Americans speak up on our HOMELESS.


  • “Put our homeless and veterans before illegal immigrants.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Until we can take care of our homeless, soldiers, and seniors we don’t need to take on the additional responsibility of more immigrants.” – American affected by immigration from North Carolina.
  • “The true fact is we have homeless people here. I’m 68 and had to retire early from a car wreck — haven’t had a good raise for a while. I try to live off of $830.00 per month. Had to sell my house because I couldn’t keep the upkeep and county said they would condemn it. Why can’t the government help us? I tried to get grants but never could. So now I live with my daughter because rent is more than I make.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “We do not need any more people legal or illegal. Take care of our sick veterans and homeless people. Handouts to lawbreakers has to stop!!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Immigration should benefit American citizens and not be a negative impact.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “It’s time to worry about legal Americans, and how to help them NOT illegal aliens.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “There are too many Americans in poverty to realistically think we can support more illegals liberally. Our national debt has doubled in just the 8 years of Obama’s liberal policies!” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “I’m tired of seeing American citizens getting the lower end of the stick. Only we (citizens) are held to the laws of the land. If you are an illegal alien you appear to get all the benefits as a citizen and none of the responsibilities like paying taxes or following the laws. The government goes out of the way and as far as ignoring current laws that are on the books. My kids have to provide identification (birth certificate) and take both a written and driving test before they can get a driver’s license. So how is it that an illegal alien can get pass that? Wouldn’t that be the best time to “round them up”?” – American affected by immigration from South Carolina.
  • “When will we start putting America and Americans first? All across this country we see hunger (including child hunger, which sickens me), unemployment, poverty, and other afflictions affecting AMERICAN citizens. Instead of further burdening our safety nets and public infrastructure–which are in bad shape to begin with–with strangers, how about we take care of our own? Once we have ALL of our own people on solid footing, then and only then should we worry about other people from other countries.” – American affected by immigration from Nebraska.
  • “None at all should come to this country until all our AMERICAN citizen is being fed, clothed, and housed. Everyday homeless people are in the streets and many have little children. PUT AMERICA FIRST!” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “I agree 100% with what needs to be done about immigration illegal and legal. We have immigrants coming into our country collecting benefits making the homeless problem even larger than it already is.We need to slow the amount of people coming into this country we obviously have a problem.” – American affected by immigration from Ohio.
  • “It’s just like they instruct you on an airplane…If the oxygen masks fall, put yours on first so you can assist others. Take care of Americans so we can then take care of others.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.

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    Hmmm, I just wish they wouldn’t use dogs to get sympathy. (I mean money) And you better not let them know how you feel about it either! Unless you like to be called those names….
    Okay, I’m sorry if I sound heartless, but I only have seen what appears to be a choice. I think there are programs for those that want help. Those that are substance abusers are making their choice.
    The real focus should be on the mentally ill and I have no idea where to begin on that.