California Town Puts Illegal Aliens on City Commissions

“The debate over immigration reform has turned red hot in Huntington Park. The city has just filled two positions with people who immigrated to the United States illegally. Tensions boiled over at Huntington Park’s city council meeting Monday night because of the city’s decision to appoint two undocumented immigrants to its advisory commissions,” reports CBS News. Watch Dan Stein discuss the issue below.

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    There was a report on CBS evening news this week about the drought in California and it contained two interesting things. The first showed harvesting of almond trees. Nope, there were no pickers perched on ladders. Instead there was a machine that wrapped around the trunk and literally shook the almonds off. Just further proof that much of agriculture can be mechanized, as some already is. We could also grow many items hydroponically in containers. Things like strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce. More like factory work than stoop labor and requiring far fewer workers.

    The second thing was the amount of ground water that farmers are going ever deeper to obtain. That water will take decades to replace and in some areas the ground level is sinking by 2 inches a month, which is causing major infrastructure damage. Yet Jerry Brown says, literally, that everyone from Mexico,. legal or illegal, is welcome to move to California. As if there is water to spare.

    Some say they should build a pipeline to the “wet” northwest. Except the fires in Washington are due to a major drought there. In fact, the cities of Seattle and Tacoma are asking residents to cut water use and may introduce mandatory restrictions. So much for thinking they will bail out California.

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    Do we value this country so little or the great blessing of being a citizen that illegals can have all the benefits that citizens have? Illegals can become citizens so shouldn’t that happen before they hold such positions etc. Please think about what rights Americans have if they go to Mexico or other countries to live.

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    If you saw the new pictures, it was LEGAL hispanics that had a problem with this. I live about 1 mile from Huntington Park. It used to be a beautiful city. Now I would liken it to Tjuana North.

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        Probably not. What I don’t understand is why are politicians afraid to speak out against ILLEGAL immigration (except for the Trump). Most LEGAL Hispanics (Mexican) agree with most americans. Additionally, I get so tired of being called a racist, especially when my wife is Salvadorian (Legal before marriage) and quite a few of my friends are Salvadorians and Mexicans. We are not racist, we’re just sick and tired of our politicians fighting for illegals instead of fighting for us. We’re tired of our hard earned dollars that the government STEALS from us through the tax code that goes to these illegals, sometimes allowing them to live better then our own citizens.

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    Give the southern part of CA back to Mexico. However, they need to keep all the leftists in Hollywood, Brown, Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Pan. No US benefits, no entitlements to cross the border.

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    A trend started by Barack Hussein Obama, who appointed at least five members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his Cabinet. If we Count the Communist/Muslim Valerie Jarrett, there are six. Illegal aliens have no place in America, particularly, not in any level of government.

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    Odd they would ignore Federal laws regarding immigration but enforce Federal law which prohibits paychecks for illegals on government payrolls. They are listed as advisors with no pay.