Americans speak up on ENFORCING OUR LAWS.


  • “We need to stop letting illegals in and giving them rights. They have broken our laws and should not be rewarded for that.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “Since when does illegal exclude immigration? If it’s illegal, the crime must be dealt with swiftly and by the law. Steal..go to jail, assault…go to jail, migrate without proper approved documents…get deported. Here legally… welcome to the United States of America!!
    ” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “No matter the country of origin, the moment undocumented individuals step foot in this country they have broken the law – OUR law. It is a kick in the face to all LEGAL immigrants who went through all the paperwork and years of waiting to become citizens of this country to allow this invasion of illegals who we reward with housing, food, clothing, free medical…. why wouldn’t they come?! What about the Americans around the country who wait for days for free medical care after years of neglect because they couldn’t afford it?! What about Americans who are working but go to food banks because they are having a hard time making ends meet? The invaders need to make their own countries change rather than invading ours and dragging it down to the level of the one they left. The illegal invaders are freeloaders and we are enabling them. Too many are coming with criminal histories, disease, and/or without any education or skills to support themselves and add to the American way of life. Lending a helping hand to legitimate war refugees is one thing, enabling the illegal invasion creates parasites which drain the resources on this country which should be going the those born here or legally assimilated as citizens. If a non American doesn’t think enough of the laws of this country to abide by them then they can forget about coming here!” – American affected by immigration from Missouri.
  • “I’ll just ask why are these folks are exempt from the law while I’m not? They’re breaking the law by being here illegally and don’t get punished. Furthermore they are a drain on society… Sanctuary cities are ridiculous and those who endorse them should be removed from office.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “We are a country with borders and laws. They broke our laws. It’s NOT discrimination to enforce the law. America is a country of many nationalities that came here legally, learned our language, obeyed our laws, became Americans. To just let someone sneak across our border, get amnesty, and a free pass to citizenship just so you can get their vote is a slap in the face of ALL AMERICANS.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana.
  • “Illegal means a crime has been committed. That would make illegal aliens criminals. Plain, simple, and to the point. Why would we let criminals into our country? There is no other country on this earth that would welcome criminals into their community. I have nothing against any group of people no matter their origin. I do have a problem with letting criminals into our country. As far as the offspring being at no fault and they should stay and have their college paid for with my tax dollars?? If I had the money I would send my own to college – but I can’t afford to do that so they are now it debt up to their ears. We need to concentrate on Americans. We cannot help anyone else if we can’t help ourselves.” – American affected by immigration from West Virginia.
  • “I ask every American to write you elected Rep. and Senator and demand they enforce the immigration laws and stop illegals from receiving any free air, schooling or health care. If they don’t vote them out.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “I live in a sanctuary city. Our schools are overcrowded to such an extent that my kids have taken classes in trailers… Trailers sit atop ground that used to be playgrounds and ball fields. Rushed and ill-planned school construction has started to accommodate the flood of children here illegally or born here to illegal parents. The home owners in our community pay for all of this while other needs go unmet. I’ve asked the county for figures about how much money is expended on services to non citizens. They claim not to calculate things that way. I believe in charity but we are being taken advantage of. I’m really tired if it.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “We have laws for immigration! I hear of illegal immigrants in some states are receiving cash, food cards, homes, cars!! Our schools are overrun with the weight of the financial burden. They are crushing our Country! In force our laws toward illegal immigrants!!” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania.
  • “What does the government not understand about illegal? It is illegal to come to this country illegally. Do you comprehend? Our government is so corrupt they are getting kickbacks for keeping them here. Taxpayers are not responsible for these liberal programs for all these illegals. We need to take care of our own first…” – American affected by immigration from Mississippi.
