Why a Prominent Massachusetts Sheriff Opposes a State Sanctuary Bill

Introduction: Apparently undeterred by string of violent crimes committed by illegal alien criminals who have been released back onto the streets of American as a result of federal, state and local sanctuary policies, the Massachusetts Legislature is considering a bill that would create statewide sanctuary policies. In a powerful testimony against House Bill 1228, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson argues that the legislation poses a threat to public safety and would require law enforcement officers to violate their oath to uphold the law.



SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

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The essence of this bill leads to one fundamental question that we as elected representatives of the American people and legal residents must answer.

Are we here to protect the citizens and legal residents of the commonwealth with regards to their public safety, public health, and financial welfare, or are we here to do everything we can to give cover to, accommodate, and not offend people who have violated our laws?

This legislation not only asks law enforcement officers to violate their oath to faithfully and impartially enforce the laws, but forbids us from detaining serious criminal illegal aliens from going back into our communities to victimize more innocent people.

Further, this law would forbid us from cooperating with federal ice agents, by sharing booking lists, allowing them to use our facilities for interviews or provide information regarding inmates’ incarceration status or release dates.

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What is deeply troubling to me and I believe the citizens of both the commonwealth and our nation, is why any of us who are elected by the people would want law enforcement to have less tools, less capabilities of sharing equipment, resources and intelligence to help keep our communities safe.

As recently as today, secretary of homeland security Jeb Johnson condemned San Francisco for their failure to cooperate with ice, which ultimately led to the death of Kathryn Steinle.

As someone who led a team of 50 law enforcement personnel to ground zero where we spent 5 weeks on the rescue effort, it was easy to understand why state, local, and federal agencies needed to collaborate on domestic and national security interests. This is not the time to roll back our progress through restrictive legislation. The future Mohammed Atta’s of the world are counting on us to provide them cover so they can kill more innocent people. And, on our domestic front, this legislation protects illegal behavior and encourages more illegals to settle in Massachusetts, further enhancing the chance for future tragedies like the death of Matthew Denise, and two other people in the town of Milford as well as other communities…

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Throughout the commonwealth, at the hands of illegal aliens.

Sheriff Hodgson In 1994, Sheriff Hodgson, a former Maryland Police Lieutenant for Special Operations, joined the staff of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office and served as Deputy Superintendent of Investigations. He also served five years as a Councilor-at-Large on the New Bedford City Council. Read Sheriff Hodgson’s bio here. Also read Sheriffs Rally to Oppose Amnesty.

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    As Obama has twice violated his sworn Oath of Office to uphold the laws of the United States, everyone in the country has the right to ignore any law they find inconvient or in their way to do whatever they want. The United States is no long rule of law but rule of mob. If the President of the United States can get away with it, so can everybody else.

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    Hay…Massachusetts….we got’s lot’s of Illegals here is California. Please send your buses and pick up as many as you can, we are running out of room.

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    We could use the same rationale for Maryland which is unidated with the unlawfully present. Of course,
    Maryland being a true blue liberal haven for border hoppers and visa overstayers is clearly a sanctuary state and is costing us taxpayers dearly.