Ten Questions that Should Be Asked During Wednesday’s GOP Debate

Donald_Trump_September_3_2015 (1)The next Republican presidential debate is Wednesday night on CNBC. The debate is expected to focus primarily on jobs, taxes, the deficit, and the health of the economy—all of which are linked to immigration. Accordingly, FAIR encourages the CNBC moderators to ask the following ten questions during the debate:

For Rubio: Recently on CNN you said Donald Trump’s immigration plan “makes no sense.” Yet, Trump’s 6-page plan centers on three “core principles” of immigration reform: control the border; enforce immigration laws; and prioritize American workers. What part of that “makes no sense”?

For Cruz: Only half of new grads with STEM degrees find jobs in the field, yet you want to increase the H-1B cap from 65,000 to as high as 500,000. Can you explain how this position is not hurting the job prospects of American STEM graduates?

For Trump: In a recent interview you said that if elected “we will do something that will be done with heart” in order to address the millions of illegal aliens already in the United States. Would you clarify these comments and define what “doing something with heart” means from an immigration policy standpoint?

For Bush: You are on record supporting the DREAM Act, claiming a path to citizenship “for kids brought here through no fault of their own” is the right thing to do. However, no version of the DREAM Act has ever required an applicant prove they were brought to this country “through no fault of their own.” Additionally, the latest version of the DREAM Act rejected by Congress set no age limit for DREAM Act recipients. How do you justify that this amnesty is “for the kids” when adults could qualify for it?

For Carson: Donald Trump has called you “very weak” on immigration, pointing out that you support amnesty for illegal aliens. How exactly is your position different from Hillary Clinton’s and how do you explain your position to GOP voters who polls show overwhelmingly oppose amnesty?

For Fiorina: Last month you said you support giving certain illegal aliens work permits after the border is secure. With the labor force participation rate at historical low levels, what do you say to the millions of unemployed Americans who will now have a harder time finding work under your proposal?

For any/all candidate(s): How do you intend to reverse the abuses of executive authority and reinstate to Congress, their right to regulate immigration?

For any/all candidate(s): Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency he has allowed sanctuary cities to defy federal immigration law without repercussions. Will you pledge on Day One of your presidency to utilize your Executive authority, including Justice Department litigation, to hold these jurisdictions accountable?

For any/all candidate(s): All of you have said we need to secure the border but immigration enforcement is more complex than that. What are your positions on mandatory E-Verify and biometric entry-exit?

For any/all candidate(s): The U.S. economy has been stagnant for most of Obama’s presidency yet we continue to admit 1 million new green cards a year. In fact, it takes 150,000 net new jobs per month just to account for immigration. Given this, should we maintain our current levels of legal immigration or reduce it to a more sustainable amount?

Bonus Question: Do you believe that our current immigration system serves any identifiable public interest?

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    The push for mass immigration – both legal and illegal – comes mostly from multinational corporate executives and Wall Street Bankers – both of which seek ever-increasing profits from higher consumption levels as well as lower labor costs. Mass immigration accomplishes these goals because it increases the consumer base, while also flooding the labor market.

    This push will not stop regardless of who wins the White House. That’s because these big money special interests – and their lobbyists – control most of the Congressional Representatives and Senators of both parties.

    Only an unprecedented public uprising will stop this onslaught.

    To accomplish this, we will have to recruit substantially more patriotic immigration reform activists than what we currently have. Then, we will have to do whatever it takes to make this country absolutely unlivable for the open borders executives, lobbyists, and politicians. And, as much as I hate to admit this, we may need to target the foreigners as well.

    All this may sound harsh, but that is the grim reality that we currently face. In order to survive, we will need to oppose the invasion – and the invaders – with ruthless intensity. Otherwise we will perish.

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      Interesting Viewpoint

      The Supreme Court is scheduled soon [per Trump] to make the determination that the 14th Amendment really prohibits anchor babies. Let’s see what happens after that likely occurs soon.

      Heads may roll like the McCarthy Witch-Hunt in the 50s chased after Communists, with that announcement alone. This time it will be those who hire IAs that will be on the Witch-Hunt chopping block.

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        I suspect that the Supreme Court is bought and paid for also, since so many of their decisions in recent years – such as Citizens United and Kelo vs New London – have worked in favor of Big Business.

        In addition to the FAIR and NumbersUSA type activism, we also need to oppose the invaders in the communities where we live. Let me give you two examples.

        Earlier this year there was a large group of Illegals renting a House in my neighborhood. They were over the legal for the number of residents per household as per the city ordinances. The greedy owners didn’t care as long as they got their rent money. I and several others complained to the city government, which then did an code inspection and levied fines against the landlord for violating the fire and safety codes. After that the illegals moved out.

        Last year a friend of mine – who lives in an apartment complex – noticed loud noise disturbances after hours from a nearby apartment occupied by a group of Indians, who were most likely guestworkers. He then repeatedly made anonymous 911 calls which resulted in multiple visits by the police. My friend actually timed some of his calls so that police would come out just as the Indians were about to leave for work in the mornings, which probably caused them to repeatedly show up late for their jobs, which may have gotten them in trouble with their employers. After several months of this, the Indians had enough and moved out.

        In order to succeed we will need to employ these kinds of tactics – and probably some more extreme tactics as well – in communities across America.

        In your post you used the term Witch Hunt. Yes, that is exactly what we need. We have to do everything we can make sure that the open borders employers, lobbyists, politicians – and even the foreigners themselves – become “endangered species” here in America.

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          Not too long ago a Spanish ship that was recovered from the deep ocean ( gold and silver )by an American company from the Peruvian Inca Time………….THe Supreme court recognized Spain as the owner of the treasure that was collected from raping the Incas and peruvian blood…..The US court ruled all of it back to Spain…..

