanchez said the anti-sanctuary bill “undermines law enforcement when the real issue here is the need to pass immigration reform” (amnesty).
  • While referring to a policy that would require local jurisdictions to hold criminal aliens for ICE, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wrote “rigid adherence” to such policies “may not actually serve the interests of justice.”
  • National Day Laborer Organizing Network says they are against any legislation that, “further criminalizes immigrants.”
  • Tom Manger, testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee was oblivious to the deadly irony of his statement, “When immigrants come to view their local police and sheriffs with distrust because they fear deportation, it creates conditions that encourage criminals to prey upon victims and witnesses alike.” Manger is the Police Chief for Montgomery Country, Maryland (Sanctuary Central) and the president of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, an organization that – unlike sheriffs who oppose sanctuary polices – support them.

Kate Steinle’s death doesn’t matter to the far left because if it did, they’d do something. They could have extended a helping hand this past week passing legislation to stop sanctuary cities. They didn’t.

They extended their middle finger.

179 Democrats – almost all – voted against Rep. Duncan Hunter’s bill that would have driven a stake into the heart of sanctuary cities.

The statements and behavior of the far left these past few weeks leads to one frightening conclusion; their end goal is to gut all immigration limits and enforcement entirely and they will hold public safety hostage in pursuit of amnesty at any price, including human life.

If the left won’t relent in the aftermath of this high-profile murder, smoking-gun evidence that sanctuary policies are at fault and national outrage over Kate’s death, then they never will.

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    All I can say, write a decent letter, send it to FAIR, to Numbers USA, and also to your Representatives with a copy to Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.
    Just sound reasonable!
    I believe the heart of the matter is the “illegals” will not have any benefits – no refundable tax credits, no housing credits, they must contribute toward their healthcare and they will never be allowed “green cards” or benefits.
    Look at how Jeb Bush changed – at first, he was a quick “Green Card” and then Citizenship – now it is a “Green Card”, maybe, way,way down the line! In other words, no benefits – possibly ever. All Social Security cards will read “Temp – for work only” or such.
    Also, request they end that law that Diana Feinstein slipped through the last few minutes of 2008 that gave the South American Countries – except Mexico – an opening to show up in America and “Yell” – Refugee!
    The entire “Right Congress” fell for it and voted for it! Tell your Congressmen never to vote for anything – at the last minute and “B” that they haven’t thoroughly researched.
    Also, ask your Congress people to ask that the Obama Administration immediately remove the “La Raz” leader from his administration. “La Raz” is “The Race,” an organization built on the premises of a dictator-like leader that declared they were a superior race! Also no more money from Munoz group in the administration to promote “illegal immigration,

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      P.S. Send a contribution to FAIR. FAIR is your best friend for saving American jobs and is one good friend at this time. They do a tremendous amount of good and they have lawyers fighting for what is right.
      I know what FAIR means to this country and especially youth workers and I know there is no one fighting any harder for you.!

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    Raymond Babcock on

    This is Nancy Plosie baby. Having safe citys for illegals who murder. How can any one vote for these people. I hope Trump wins. He is wanting to do the right thing. Law enforcement. How can they ask for reform. When enforcement is needed.

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    “Josh Ernest blamed Republicans for Kate’s murder because they didn’t pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” (amnesty).”

    What good would passing more legislation do? The executive branch doesn’t enforce the current laws we have on the books. We don’t need reform, just enforce the law we have and what is your duty to do, Mr President. The president of the United States is obligated to represent ALL of the citizens of this country, not just the special interest groups that helped get him elected. This one is disgraceful. He practically spits upon those of us that dissent with his agenda. He uses veto power as a means to force his will upon the country and he degrades the system of checks and balances built into our government by the founding fathers. I am so, so embarrassed by the way our beloved country is made to look like it is run by a drug cartel instead of being the super power it should be. I am come to HATE the left wing and those who place their political agenda above the better good of the majority. He seeks to protect thugs while putting innocent and unknowing lives at risk to do so. Shame on these people! I hope they all rot in hell for their crimes against humanity!!

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      This is probably the saddest indictment I have read about the dissolution of the United States.

      Up until this article I actually thought democrats had some feelings.
      But, when they treat the death a Kate Steinle as matter of fact, ho hum information,that tears it for,me.

      Then,to blame the republicans for their pathetic suggestion for immigration relief, I give up.

      No, not really.
      I just won’t EVER, EVER, give in to anything possibly close to cooperating with these heartless democrats.
      And, that is exactly what you are. HEARTLESS INDIVIDUALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Josh is just wiggling out of a wretched situation – it’s his job! But you extreme right wingers are no better than the left wing extremists! Many voters in this country or in the middle of the road, the Unions people still pay plenty of taxes and tend to be “left wingers.” There are plenty of successful lefties that donate and do much good, but they tend to see the world in helping “mankind” worldwide.
      Before you general and berate the entire “left.” – you might look in your own backyard and you might face up to the fact that many Republicans have turned their backs as these years “illegals” were slipping into the country. In fact, the Republicans were putting in for a massive increase in Visas last year in Texas at the Republican Texas mid term Convention while those from South Americas were pouring over the border. On C-Span, they were demanding
      action during Congressional actions and then most of the huge Texas delegation was here taking pictures with the lobbyists and requesting “beaucoup” of Visa increases.
      The good news it was highjacked by the person who started the “Remembrance quilt” to honor those killed by “illegals – A person named Ms. Espinona, I believe. She was actually able to stop that “Bill” from passing!

