Maryland Will Cooperate with ICE

There’s good news and bad news reported by the Washington Post on August 12.

The good news is that Maryland’s new Republican governor, Larry Hogan, has agreed to end the previous policy of Democrat Martin O’Malley of non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to deport illegal aliens detained by the state’s law enforcement agency. The state facilities will both notify ICE in advance of the release of an alien sought for deportation and hold aliens subject to an ICE detainer if it is accompanied by a judicial warrant.

Larry-HoganThe bad news is two-fold. First, the change in policy coincides with a change in policy by the Obama administration. The Secure Communities program was terminated and a new Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) was created. The new program is a pseudo-enforcement program in that compliance is voluntarily and only for a limited category of alien prisoners and only when they have been convicted of a serious crime. So the policy reversal by Maryland is not as significant as it may seem.

The other bad news is that even Maryland’s decision to comply with PEP has been greeted with angry protests by the advocates for illegal aliens. The director of CASA de Maryland, Kim Propeak, commented, “This is the first ball out of the park. And it doesn’t bode well. It is very, very worrying.” Obviously, the Hogan administration may expect to continue hearing from the defenders of illegal aliens and their supporters in the state legislature, where the Senate has a Democrat majority.

A “ball out of the park” suggests a home run. That’s a good thing isn’t it?

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Only a fool takes instruction from or allows his enemy to define him. I do not care what the illegal alien lobby says and neither should anyone else.

    Incidentally, I attended the Grassley hearing on Sanctuary Cities. One would have thought that the PEP garbage was the greatest thing since sliced bread according to the ICE Director’s testimony. The Senators let her have it and showed how worthless it is.

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    If you happen to live in Maryland, like I do, then you would be able to see the nonsense caused by O’Malley and his merry band of open border cronies. How far do you have to bend over to fill your city with Illegals and when do you reach a limit?

    We accommodate Illegals with driver’s licenses, free healthcare and education, rent, electric and food. They give us nothing! They throw their trash out of their car and throw pizza boxes out of second floor dwellings onto the street, work underground for cash and believe or not do not pay taxes. They also take jobs that Black Americans would love to have and do not care to ever assimilate. They want to remain loyal to their beloved “Mexico” evidenced by the amount of cash they send back!

    O’Malley just wanted votes and the Mayor of Baltimore is just as worthless. Rawlings-Blake wants to fill the 300,000 taxpayers that left the city with 10,000 of her “New Americans”. Illegals have turned various sections of the City into slums or “barrios”, they sell food and clothing out of the back of station wagons, live 10-15 in an apartment with 2-5 vehicles taking up the parking spaces for taxpaying citizens. So we build them a library, resettlement bureaus and give them free daycare services while they are taking our jobs. Then have to listen to jerks from La Raza and every other Open Border organization as if they really are relevant! Wake up America!

    When I see a donkey cart coming down the street I will finally grasp O’Malley’s grand vision for this once great and powerful country. He, like Clinton, Sanders and Biden are just Obama turned inside out and America cannot stand if this is the best we have to offer!

    Governor Hogan is the greatest leader we have had in Maryland in over 40 years and deserves the credit. I wish he could do something about the incompetence of the “Democratic leaders (“bleeders”) of Baltimore City…. but I think the voters will end their reign next November.

    Voters can only take so much killing and rioting in the streets. The Maryland Democratic “Machine” continues to just throw “taxpayer’s” money at the problem still not realizing they are the ones who created this mess! The only way to fix it is for everyone to vote them out of office for good.

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      I worked for DMG Contractors Jon Cole in Fells Point & Canton for 9 years… was told by Jon Cole I was being replaced by illegal aliens he has working for him… bout time this Anti-American activity ends !!! scumbags & their cheap labor have ruined America !!!

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    I’m from Brasil and I came here legally. I’m sick and tired of the pandering going on this society. Illegals aren’t suppose to be here. There are bringing down my wages, destroying the prospects of the young Americans to get a job, schools and hospitals are been overwhelmed; they take more in government subsidies than putting in, etc.
    We’ve scape our country in hopes to a better way of life, we do not want this society to became Balkanized. Please Govenor Hogan stand with us and protect the future of the next generation.

    Thank you.

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      I Heard the Same Thing from an Immigrant from Japan That’s Been Here for Decades

      “Don’t steal my Social Security IAs”…..”go back home where you belong”.

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      your not suppose to be here either… we’re over populated… EPA refuses to do an EIS for mass immigration…

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        I agree that we need to cut legal immigration drastically because we are way overpopulated already. But that person came legally so they followed the rules.