Obama’s Red Carpet for Illegal Aliens: First Give Welfare and then Amnesty

Obama speaks on immigrationThe Obama administration has now moved a step further in accommodating the nation’s illegal alien population. According to Breitbart News the immigrant services branch of the Homeland Security Department (DHS) has now put in place a system of counseling for illegal aliens released from detention. The illegal alien beneficiaries are to be provided “…  access to holistic community based services tailored to the individual families’ needs.” The services, which may include signing up for welfare benefits, subsidized housing, medical care, transportation and legal services are being billed by the government as a way to get the illegal aliens to show up for deportation hearings. The ostensible rationale is that if the alien is tied into the community and receives legal advice he or she is less likely to ignore the legal obligation to appear before the court.

But, as a congressional staffer commented, “Anyone who doesn’t concede this is going to create an even stronger magnet for illegal immigration to the United States is either clueless or dishonest.”

It is unclear how DHS intends to finance this service other than as a small demonstration project with a contract for $11 million for 1,500 families. To scale it up to millions who might eventually qualify would require a vast budget increase. Nevertheless, this is the way the Obama administration has often worked, i.e. begin with small steps to send the message that illegal aliens will be accommodated rather than deported and then seek to institutionalize the new benefit for an expanded population.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    BS to No Change!. There is no excuse for this horribly broken immigration system except poor governance out of Washington.
    So now, instead of a Capitalistic System, we’ve become part Communist Country, where we pay to sustain a large group of people who are in no sense American and who do share true American values.
    The Obama Administration is growing Communism by creating this welfare system for those who break into the country illegally and assuring to take care of their every need.
    It must be nice to have an open checkbook at the expense of “little taxpayer” who cannot afford to live in this country anymore, who pays the taxes for the government to subsidize an enormous group harboring “illegals” right out of the federal government.
    The government needs to end that 2008 Bill that opened the door to make every one who steps on the U.S., a refugee. It was passed at the last minute as Congress was ending.
    Needs a one page “strict” bill that requires anyone who comes to America must be self-sufficient and cannot draw benefits.
    As far as farmers in California, we throw out nearly half of the food grown in this country, besides California is out of water to grow an obscene amount of food. Would it not be cheaper to grow the 50% of food we need instead of subsidizing entire families of each worker.?

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    I’m Happy This Immigration Reform Site Allows Folks Like No Change

    To state their anti American sovereignty and Constitutional Law opinions…..we see how unethical and unscientific it is.

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      So SW…..saying that we should fix our system to make sure none of us take advantage such as Welfare so that as a result no children of illegals born here do…….it is anti- american……..I tell you…now I understand the reason they bring Indian engineers to replace you…..you are mentally obsolete dude!!!

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      So SW…..saying that we should fix our system to make sure none of us take advantage such as Welfare so that as a result no children of illegals born here do…….it is anti- american……..I tell you…now I understand the reason they bring Indian engineers to replace you…..you are mentally obsolete dude!!!


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      Yes, It is the American way. Everyone can speak out even anti-Americans without the Gestapo showing up.
      It is a great country but Trump is right – everyone plays us for suckers and unfortunately, starting with the Bush Administration, many Representatives turned their back on our laws and values!

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    First these organizations that are seeking these illegals are making money off the process. No money, no movement. Next, I am getting tired of paying the additional taxes and costs, the problems in schools and our cities, and just being that charitable. This money could be going back to our school system that is now looking for additional funds.

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    American citizens do not get this type of preferential treatment. America is experiencing death by a thousand cuts and most do not realize the perilous state of affairs we are experiencing

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      Because our schools make sure our children do not learn our history. They have no clue what “Ellis Island” is or what was done there.

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    “This is how empires decline. It begins with a debt explosion. It ends with an inexorable reduction in the resources available for the Army, Navy, and Air Force….If the United States doesn’t come up soon with a credible plan to restore the federal budget to balance over the next five to 10 years, the danger is very real that a debt crisis could lead to a major weakening of American power.”

    “The precedents are certainly there. Habsburg Spain defaulted on all or part of its debt 14 times between 1557 and 1696 and also succumbed to inflation due to a surfeit of New World silver. Pre-revolutionary France was spending 62 percent of royal revenue on debt service by 1788. The Ottoman Empire went the same way: interest payments and amortization rose from 15 percent of the budget in 1860 to 50 percent in 1875. And don’t forget the last great English-speaking empire. By the interwar years, interest payments were consuming 44 percent of the British budget, making it intensely difficult to rearm in the face of a new German threat.”

    “Call it the fatal arithmetic of imperial decline. Without radical fiscal reform, it could apply to America next.”
    –Niall Ferguson An Empire at Risk

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      Come man!…the decline if any it is our own fault the illegals have nothing to do with it…….use your brains….

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        So states a person who goes by the moniker of No Change; guess you don’t like Obama’s motto of hope and change. Look how that has worked out for you.

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        The couple of hundred billion dollars a year illegal aliens cost the country could be put towards paying the bills and paying off our debts. There is also the threat to the American empire of allowing millions of people from Mexico to settle on territories that once belonged to Mexico that they believe still belong to Mexico. See the immigration marches where millions initially marched waving Mexican flags.

        There is also the cost of the 9/11 attacks and the trillions spent on the resulting wars. A number of the 9/11 hijackers had visa overstays and were in the country illegally and potentially could have been stopped. Its possible that red flags could have been raised and the attack prevented.

        The 18 trillion in federal government debt that is frequently cited does not include the trillions more in state, local and business and consumer debt in the US. We are going broke and just because we have the world’s biggest economy does not mean we can just borrow trillions of dollars forever.

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          that is the reason Congress has done so “good” because they are like you guys……..do not even understand what means to get rid of the root cause …then nobody would abuse the system,//…

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            So – smartiepants – what IS the “root cause”?? Nobody said congress has done good except you. You’re not offering any kind of support here. Nobody wants to hear any negativity from you. You are not the see all do all. You really don’t even seem real smart so go & haunt someone else’s website. You don’t know squat. Go away.

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    When will this POS be removed from office and placed behind bars for his continued unconstitutional overreach? Yet another clear violation of the Antideficiency Act, which should have brought charges against this utterly inept degenerate long ago.

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    Aren’t most deportation hearings already scheduled for years in the future in most cases? The system is overwhelmed to begin with and there’s a right to appeal. What makes anyone think that they won’t just take the benefits for 2 or 3 years and then skip out just before their final court hearings?

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      Millions of dollars of those benefits the illegals receive are leaving the country to fund their illegal families travel to the country adding to the illegal farming that continues to burden a system that is bursting at the seams

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        greg wake up and smell the coffee…..the worst impact is by us not the illegals,,,,you guys believe what the Apes in Congress tell you and want you to believe…..really……do sone math,,,,,yo are smarter than SW,…….320M the population,,,,illegals around 11-20 ~6%……most of them working and an extremely small US born taking advantage but most Americans taking advantage….the Cubans took over Miami and still as long as the step on this land a free green card…the Somalis for free housing and mostly payments…..muslims also coming as the somalis…..middle class jobs being outsourced…….etc……the Mexicans are not the problem…………..you guys for being a subset of The People you have a lot learn……..