  • “Illegal Immigrants come from all over the world, they don’t respect our borders, or our laws. These same Immigrants take money from our treasury for food stamps, medical care, and many other valuable benefits, that could go to American Citizens. We are 19 trillion dollars in debt, borrowing money from China, to pay for Free Stuff, for Millions of Illegal immigrants who wave the flags of the home country that let them down. A few Illegals were easy to accommodate, millions are impossible, and it is destroying America.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “All I need is to declare that I’m born American by origin, and I’m sick and fed up and outraged that people are inventing any wanna-be political excuse they can think of to condone the subversion of our laws and flagrant neglect and dismissal of our national border security. This has been a grave dereliction of duty and a violation of our right to protection perpetrated against us by our so-called authorities.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “Rewarding illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, jobs, housing, food stamps, welfare, tuition assistance or scholarships, free phones, welfare assistance, or legal status sends the message that we condone illegal immigration, and will only encourage even more people to break our laws.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Illegal is illegal in any language. Just like wrong is wrong. There is no reason to reward illegal / wrong behavior. It’s that simple. Doing so causes all kinds of hate and discontent amongst and from those who follow the rules… which is where we’re at in the US today. It’s also causing a huge divide in our country and you know what they say, United we stand, divided we fall.” – American affected by immigration Washington.
  • “It doesn’t matter what job you do or what skills you have, if you don’t pay into the system and have a social security number you will never be one of us. That makes you part of the problem. The system can only work with immigrants that come here to assimilate. Social Security is becoming insolvent due to politicians borrowing from it along with funds being spent on people who didn’t pay into it.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “We need laws enforced that are already in place. No one has given Americans a free ride as we should not give anyone a free ride that does not contribute to our economy. If we cannot take care of our veterans we have no business taking care of people who hate us or just want that free tide. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to someone who burns our American flag!” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Illegal immigration is a crime. Those who come here are violating state and federal law. If the opportunity for jobs/welfare/education were taken away, those who broke our immigration law would leave on their own. There would be no deportations.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Not in favor of giving illegal immigrants benefits or granting them anything but a safe return to their country. This is a sad situation. Our politicians take bribes to open the gates and then take money from taxpayers to support and house illegal immigrants in a fashion above what some citizens of this country live. It’s wrong.” – American affected by immigration from Michigan.
  • “Last election I came past a large crew of workers. I could see they all had badges saying I just voted I found out not one of them were legal citizen? I asked how did you vote your not citizens they said they never asked! Total voter fraud!” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “11.3 illegal immigrants that we know of! Why do we know of 11.3 million illegals and we have not done anything to remove them? I am so sick and tired of this government (both parties must go), it is pathetic. But let me get caught with less than a dime bag of weed…” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “Illegals are in the shadows my eye! They brazenly protest in our streets and give interviews to the media revealing their names and photos. They have no fear of being deported. And if, by some miracle, they ARE deported, they simply waltz right back in. How many times have we seen newspaper articles saying, “The drunk driver was deported nine times before finally killing someone?” You’re right…AMERICANS are the ones in the shadows, cowering inside, afraid to go out because of the crime and gangs, afraid to speak.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “Uphold the rule of law do what the Constitution tells you to do! We the people are sick of our Government not doing its job!! We the people want Obama to stop doing what he thinks is right because he does not have a clue.” – American affected by immigration from Maine.
  • “In the spring of 1982 , I moved from Oregon to California to get work as things were slow. I had gotten out of the USAF a few months earlier. So I get a job at a pool chemical company in S. Cal. After about a month I happened to see several employees running away from work! They ran every where to get away. I asked a fellow worker, what is going on? He pointed to a white van and said that is a US. immigration enforcement vehicle. So my first introduction to the mess we have 34 years later!” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “Our elected officials were elected to enforce the law… Enforcing and obeying current immigration law will do just fine thank you, and it starts with bringing a lawless president and his henchman to justice, and then enforcing the good and neglected, and largely unenforced laws. God save America.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “It is not undocumented immigrants; because if they went thru Immigration they would be documented. They are illegal aliens… illegal is when someone trespasses on my property. This is an illegal invasion, at a minimum. Take away the enticement/encouragement (welfare & other benefits at the expense of the Citizen taxpayer). And forget this press 1 for English when I call a company!” – American affected by immigration from Montana.
