Don’t Let MA Become a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens!

massachusettsTomorrow, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary will be holding a hearing on House Bill (“H.B.”) 1228, which, if passed, would make Massachusetts a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens and prohibit Massachusetts law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

We need your help to stop this bill. Please call members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary today and urge them to oppose H.B. 1228.

Tell members of the Committee:

  • H.B. 1228 priorities the interests of criminal aliens over the safety of Massachusetts residents and visitors.
  • H.B. 1228 will create a magnet for illegal aliens to move to Massachusetts and add to the overall financial burden of providing education and public services, while reducing job availability for legal residents.
  • H.B. 1228 impedes the enforcement of immigration law by denying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) the critical assistance it needs. Without state and local assistance, ICE cannot effectively accomplish its statutorily mandated mission to identify and remove criminal aliens who are already custody and subject to deportation.
  • Sanctuary policies, like H.B. 1228, accommodate those who are violating our immigration laws, threaten public safety, and insult those legal immigrants who waited patiently to enter this country legally.

We stopped a similar bill introduced last year with your help. Call today and demand that members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary stop this bill. 

Click here to find the member’s contact information.



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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Santuary states are stupid. The costs of welfare, healthcare and education are billed to local property owners. The Feds only pay for food stamps.

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    dont let obuma lawlessnes overtake your state there will be a gop president a few months from now so all this is in vain.

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    “d insult those legal immigrants who waited patiently to enter this country legally.”….how so? really..the only insult I see is that the System is broken and nobody cares and everybody points fingers to everybody THAT IS A REAL INSULT!!!!

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      You May Want to Stay in Your Sanctuary Area, the Real Estate is High Priced and thus, Scarce Inventory

      With high prices propping up property taxes to pay for IA social supports.

      Or move out now to the Midwest low property values, if you’re renting or retiring.

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        I have lived across the US… what I see is that property taxes are going up regardless of IAS…….you should use something u did sometime ago when you just graduated …your math and critical thinking…they have left you centuries ago… offense intended…….

        Think about the day you will lose your job. what will you do? the IAS have nothing to do with that but the Corporations outsourcing and getting engineers better and cheaper than…you SO the question is HOW DO WE COMPETE & SURVIVE? The IAS have nothing to do with that…….remember what I am saying if you ever cross that path ////

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    This is not just a Massachusetts thing. Yes I expect the morons in Mass. to proclaim to the world just how ultra-liberal they are. But once they become a magnet for the illegals the excess will invade sane states in their area. So Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont will become infected with sanctuary virus. I don’t consider Connecticut sane so they willingly will welcome the invaders from next door.

    The next presidential election can’t come soon enough. Term limits would cure these problems. It is a sad day for America when Senator Jeff Flake has the crust to state “politics is a noble profession”. The founders did not intend on politicians making careers sucking the government teat for their entire lives.

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    Is this more “reform”? It is a Democratic state, but if the Republicans in Congress would pass a bill that cut off federal aid to sanctuary states, that might make them hesitate. But then, all those promises last fall by the GOP to get tough on illegal immigration if they took control of both houses turned out to be a lot of hot air.