Report on Immigration Detention Centers is ‘Illegitimate’

Gail HeriotThe U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) released a report Thursday that condemned immigration detention center conditions and called for family detainees to be set free.

Two of the eight commissioners dissented, claiming even before any evidence was gathered the chairman had already decided what the group’s conclusion would be.

“Instead of conducting an actual investigation, it [the commission]structured its initial fact-finding simply to amplify stale rumor and innuendo,” Commissioner Gail Heriot published in her dissention. “No effort was undertaken to establish whether the allegations—all of which were already public—were fact or fancy.”

USCCR said its investigation revealed some detention centers and contracted facilities were not in line with detention center standards, specifically those related to medical care and legal information.

The commission recommended the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reduce the use of detention, ensure humane treatment of detainees, increase the use of alternatives to detention, allow legal and pastoral access to detention facilities, and strengthen due process protections, according to the press release.

Each of those conclusions were dissected and disputed by Commissioner Peter Kirsanow in his 24-page rebuttal.

“Like mold on food left in the refrigerator for too long, the report has spread into an attack on the enforcement of the country’s immigration laws, and perhaps on their very existence,” Kirsanow argued. “Much of the report is at least intellectually dishonest, other parts simply dishonest. This report is outside the Commission’s jurisdiction and therefore most of this report is illegitimate.”

Kirsanow also charged there was no evidence that unaccompanied alien children were or are regularly mistreated while in detention centers. He added that the commission itself did not even visit any of the facilities where these minors were held, making that section of the report completely invalid.

He also recommended amending the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act so that underage border crossers who do not have a legitimate asylum claim and have not been victims of human trafficking (as opposed to smuggling) can be immediately repatriated.

Kirsanow believes detention centers are being dismantled as part of the Obama administration’s overarching mission to gut the immigration system and waive in as many people as possible.

“The report masquerades as a civil rights document, but in truth it is an attempt to skew immigration policy in the majority’s preferred direction,” added Kirsanow.

The report, as well as both dissenting commissioner’s complaints, has been sent to the president and Congress, who will decide whether to act on the commission’s findings.

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      No – the BEST alternative would be putting up that damn border fence that our leaders keep pushing aside. It really would be a lot more inexpensive building the fence & stopping up the hole that everyone is turning their backs on. Yeah, it’s sad when our leaders are just doing as they please & at the same time ignoring the pleas of the people that they promised to protect. I say 1) clean up congress & the senate – no more career politicians. They should also have a term limit just like the president does. 2) after cleaning house – build the fence. No ifs ands or buts – build the fence. If there is money to keep all these freeloaders – there is money to build that fence. 3) there is also one other way to make an impact on illegal aliens is to start an exit procedure for the “visitors” from other countries. One of those stipulations should be that no women are to travel to America when pregnant – which brings me to 4) birthright citizenship – there should be no such thing due to the abuse that it takes. Period. 5) Once the fence is built – this would be the time to weed out the overstayers & illegal aliens. This IS job security. While weeding out the overstayers & illegal aliens – we will weed through the treasonous “citizens” – i.e. communists, extreme Islamic Muslims & go through CAIR with a fine tooth comb before giving them anymore of US taxpayers money. 6) reduce congress/senate salaries so they aren’t as attractive as they are now ($177,000.00 per year!!) Lucky elected officials should have a more modest income to have a level playing field & know what it’s like to be where the people that voted them in are & not be “above the law” like they are now. 7) Instead of spying on republicans & tea partiers – what they do or say – put a spy where it would make a HUGE impact – the democratic party HQ. 8) any politician – democrat, republican or independent – caught lying to congress or anyone else with federal authority will be let go immediately – no retirement benefits – no more salary – no more credibility with the American citizens. 9) stop political correctness & restore the freedom of speech. This freedom of speech is specifically for American citizens. No more funding for Planned Parenthood, LaRAZA, MalDef (these particular organizations tend to go against the grain of the US laws & do NOTHING for legal US citizens – just the lawbreakers who demand we give them money, food, housing & exempt them from US laws) or any other communist or anti-American groups. Period. No more funding Middle Eastern countries that hate us & want us blown up or have threatened us or lied to us in the past. (Iran) It would make NO difference – they hate us – we give them NOTHING.
      If I was president – this is how I would do it.
      I’m stepping down off the soapbox now. Thank you.

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    The media is responsible for a lot of the misinformation about what goes on in these centers. Instead of reporting on the massive amount of money that is spent, some Americans should have the same amenities, they show photos of crowded rooms without saying those could simply be a just arrived large group waiting to be processed. The fact, and it’s undeniable, is that more than 80% never show up for their court hearings and nothing is done to them if they are found. If you don’t show up for court, the judge sends someone to find you. But then, we have two sets of laws in this country. One for illegals and one for the rest of us.

    The media simply says jump and the public says how high. Case in point, there’s a whole story not being told about “clock boy”. Like the fact that all the little genius did was take the casing off an old style digital clock, probably a Micontra from the 80s, and put the separate components into a small pencil case. He admitted in a news conference yesterday that he wrapped a “cable” around it because he thought it might appear “suspicious”.
    And that’s how it looked to a teacher.

    Mark Cuban said he talked to him on the phone and he felt that his 18 year old sister was “feeding him answers”. Not unlikely, because the whole family are Muslim activists. But rather than show the picture of what he “built” and tell the whole story, the media decides the narrative. Led by the guy in the White House who is ever so eager to find discrimination, whether real or imagined.

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      Check this out, RECORD BREAKING 2014.
      WHEN IS ENOUGH EVER GOING TO BE ENOUGH FOR THE BLEEDING HEARTS? Never and that is why we need to band together and stop them in their tracks every time they get on their high horse and want to allow yet even more into the USA. More so when it comes to muslims that want to come here, suck off the system AND make people follow Sharia Law.