  • “The US State Department has denied my fiance’s visitor visa 3 times on the basis that she may overstay the visa limit. Although she has a great job, wonderful family including a daughter and everything she needs to fulfill the criteria set down by the US government. Now why does the same government allow ILLEGAL immigrants to stay here and even house, feed, educate and take care of their medical needs? I am so disgusted with all these government slobs. Not one politician I asked would help with our situation. The only answer I would receive, if any at all, was that the State Dept has final say and that is that. WHAT? Absolutely no oversight. Well I for one want some oversight and not just in the case of State Dept matters.” – American affected by immigration from Maryland.
  • “The state and federal governments should have done their part to help control immigration issues many years ago. By doing basically nothing, our immigration system has become almost non-existent. I have witnessed too many problems that immigration has caused here in California over the years… I am not really against immigration, but I am against illegal immigration. I do feel that the government must make immigration laws much tougher than they are now, and they also need to hire the proper people to help control our borders. It should not be so easy for immigrants to enter our country. We need to become more aware of how often this happens and be more willing to make the government aware of how much we disapprove of this.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “No alien should be allowed to vote, especially illegal ones. Also, they are lawbreakers not undocumented immigrants. They should be deported- all of them, however, realistically speaking those who may have support or legal reasons to stay should never be able to become citizens -those hopefully few should hope at best for a green card. Persons with a drivers license should not automatically be allowed to vote. Aliens who obtain a drivers license, a bank account, or other documentation can be tracked.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “If we make laws for immigration and then do not enforce them, we are failing the entire American process.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “We are getting tired of illegal immigration and demand our government put a stop to it.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “The laws must be obeyed! Obama and all those pushing for immigration/amnesty are breaking the law and going against their oath of office. Immigrants are not being vetted and this lets criminals into our country.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Time to stop illegal immigration and the incentives to come here illegally.” – American affected by immigration from Louisiana.
  • “We have immigration laws: UPHOLD THEM! We need our borders secured: SECURE THEM AT ANY COST!!” – American affected by immigration from Missouri. 
  • “The USA — and GOD BLESS AMERICA — has been far too lax and far too accommodating to those who violate our laws. It is costing our country in every aspect of life. It’s high time that we crack down once and for all.” – American affected by immigration from Pennsylvania. 
  • “We have been a safe haven to the world for years, but now those we have trusted could be the ones who want to destroy us from inside our country. Immigration policies must be enforced or modified to protect this country.” – American affected by immigration from Indiana. 
  • “Why have immigration laws if they aren’t enforced? This is not the America my Dad fought for!” – American affected by immigration from Oregon. 
  • “It is a total shame that law breakers are allowed to run free in America. Our immigration laws are not being upheld and the current administration is shredding our constitution in a mighty way without challenge by our Congress. The American people who still care about this nation need to take a stand and demand the laws be upheld.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona. 
  • “Let us take charge of the immigration process and send illegal people home to where they came from. This is not fair to our Americans. It seems as though they are now the second class citizens.” – American affected by immigration from Florida. 
  • “I’ve been for curtailing immigration for 30 years. To allow 11 million illegals to stay in the U.S. is beyond comprehension. Why doesn’t the government do something about it?” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “It’s time for all illegal aliens to be deported as our laws are written. The U.S. has no room for foreign criminals who violate our sovereignty and break the rule of law. Kowtowing to criminals is insane. Choose immigrants the country needs and who will benefit the country, our citizens, and who do not take jobs away from American workers. Illegals can be easily deported via attrition. When they are found deport them. Make E-verify mandatory, incarcerate and fine employers who hire them. Enforce our laws which will protect our citizens and stop the lawlessness and insane political correctness. Do not elect politicians who favor amnesty and sanctuary cities. They are not only unethical and immoral but also illogical to the point of being shameless and stupid.” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “There are laws in place and should be enforced. It is called illegal immigration because it’s just that. Those who do not enforce or follow the laws on the books should be forced to step down.” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “I think everyone who comes to America needs to go through the system and be checked thoroughly. Check them out and if they don’t want to live by our laws, then they should be sent back to the country they came from. I am a Christian and I believe that everyone has the right to come to our country for a better life, but we should not change our Constitution for them, and our way of life that this country was founded on by God blessings.” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “A good majority of America’s issues can be directly attributed to immigration and its lack of enforcing our current laws. We must stand for the adherence of our laws and their enforcement period!” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “Immigration is broken. Allowing illegals to come into our state as a sanctuary state is not helping immigration. Send the illegals back and they can re-enter legally.” – American affected by immigration. 
