Americans speak up on BORDER SECURITY.


  • “If we do not protect and defend our country’s sovereignty there will be no sovereign country to defend.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “It is time to deal with this serious problem. Illegal immigration is putting a strain on hospitals, schools, welfare, social security, and other resources. I am for legal immigration but we need to close the border and figure out who is here before it’s too late. We have MS-13, jihadists, ISIS sympathizers, criminals, rapists, etc. coming over the southern border. Lawmakers need to enforce immigration laws, close sanctuary cities, and ask if an individual is here legally or illegally.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “When will this madness end? We do not need and don’t want any more legal or illegal immigrants. We need our borders closed and mass deportation. This blanket amnesty by Obama must be stopped, wake up America, SMELL THE COFFEE!” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “I wholly endorse Donald Trump’s plan to deport illegal immigrants, and to build a wall to protect our border. While a physical wall may be cost prohibitive, we can build a virtual wall with increased air/drone surveillance, increased border guards, issuing stiff fines against employers of illegal immigrants, and removing federal funds from sanctuary cities.” – American affected by immigration from Colorado.
  • “Stop this madness with illegals coming over the border. Our country is about borders, language, and culture. CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!! Illegals should not be given anything free!! No welfare, anchor babies, social security, healthcare. Our system is broken!!” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “Close our borders and deport illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “Just look at what is happening in Europe!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Our nation is under attack and being invaded by illegals. This onslaught will succeed if we do not take action to stop it. Securing our borders must be of highest priority, along with simultaneous enforcement of laws governing immigration. We simply cannot continue to support those who are draining our resources, jobs, and health system because doing so would lead to the demise of our great nation. I know the cost of enforcement will be high, but the consequences of not doing it would be much greater. I also know that it will not be easy and we will be faced with fierce opposition. That is why we must take our stand, be vigilant, and give support to those who stand with us, especially those in leadership positions, and resist those who seek to impede or stop us, including those in leadership. Though it will be a daunting task to undertake, it is a fight we must engage in and win.” – American affected by immigration from Kansas.
  • “We need to close the borders. Enough is enough. They don’t belong here. They came here illegally… Close the borders and keep them closed for the next 50 years.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I believe in organizations such as FAIR to help us deal sanely with the massive numbers of ILLEGAL immigrants coming into our country through the border with Mexico, plus the large numbers now being brought in by the Obama Administration from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries under the guise of seeking refuge. Many terrorists and troublemakers, anti-American, are coming in with those who truly are seeking a better life. We need for Congress to put on the brakes quickly before we sink into chaos beyond what we’re already seeing. As for giving legal status to those who came in one or two decades ago, it should be limited. Those with children born in the United States should be screened and those approved should be allowed to apply for citizenship, learn our history, and our language as immigrants did for well over 100 years to gain citizenship. Criminals, terrorists, and troublemakers should be deported, perhaps given a tattoo that would identify them if they try to return.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Let’s KNOW who is coming into our country!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I believe that we need to stop the flow of illegals coming into America. This is why we need someone like Donald Trump for President. I believe he will help fix the problem. It just has to be done the legal way, that’s why I’m voting for Donald Trump.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “It’s time to close the door on immigration for national security reasons for right now.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Ban ALL immigration until it can be done safely.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am not for immigration until we have a way to vet people to keep the American people safe. We do need a wall. I am not for illegal immigration, amnesty or sanctuary cities, nor H-1B visas used for the purpose of replacing American workers because the foreign ones are cheaper. Look at what Disney did.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We must: secure our borders, mandate E-verify, implement interior system of enforcement, implement an entry/exit system to track overstay on visas, end birthright citizenship, end immigration chain, and NO sanctuary cities.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Without borders there is no country. We need to take care of our country first and Americans will still be generous with other countries.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Close the borders! We don’t need any more drugs or illegals entering our country!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “It’s time to build a wall to enforce the immigration laws and the will of the citizens of the United States. There is a legal pathway for Mexicans to come into the United States to be part of our system and a taxpayer.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “America belongs to the Americans. ENOUGH! 15 million illegals are more than enough. Seal the border! Stop illegal immigration now! America has been and should remain a melting pot. Immigrants should melt in and assimilate. If there are too many immigrants, especially from one region, they’ll impart their own culture on America, rather than adopt the American culture. Don’t let that happen!” – American from California affected by immigration.
