Trump Plan Puts Horse Before the Cart

Donald Trump

“Whatever anyone might think of Donald Trump, his recently unveiled blueprint for immigration reform is a serious plan, worthy of serious consideration. It fundamentally changes the terms of a long-simmering debate that has consistently failed to reach any sort of resolution by establishing a public interest objective, coupled with meaningful deterrence and enforcement,” says Dan Stein in a new opinion article for the American Spectator. Click here to read more.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Barbara Griffith on

    I watched the Trump gathering in Alabama today and Senator Sessions was there and spoke for a few minutes. Trump joining forces with Senator Sessions is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. Trump couldn’t have picked a better and more honest congressman that Mr. Sessions. There is not one of the politicians running for President that can outdo Trump because he is beholden to no one unlike the rest of them. If he does make it to the White House I hope he asks Dr. Carson if he wants a job in his new administration because if Trump turned him loose on ObamaCare it would be replaced with healthcare that taxpayers can afford not the over-priced mess that’s out there.

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      John L. Battey on

      It is absolutely nothing that is new. It is tthe plan that Senator Sessions has pushed for more than a year and the exact same plan the Scott Walker adopted 37 days before Trump joined the race. It can only be said to be “Trump’s Plan” in the same his helicopter is Trump’s helicopter – someone else created it and Trump bought it off the rack.

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    If your baby was born in Germany or Russia or France,ETC., Does that mean you must stay in Germany, Russia, France because your baby is born in a foreign country? Drop a baby in America and your are a citizen. What a joke. Illegals need to clean up their country, not run away and look for hand outs.

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      You are so right. Most other countries do not give anchor baby citizenship to anyone who can get here. And some of the ones who used to have stopped doing so in order to not be overrun by all the illegals that want to move there. We have to take care of our own first. There is no way america can accomodate seven billion people. It is time to put a limit on what we can do for non citizens.

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        Americans need to understand how the anchor baby method works. First, illegals have one on the soil of the U. S., (probably collecting their first free benefit in the process). Then all three parties begin to enjoy even more freebies at the taxpayers’ expense. Since an “American citizen” now exists, it requires a caretaker, and so some “authorities” seem to think that this is reason to allow the trio to stay, for “humanitarian reasons.”
        Thereafter, illegals may join demonstrations and get in touch with a lobby that favors illegals. At the same time, they are working to leverage in their extended families, hopefully waiting in Tequilia or Bananador.

        It is teeth-gnashing to see these TV reporters referring to “undocumented immigrants,” as if that were an intermediate status between illegal alien and lawful citizen. The idea for the “reporters” and “media” seems to be that aliens live across the border, and that when they jump that line, aliens become “immigrants,” and have morphed into citizens-in-the-making.

        Of course, some have the so-called “matricula consular,” issued by one of the very numerous (just count ’em) Mexican consulates as though this were lawful identification here, and some get driver’s licenses issued by some illegal enabling states. The next step is to try to get a social security number–too bad for the lawful holder if the number the alien gets is the same. Worthless congresspeople see no advantage in addressing the issue for their true constituents, the American people.

        Cuantos y tantos problemas!

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    We have lived in Las Vegas for almost 30 years and know that if we don’t do something that soon there will be more illegals here than American citizens. Maybe in some places it is different but almost every morning when I turn on the news I hear “the crime report” or what crimes have recently been committed. Different from years past it seems that there are more and more Latino names all the time. If people don’t respect our laws and come here illegally they sure seem to have no respect for our laws while living here. It grieves me very much because from our experience these illegals have no loyalty to America and have NO love for all that this wonderful country has been. I am so sad because I feel we are losing the county that we have loved so dearly for so many years.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Bravo to Donald Trump for bringing immigration policy to the forefront of public debate, and for advancing a platform that prioritizes national security and the needs of American citizens over narrow special interests.

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      I am not fond of trump because I don’t think he is for the middle class over corporations. But I do think he got a lot of bad press for telling the truth. There are a lot of illegals here now in our prison system…some of them in for murder and rape. People who should never have gotten in. Would you open your front door and just let anyone into your house to live? Bad ideas. There is a good reason for screening immigrants. It keeps out people with criminal histories and contagious diseases. And there ate good reasons for not bringing in people when the job market here is already bad also. I don’t think trump deserves the flack he is getting for telling the truth. And I know many non republicans who feel the same way.

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      The horse should go before the cart. Even the horse agrees, because if the cart comes first, the horse finds he has to push it, and that is inefficient for the carter and uncomfortable for the horse.

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      The people stuck with the bill are local County property owners for all three plus welfare in santuary states. The Feds only pay for food stamps. When Bush authorized food stamps for illegals, its budjet in the Agri Dept jumped from $23 tp $46 billion.

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      In the Sanctuary State of Washington

      We lie about the justification for high property taxes and over priced real estate by stating things like, “Chinese are buying up all the houses”. I’ve got news for you, the Chinese may be entering a Great Depression lately, there is no written listing proof of this happening [its publicly available] and the cherry on the sundae……the Chinese government would throw you in their prisons if you tried to send funds out of their country.