Wealthy Arab Countries Abandoning Syrian Refugees

The wealthiest Arab countries have yet to offer temporary refugee resettlement for Syrians fleeing the civil war—it’s doubtful they will.

Palestinian_refugeesThe Washington Post highlighted Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain as Arab nations that are dodging the burden of the Syrian refugee crisis.  Meanwhile, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt have taken in nearly 4 million Syrian refugees.

The Washington Post notes:

“Like European countries, Saudi Arabia and its neighbors also have fears over new arrivals taking jobs from citizens, and may also invoke concerns about security and terrorism. But the current gulf aid outlay for Syrian refugees, which amounts to collective donations under $1 billion (the United States has given four times that sum), seems short…”

The European Union is now grappling with how to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis as bona fide refugees­­—along with economic migrants seizing a perceived opportunity—are now spilling out of the few overwhelmed Arab countries willing to host them.

We are facing a global migration crisis. Europe and North America need weigh their moral global and domestic obligations in determining their response, as Germany and other countries are doing.

Finally, it is not in Syria’s long-term interest to have large portions of their citizens resettled in the West. These refugees are less likely to return home once the war ends. When neighboring countries offer temporary refuge, Syrians are better positioned to return home once the war is over to rebuild a stronger, more stable Syria.

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    Why would other Muslim countries accept Syrian “refugees”?

    Those are invaders not refugees, whose main objective is to spread Islam and gain new breeding grounds for their ethny.

    None of those would have been accomplished if they “migrated” to, say, Saudi Arabia.

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    Syria, like Iran, is Shia muslim while Saudi Arabia and others are Sunni muslim. These two factions have been at war killing each other for centuries. The difference is one believes the head of Islam should be a direct decendant of Mohammod and the other the best qualified for the job. They are kind of like Protestants and Catholics. The rich Sunni loath to give or help the poor Shia in anything and would prefer to see them all dead. Next time someone trys to tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, they are lying.

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    Israel should be taking in a lot of the Refugees ! If the Zionists stayed in Poland and eastern Europe after the war none of the problems that are in the middle east would be happening !

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    I read an article today with pictures showing refugee tents in Saudi Arabia that would house 3 people per air conditioned tent and a total population of 3 MILLION…….SO WHY THE RUSH TO EUROPE?

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    Burden – what burden do the rest of the World have? NONE Syrians have had decades to migrate to other Countries around the World – they didn”t – they and their parents have lived with a dick-tater their entire life – they invited the head choppers in and not they live between the dick-tater and the head choppers – now they want out. They built their nest – straighten it out and live in it. The Arab Countries don’t invite fools to live in their Country It is amazing the Syrians would even consider coming to the USA considering all the help OUR PRESIDENT has given the dick-tater and the head choppers.

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    these muslim nations, who happened to be filthy rich are denying these muslim refugees refuge, who happened to be their own kind, then demonized other free nations of the world in the news, as tragedies unfold with a child drowning as the horrific picture circulate in all forms of social medias worldwide, and the horrible situations the muslim refugees are being subjected to. the refugees are predominantly men, looking young / strong, which to me is suspicious for running away faster than the speed of winds, instead of fighting their own civil war. the muslim’s goal / belief of the islam religion to be really effective is to spread the religion in the world, and that every single living person must be converted believers of the islam religion. the muslim refugees are now on the loose spread out to other free nations. the picture is clear, the muslims migrations will be without doubt is to spread their conversions to those they all call infidels or death to those resistive to islam conversions. obama giving refuge to these muslim refugees must be taken with a grain of salt. america is labeled as satan by the muslims, who by enlarged do not assimilate with american cultures, due to their islam religion, and once empowered will force their cultures / islam religion to others. america BEWARE with the flood of the muslims.

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    If every poor person on this planet of 7 billion people living in deplorable conditions under an oppressive government moved to a Western country, the entire Western world would be thrown into chaos and darkness. The Western culture and identity would cease to exist. Would the world then be a worse place or a better place? I say Western civilization must be preserved at all cost.

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      They want the lifestyle of western countries. There are already millions of Syrians in Turkey and Lebanon. The family of the 3 year old that drowned had been in Turkey for awhile, something the media has ignored as usual, because they want to turn it into a story of cruel western countries refusing them admission. The father’s sister who lives in Canada had been paying rent for an apartment in Turkey. It’s the father who put his family on an overcrowded boat just because he didn’t want to stay in Turkey.

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      Look at the Difference Between the Land Stewardship Of Israel Vs. Lebanon

      Israel…clean modern and efficient.

      Lebanon….trashed buildings and a 3rd world mess.

      They want Israel [and the rest of the Western Nations] eliminated and replaced with Lebanon [or other 3rd world poor]?

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    Note that figure of who has given by far the most aid to Syrian refugees. Four billion from the US. And now we are being called on to “do our share” and take in more Syrians. How about all the millions we have already taken in from other global trouble spots over the years. We have more than done our share.

    Not to mention, it’s a lot of these same Arab regimes that are financially backing the radicals on both sides. Then they refuse to accept refugees. And their terrorism concerns are probably legit, no one knows who half these people really are, but the West has to take them in, and watch them insist how we have to adapt to their culture? No thanks, the mentality of the 15th century has little appeal to thinking people.

    There’s an old saying: Death by a thousand cuts. That’s what is happening to the Western countries. We are taking in all the people who refuse to stay and straighten out their own failed divisive societies. And they bring all those attitudes here.

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      does it sound like back with Fidel Castro and Cuba ?…when he sent all his criminals from jail to the US……

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      does it sound like back with Fidel Castro and Cuba ?…when he sent all his criminals from jail to the US……does it sound like back with Fidel Castro and Cuba ?…when he sent all his criminals from jail to the US…..does it sound like back with Fidel Castro and Cuba ?…when he sent all his criminals from jail to the US…..

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          Leland your brains do work kite a horse in a track……and because of that anything outside your understanding you call it trolling….the only trolling phenomenon here is your mind. You can even comprehend to have the ability to infer by reading a sentence………you should be a Congressman.