  • “The immigration occurring right now is illegal. These people coming into the country are not being screened properly. This is very dangerous because a lot of these people could be ISIS.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “I support stronger immigration laws to protect our country from letting in the wrong people.” – American affected by immigration from Minnesota.
  • “Now is the time for all GOOD men and women to come to the aid of their country, by cleaning House and Senate and term limits. Immigration (a WALL) must happen properly in order to stop the waste of American funds.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Make U.S. citizens the priority. Close the borders!!!” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “To be a successful country laws need to be followed – immigration needs to admit people who will contribute & love USA.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “All criminals and those with a record should be immediately deported to where they came from. We shouldn’t take no for an answer from any country… In addition, better and more sophisticated border security is needed. The wall issue needs to be reviewed by experts. I think that enforcing our laws and aiding the border patrol in doing their job would be more enough to correct this problem. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to fix a problem that is actually very easily solvable, and in a humane way… I am a LEGAL immigrant so I think I know what I’m talking about.” – American affected by immigration from Louisiana.
  • “I left my country when I was 18. I have worked diligently to pay my way through college and to,pay to become a legal resident of the country I fell in love with. I find it sad to see there are those who stroll across the border and not have to do the work and pay as I did to stay here. Not only that, but to not blend into this country but to bring their culture with them… I have witnessed the having false as numbers and Identifications. Many times their money is sent out of country as our economy has struggled. It’s time we take a stand to correct this and strengthen our borders and our economy. We need fair immigration laws but not open borders.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I am an Arizona resident and want an electrified wall built at our borders!!! I’m sick of supporting anyone who comes to this country illegally. The costs are unending and they get better medical care than my family does and we all work and have insurance.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “The US welcomes anyone from any land to come here legally and matriculate as AN AMERICAN. The US is not the US if we do not protect our borders and allow amnesty.” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “A country without a border is no country!!” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Today, however, the US has a major problem- illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are entering our nation at an alarming rate. Without an effective screening process, which illegals obviously bypass, all types of undesirables are allowed to enter our nation. Of course, there is a mix of good and bad people who are flooding into our country. Regardless, they are pouring in unchecked. Criminals, terrorists, and other undesirables are included in this mix. For this and other reasons, illegal immigration must be stopped.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “I have been in Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Mexico and you can not enter those countries without a passport. Immigration laws should be enforced in the US too.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “If you can’t come legally don’t come. You have no right to live in our country without our permission.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Illegals are just that- illegal. If you wish to come into the US legally, after being vetted to make sure you are not a threat to us, we welcome you! ALL illegals should be deported and come back through legal means. I have to obey US laws. No one should be exempt!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Enough is enough keep sending them back. Build the wall.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “As long as just anyone can waltz across our borders, WE ARE NOT SAFE! We have NO IDEA who they are. They broke into our country. Go break into any other country. I guarantee you, They will NOT give you free health care, food stamps, housing, etc! We are rewarding people for breaking into our country, at the expense of We the people, and it’s WRONG! Let’s seal our borders, take care of our own people & then work on LEGAL immigration! This has to stop! It’s NUTS that people who break into our country are out protesting, & tapping into our system! And it’s wrong that our leaders even allow it! May GOD Bless America!” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “The government needs to start protecting the borders and stop interfering with our sovereignty.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Illegal aliens are criminals and need to be treated as such. Allowing the border to remain porous is reckless and indicative of the ulterior motives of our leadership from both sides of the isle. It is time to change and clean up our country.” – American affected by immigration from Tennessee.