  • “It’s way past time to put America first. Every person who has entered our country illegally needs deported yesterday!!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “There are legal ways of coming to America, That is why we have laws, to protect Americans, not the other way around!!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “We need to enforce the laws we already have on immigration. Then we need to close our borders and check everyone that’s already here. Send the ones back that step here illegally. Make a quicker process for citizenship for those doing it right.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “My daughter is denied courses at a local city college while illegal, so called undocumented, obtain scholarship grants, get classes, etc. I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes, taxed at 50% of my income, and find myself disenfranchised as a born, taxpaying citizen. I have no respect for those who disrespect our country and constitution.” – American affected by immigration from California.
  • “The average law abiding American has been afraid to speak out in any way about the current state of immigration in our country, as they fear being judged as racists. But most are not, they simply want the current immigration laws to be enforced. They are even more bewildered and angered by our current President who has not only violated the standing laws, but had made the situation worse by issuing decrees that only extend the lawlessness to unprecedented levels. This is why some of the outsider Republican candidates have done so well, they have given voice to the long festering concerns of these silent Americans. As a result some are just beginning now to speak out for themselves. Websites like yours will expand this voice as you give them the opportunity to express their heart. Washington would be wise to listen closely…as this growing voice has in no way yet reached its crescendo. That is yet to come…and come it will, as this silent majority is like a slow simmering pressure cooker that has been building steam for the last 7 years. Some form of cultural explosion is inevitable.” – American affected by immigration from Kansas.
  • “I’m tired of law abiding American citizens being discriminated against by policies that favor and enable illegal behavior. Selective enforcement of the law is the source of every tyrannical government throughout history. Our immigration laws are not broken. The problem is corrupt politicians who refuse to enforce the law. Seal the border and allow legal immigration based on what an individual can contribute to our country instead of allowing groups who politicians see as voting favorable blocks.” – American affected by immigration from Hawaii.
  • “It’s time to end illegal immigration.” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I live in northern NJ and I have close to 2 dz cars in my neighborhood with Maryland license plates. Maryland gives them licenses which then allows illegals to register cars. NJ law requires you to register your car within 60 days, my local police force refuses to anything abt it. What bothers me the most is that i moved back here 8 years ago and when i registered my car in NJ my insurance almost doubled. As a result i took it off the road because i could not afford it and use mass transit to get to work in NYC. I have been trying to find out what laws i no longer have to follow or is lawlessness only for illegals.” – American affected by immigration from New Jersey.
  • “It’s past the time to do something people can not see what it is costing us- we need to get control of it.The laws are there to inform it; the federal government is the problem.” – American affected by immigration from Arizona.
  • “We must uphold our immigration laws and secure our borders. If the next massive terrorist attack on our fellow citizens is due to our lax enforcement of our immigration laws, democrats will have blood on their hands and no place to hide.” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “We need to take the law into our own hands. yes its time. I have been nearly involved in two different accidents… both drunk illegal aliens. They steal my tools, they steal my business, the cops shrug their shoulders when I beg them to uphold the oath they took to uphold our rights and the law….” – American affected by immigration from Florida.

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    Let’s just start at the top, shall we? Until we have an honest government, nothing will change. Honestly, how can the criminal and corrupt govern others? Should they?