Protest to Occur at “The Happiest Place On Earth”

681px-Magic_Kingdom_-_The_'Big_Bang'_at_Wishes_-_by_hykuDisney has received criticism for laying off hundreds of American tech workers and forcing them to train their replacements, H-1B visa holders who will work for less pay. Outsourcing jobs in the United States is hurting American workers.

On October 17, there will be a protest held at both Disney Land in California and Disney World in Florida from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN), a Florida-based immigration reform group, is supporting the boycott and protest.

FLIMEN believes that Disney should be held accountable for harming the workers that were laid off. “American workers matter… and the only way to send that message to Disney’s management is for American consumers to boycott its amusement parks, movies, and entertainment products across the board,” said Jack Oliver, the president of FLIMEN.

If you would like to be involved in Boycott Disney Now’s efforts, sign up to join the protest in person or sign their petition that will be sent to Congress.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Catalina the article would have been complete if you have stated what company is bringing these new employees. Stating just H1 visa is too general…..

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      I will give you a fact Catalina…..the people they bring are no different from us HOWEVER the company that brings them, no differently from the way illegals are treated…they pay them low wages and abused them. Just a legal form of the illegal situation……the solution of the H1 visa partially solves this… have to go to the source…………like Canada does…………at least 90% of the workers ought to be American and the ones already here..if not found look elsewhere …………then bring the best…per say………..what did I say 90% as just a guess figure?

      In the engineering world that I come from, you have a very small demographics of young scientists and most from all over the World(the best)…..not only the jobs have been outsourced but they are bringing more engineers and displacing the one from here already miss to retirement age BUT the best experience…….

      So that its the core of middle class……then Walgreens is doing the same thing. I learned last week at Whole Foods the Banks are bringing IT people here from india and they work and stay here with a visa.

      I guess what I am trying to say is that these people and companies work their way through and this is happening quietly……SO GREAT JOB on this article!! People deserve to know.

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        A Software Manager is Running for City Council in the Sanctuary City Area Near Seattle Called Kent

        He’s from India and he has no education from America…..its all from India.

        Would I hire him to work in my S/W company? Hades no, his credentials are sub par. His lack of American English speaking culture in his education base is just one of the reasons. No matter if I could get him 1/2 pay, the full pay American would make FAR more money for me.

        Its that simple.

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          we might not agree on things sometimes, but this is a problem. He will bring all his people and kick all the Americans out of that town…… happens in the corporations=….an indian employee…kisses you butt,,,,the American Boss equal job but silly promotes him…later the indian guy to Chinese becomes the boss and will only hire indians and Chinese….


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    Disneyland Has Become Another Corporate/Foreign Joke in America

    They think if they lie, we’ll believe it….and we generally don’t believe their lies anymore….concurring comments from Trump about the Silent Majority?

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    Greed knows no bounds.Their CEOs are more concerned with buying solid gold toilets than making ends meet. Disney owns ABC and affiliates too. I won’t buy anything I know Disney has its greedy hands on, and discourage the people I can from it.

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    Our Grand kids, ages 4-8 have been saving to go to Disney, however, I explained to them, we would NOT be going, as nice people working there and who deserve their jobs, and need to feed their children, are being let go, and other people just came in and took over like they do on a “bad pirate ship story” so we will go where nice people are treated fairly at their job, We can’t continue give our money to people who do the wrong things, and cause trouble! It wouldn’t be fair. The kids were more dissappointed about the “Sad People” and their loss, but just as happy to go to other parks! DISNEY- it’s about families, not the AGENDA imposed on Americans, in effort to destroy all that is good and healthy for our children!

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      I totally agree – we also have grandchildren (ages 6 and 7) and they have been wanting to go back to DisneyWorld. However, I will not do business with a company that has their employees train new (illegal) immigrants to do their own jobs, and then fires the loyal employees once they have trained the immigrants to do what was their jobs. SHAME, SHAME AND MORE SHAME ON DISNEY!! ALSO, the admission prices to Disneyworld and Disneyland are exhorbant and the lower income families have no chance of ever being able to take their children to either of these places. It seems that every year, Disney is finding another specific item to charge admission for – either that or they are raising their admission prices. BOYCOTT DISNEYWORLD AND DISNEYLAND!!!!

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        Linda I agree with all you said but one thing….they are not illegals….so please use the semantic and language properly…that is why most people look ignorants and confuse the word Illegals with everything that is foreign…we have to avoid being like nazis ….

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    Ironic that a company originally founded as family friendly and geared towards making children happy is now laying off American workers right before the holidays and replacing them with cheap foreign workers. I would assume that some of these workers have children who will have a parent lose their job right before the holidays. Not very family friendly. I doubt that Mr. Walt Disney would approve if he were alive today.

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    BeResponsible2 on

    My family and I happily “Burned all our Disney souvenirs and collectables in a bonfire” and shall never set foot on any Disney property or watch any of disney’s sponsored movies or programming!

    …You betrayed the American people, you deserve your fail!

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    They’re not hurting for money. They just raised their ticket prices for the second time this year, along with raising parking prices. Yes, you get to pay them to park so you can pay them again to get in and then wait 90 minutes for a 3 minute ride.