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      Louis Guitierrez is correct in a manner! Steinie’s murder is a “little thing” if you compare it to all the crimes and expense of those crimes and the numerous victims of those crimes – it is just a tiny spot in a massive planet of crime. That young lady will live in so many hearts, as will her family forever – and one day we will all say in unison – “this one’s for you, Kate!

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    If Congress had ANY respect for We the People OR our Constitution they would have IMPEACHED this lawless president by now. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. We need the Generals to come in and escort the whole administration out which includes ALL of Congress as well.

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      yes you are so right why is it not happening this fool and his henchmen must go now

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      Anot6her reason why Trump is gaining so much momentum. Liberals are mindless criminals. Obama and the sanctuaries cities need to called what they are, terrorist centers.

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        That;s what is great about cable! now everyone can open up – we don’t have to pick someone whose politics or values, we don’t like. And we can have all or almost all the “skeletons” out of the closet, which means the “slick” politicians who try to slide bad laws thru – will be “Caught with their hands in the cookie jar.!”
        There are many “Lefties” who do not want any “illegal immigration” and want to limit “Visas.”
        Many “lefties” are “lefties” because we believe in “keeping the earth clean, we don’t believe the country needs to be buried in guns,” we think everyone should pay their fair share of taxes” and we can enjoy our friends on the right!

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      “Seven Days in May” is starting to look like the countries last best hope

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        Michael O'Mara on

        We can ignore the Traitorour sanctuary cities and forget about imigration “refom” if we join together and force through, which most likely means having to over ride the idiots veto, VOTER ID. Once the socialist democrats know they can no longer use the illegal voters they will loose all interest in packing the country with illegals. Without their criminal votes that are enabled by the lack of voter ID they are nothing but a drain on every aspect of society. The rediculous claim that ID is discriminatory toward legal voter is so stupid it doesn’t rate an answer.
        In addition to eliminating the majority of the illegals Obama is deliberately importing into the country, The IDs would also cut heavily into the socialist democrat tradition of the cematery vote and most other voter fraud. Ther is not a single legimate excuse for not having done this years ago. The only reaso not to do this is to allow fraud.

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    Janice Janes on

    Imagine what would happen if Americans were killing, raping and robbing illegals.

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    Back in the days of the Bush administration, people on the left were worried that Mr. Bush was such a lawless president and had such disregard for the Constitution that they thought he might ignore the 2008 election results and just remain in office as a dictator.

    It seems to me that that worry over a possible dictator is more real now than it ever was. Barack Obama has repeatedly shown that he has no regard for the Constitution nor for laws–except when it suits his purposes. And what, pray tell, are his purposes? Well, based on his actions it would seem that his principal purpose is the destruction of the United State of America as a sovereign nation and as a first world nation with a functioning economy.

    Mr. Bush may have waged war against people outside of the USA but Mr. Obama is waging war against Americans. He is well suited for the job since he seems to have no sense of identification with the USA nor with its people. The worry that people on the Left had has now materialized in the person of Barack Obama. He behaves like a de facto dictator who is backed by a plutocratic oligarchy. Neither the de facto dictator nor the oligarchy care about the US as a country nor about its citizens. It seems to me that history has shown us that the only solutions for this type of problem do not lie in impeachments or letter-writing campaigns (dead tree or email) but with more blatant and dramatic actions that require surprising physical movements. Is Barack Obama going to continue to push the envelope with more lawless actions because he has decided that however the populace responds, he wins? If Americans do nothing more than complain on message boards, write letters and little else, he’ll continue to do what he is doing. If the populace reaches a breaking point where they physically rise up, he’ll declare martial law (or not) and just call out the military to deal with the situation and then he will continue with what he is doing. And if by some chance our traitorous congresspersons manage to rouse themselves from their lethargy and fecklessness to actually start impeachment proceedings they’ll just drag it out so that Mr. Obama can continue with his lawless destruction of the nation. Is the American electorate screwed? There was a period during the Roman Empire wherein problems like Mr. Obama were solved by the Praetorian Guard. They had a solution for such individuals.

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      Then we become a “hotbed” like the Middle East” with many making their own agenda and organizing their own governments or groups!

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    All the people named are guilty of promoting sanctuary city policies. They are as responsible as anyone for Steinle’s murder. And the many murders of others previous to her death, all ignored by the media because there was no one with the fame of Trump to point out the facts.

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    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. WE must replace all of his minions as quickly as possible. He is destroying our great country. Congress IMPEACH OBAMA NOW.

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    barak obama is setting this country up to be a third world nation. I believe he has terrorists planted all around our great country ready to take action when his term is over. I am not being paranoid, just see what he has been doing. Now he is in Kenya – dancing while we bury our dead marines from the recent attack. He is supposedly supporting Kenya so that they don’t have to fear terrorists. In fact, he is probably inviting the terrorists here to save Kenya.

    Racial tension has never been so high as since he took office. He is a disgrace to himself and our nation.

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    The actual goal of the Democratic Party is actually self serving to perpetuate the party. And how can they do that?
    Simple-flood the country with uneducated people whose main motivation is survival and cultivate them with dependence on the government for their survival. Result-you will have a democratic voter for as long as they live.

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      American promoter of all the pepole on

      Well said, the results will show if it comes to be -we can only hope Not!

      Vote like Americans is the answer, real Americans will not vote for such rubbish policies he his put into play.

      Righteousness exalts a nation ” bad sinful policy” is a reproach at the land

  11. avatar

    Nobody wants Brock Obama he needs to be in PHP the trailer he’s not even a legal citizen he needs to go impeach impeach impeach