How Many Migrants Can You Fit In A Van?

The video below from Breitbart News should act as a warning to border guards in the European Union. Vehicles, both big and small, will need to be searched for migrants attempting to travel.

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    Vans at a Rental House

    And curtains always closed with 10-15 kids always playing in the yard, means you probably got a “gypsie-like” camp of people living in your rental. And they’re probably IAs.

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    Reminds me of the time I was in Portland, Oregon and I watched approximately twenty Indians(not native) pile out of a hotel room. I hope those folks in the van had a fresh supply of air because it had to be a bit on the ripe side.

    As long as idiots like Merkel unilaterally declare a free ride for all freeloaders this will occur. Merkels attempts to breed the German race out of existence are off to a grand start. Kind of reminds me of the “right of first night” to spread the nobilities good cheer through out the peasant class. Merkel doesn’t want Nordic or indigenous Europeans as immigrants just these western hating islamists. How many new minarets and mosques will go up in Germany this year?

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      you make no sense…….if you meant hindus…..they would never do that…if you meant Mexicans then perhaps they are blood related to the natives…so what is it? now you mentioned Merkel a Jew……..what are you a nazi? or you just have no idea how to convey your ideas….