Jose Antonio Vargas Lives Above the Law, Not in the Shadows

220px-Jose_Antonio_Vargas_at_Knight_Foundation_2010_News_ChallengeIt turns out that Jose Antonio Vargas, the prominent open borders activist who has admitted to being an illegal alien and to committing numerous felonies, doesn’t have much respect for the tax laws either, according to court documents obtained by Red Alert Politics. In his 2011 essay in the New York Times publically revealing his status as an illegal alien who’d feloniously used fraudulent documents in order to work and obtain a driver’s license, he asserted he felt the immigration laws didn’t apply to him because “he had something to contribute.” But, apparently, actually contributing was another matter. Despite his many claims that he used those documents because he wanted to work and pay taxes, in fact, paying taxes wasn’t really such a priority after all. On January 7 of this year, he was hit with a $41, 945 tax lien in a court notice for failing to pay taxes in 2010. According to the notice, the taxes were assessed in 2013.

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    I wonder if he’ll be considered one of the ‘good ones’ if Trump is elected and sends him back to the Phillipines where he belongs. I’d hate to see him expedited back here after we finally get him out of our country.

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    i blame this criminal socalled president obuma kick both of these scum bags out of america we need a real american president.

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    Since the courts generally are not with correctly interpreting the law and the Obama Administration definitely not there is the reason for the Second Amendment. I am not encouraging the use of guns in this case. I am encouraging the return of the “vigilantes” like in the days of the old west. That is when legal law enforcement and government refused to deal with matters so the “vigilantes” took on the task. Jose Vargas would be toast.

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    This holyier than thou finger-wagging hypocrite should be jailed and deported back to the Phillipines from where he slithered..

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    Vargas never could have gotten away with all of this in a country like Japan. If a foreigner is illegally present in Japan, they are subject to arrest by the police and imprisoned while they await trial and if they are convicted they are sentenced to further imprisonment or immediate deportation. The illegal alien is required to pay all costs of the deportation. This info is all on the US State Department website. Japan also has a lower violent crime rate than we do, and part of the reason is they enforce their immigration laws.

    Japan is also one of our toughest economic competitors, and the enforcement of their tougher immigration laws gives them a competitive advantage because they don’t have the tax burden as a nation of all the costs associated with having millions of illegal aliens in their country. This is money they can use to invest in their economy and give their companies that compete with us tax breaks. And this doesn’t even factor in the benefits of living in a country with a lower crime rate.

    And our economic prosperity is not based on undereducated gardeners, maids, and fast food workers, but on the success of US companies such as General Motors, Ford, Boeing, etc. that have a lot of international competition. It is idiotic to be importing people that are a tax burden when we are competing in cutthroat competition with countries that are smart enough not to do this.

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    the guy is a criminal, shameless with in your face tactic, laughing at ICE / authorities. so what are the authorities waiting for, how come this criminal illegal alien is freely on the loose, working, giving interviews, advocating for a loss cause of sabotaging america’s sovereignty.

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    And this scumbag still resides in the U.S. and sponges off it’s citizen taxpayers, thank BO and the spineless representatives that pervade OUR government (mainly Dems) for this ongoing atrocity!

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    So the poster boy for dreamers decides which laws to obey. Not surprising. Why anyone thinks that people who ignore one law won’t ignore more is beyond me. Why anyone thinks they will make solid law abiding citizens is the real puzzle.