  • ” The history of this country shows it was founded and developed by immigrants, mostly from Europe. As the ages and dates of those days have come and gone, the notion of this country being a safe-haven for the rest of the world has come and gone. The more we allow unskilled people from third world nations to come here and receive government assistance to start a new life is only ignoring, and insulting, the poor who have been here for generations. It’s time to take care of our own, and LOCK DOWN the borders with our military.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “Our borders have been the most widely open borders around the world to such an extent that it is rediculous, and since the borders have become so open, the violence in our nation has seen a great increase and we certainly can NOT blame all that on the availability of guns. The delays in finishing the fence has been detrimental. It is time to seal the borders and halt immigration for the benefit of the country and the American people, again, this is NOT racism, it is about safety and our job market.” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “It’s time not so much to build a wall but secure our borders! Every administration says that they will—but it never gets done?” – American affected by immigration.
  • “”We are going to have a border-less world! We must remain a sovereign country, we must fight harder if we want OUR COUNTRY to remain so. The elites of the world are trying to destroy our country and our kids’ right to find a good job and live in OUR COUNTRY, not sit back and watch it be turned into another 3rd world country! Parents, you must get your kids involved in this ASAP!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We need to stop illegal immigration, build a wall and let people LEGALLY come into the USA!” – American affected by immigration from Connecticut.
  • “Illegal immigration is a very serious problem in this country. It is damaging this country’s economy as well as its security. It’s time for lawmakers to be more proactive with this serious issue.” – American affected by immigration from Massachusetts.
  • “The flood of immigrants, both legal and illegal, must be stopped before we go broke giving everything away. Send them ALL back!!!!” – American affected by immigration from Tennessee.
  • “We are a sovereign nation and thus should and can protect our borders.” – American affected by immigration from South Dakota.
  • “America has always been a refuge for immigrants from around the world. We welcome all people regardless of race or ethnicity with open arms. America has laws governing our immigration system which must be upheld to protect our current citizens and to properly assimilate immigrants into our country as Americans of ____ descent but ultimately as AMERICANS. In order to properly do this the US has at times closed the borders temporarily. The safety, security and stability of our current citizens must remain our first priority. Open borders and amnesty pose serious threats to our national security and stability… Nothing was GIVEN to our ancestors except the OPPORTUNITY and, I guarantee you, that’s all they ever dreamed of.” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “We are being invaded by illegals. Stop all immigration until we can properly vett them…” – American affected by immigration from Louisiana.
  • “I believe we should close all borders to immigrants. We don’t have enough jobs or money to support the population we have. Why do we have so many food kitchens, children without enough food during the summer, people living on the streets. For a supposedly ‘richest’ country in the world, why are there so many people in distress!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “We need to control the type of immigrants we let in. Only immigrants that meet a nation’s need should be legalized! Illegal immigration needs to be stopped!” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “It is time to stop illegal immigration into this country, as a country we must have a secure boarder. Let them come to US just like my parents did legally, it is not fair to the other millions that want to come to this country.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I am first generation. BOTH my parents were forced to come here legally. Porous borders is insanity. Nobody minds legal immigration.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “We need secure borders… Contact your representative and make this happen. Keep America great.” – American affected by immigration from Nevada.
  • “I live on the Mexican border. We have many illegals crossing daily and go to the local church for help. Many cross and go through the brush country and get caught or die in the brush because of lack of water. Homes get broken into, it’s just not safe here anymore.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “The immigration system and border is a problem that we need to solve. First, we need to secure the border. There a plenty of solutions proposed that will work, it’s just a matter of having the drive to execute.” – American affected by immigration from Georgia.
  • “I just wonder why some people are closing their eyes to the fact that when you cross the border illegally that’s breaking the law?” – American affected by immigration.

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    Gabrielle Corry on

    Perhaps I am mistaken, but I believed our government was constitutionally charged to protect us from invaders. They are neglecting their sworn oath. I believe that they are no better than those human smugglers that make their living off the American tax payers. Americans need to demand an end to free everything for these people. Common sense would be to enforce severe penalties against businesses that engage in hiring illegals. Americans would be wise to boycott obnoxious anti-American groups and businesses. We can’t have it both ways. Either this is America, or not. As for those in public office that have sold themselves and broken our laws, they should have no other outcome than any other law breaker. And yes, we can send these people home.