          Nothing to the American Company for its efforts and Peru I believe entered a complain in the International organization….so where is the justice…..the Freedom that the Supreme Court is to represent ??…Unbelievable………

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          Not too long ago a Spanish ship that was recovered from the deep ocean ( gold and silver )by an American company from the Peruvian Inca Time………….THe Supreme court recognized Spain as the owner of the treasure that was collected from raping the Incas and peruvian blood…..The US court ruled all of it back to Spain…..

          Nothing to the American Company for its efforts and Peru I believe entered a complain in the International organization….so where is the justice…..the Freedom that the Supreme Court is to represent ??…Unbelievable………


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    One Thing About Carson’s Support of Amnesty

    Ar least he admits it [and his ties with lobbyists?]…Trump is still my choice, but Carson’s honesty is refreshing compared to Jeb’s.

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    Ben Carson need to be asked under his immigration plan how does The wage earner get a 25 year wage suppression differential back . If you put illegal aliens under a guest worker program we just steal would remain depressed example this story from many years ago meat Packers in the Midwest went from $18 an hour to nine dollars an hour replaced by illegal aliens The K- Street lobbyist will still win , legal and illegal aliens from Mexico are able to send back $20 billion a year to Mexico because they are heavily subsidized by the American people through various welfare programs this simply is not right and have all the latest gadgets big-screen TVs smart phones new cars One reason I know this is because I was born and raised in the central valley in California I live in the bay area for about 20 years so my knowledge of this is up close and personal unlike yours and also what are you going to do about the impact of illegal immigration on the economic impact of the black Community The elites of the black community donna Brazil smiley tavis ect Will give a false narrative but I am on the ground I live shoulder to shoulder with other black people

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      You’re right about the Midwest meatpackers wages. There was a story in the Dec. 21, 2001 New York Times about exactly that. Those used to be high paying union jobs and the companies actually recruited in Mexico for workers to come here illegally. Tyson was actually indicted for using illegals knowingly. Those who say “Americans won’t do those jobs” are wrong. Those companies deliberately drove wages and benefits way down, and made the lines faster so more people were injured. Americans had no choice. It was work for peanuts or leave. And you’re also right that blacks should be shouting the loudest about it because no wages have been affected more than the working class, and that includes a lot of blacks.

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    Those questions are incredibly weak. Any politician with more than a week’s worth of experience – whether running for President or dog catcher – would be able to turn each question to their advantage and use the question to pivot into their stock talking points.

    If you want real questions, see the dozens I’ve written over the years. Despite a lot of trying, FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS, etc. refuse to use my much better questions, even though they can use them for free. I’ve released some of them as open source, meaning they can use and even rewrite them at will.

    Yet, FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS, etc. put their pride ahead of stopping amnesty. They refuse to use better ideas that would solve the problems they complain about, preferring to promote inferior ideas that don’t stop amnesty.

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      I DISAGREE……they straight simple questions that are facts and do need to be addressed. Maybe simple for you since perhaps you think you know……….but the rest of the country does need to know the simplest things that is the most mistakes politicians, make.

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        AND the country does need to fix those simple things…to move forward on the more complex ones. the FAIR GOV’T RELATIONS TEAM did hit the nail on the questions.

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      There are only 2 that said they would close the border from the start. The rest flip flopped and aren’t believable. Ask Carson some difficult questions, like why did you say you would end Social Security and Medicare. Same for Bush. Carson claims to be against Islam but hangs with Sharpton and his aide hangs with Farahkan. Isn’t that supporting them.

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      24ahead: nice try but FAIL.

      These questions are very good, which is why they will never be asked by lazy, biased journalists. And even if they were, the same lazy, biased journalists wouldn’t do adequate aggressive follow up to ensure that the candidates actually answered the questions rather than regurgitating their talking points.

      But I guess you, “24 ahead” “LW” or whatever you call yourself these days, know more than the full-time professionals at FAIR & Numbers.

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    Good questions, I hope I am overly pessimistic when I doubt that many if any of these questions will be asked. The same greedy special interests that own and control most of our politicians are the same powers that be that own and control the major media outlets that are hosting the debates and selecting the questions.

    And I would add one more question that we should be discussing as a nation during every election cycle, and that is why do we as a nation want to increase our population by 100 million people over the next 50 years through mass immigration?

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      Also, in today’s America, where Gates and his cronies have their way with our government, the words many American students graduating with a STEM degree can expect to hear are “Congratulations on your STEM degree! Welcome to Starbucks!”

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        Well, unfortunately here in Illinois if that is the case is because of the Corporations leaving, being bought from abroad, franchises….so a fix 9-10/hour jobs and scarce and a State that over spends………….nothing to do with the illegals…..

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    All extremely fair and pertinent questions, but it’s highly unlikely that a biased and spineless CNBC moderator would actually ask those extremely important questions, no matter how much we prod.

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    It’s rather odd that Carson is finding such support when he endorses the amnesty that made Rubio and Bush unpopular with conservatives. Or is this just another case like 2008 when a certain person got a pass from some very hard questions. Like how he sat in the pew of a church for 20 years and yet never heard any of the anti-American anti-white rhetoric of the pastor. Even though he quoted some of that rhetoric directly in his book. Including how “white folks greed rules a world in need”.

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          Leland when Trump says no 9/11 would have happened under him because he would have had a wall built by then int Mexico……..that is plain stupid……..are you like him,,,or still think this sis subjective….besides he will own you.

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        The only way he became ahead was Hilliary ran an end saying he was because she doesn’t want to face Trump. The only sites that day is leading are ones that have supportw her. No where else. Carson wants to end Social Security and Medicare. Other then that he hasn’t said anything about anthing because we won’t like it, just like that one. He would be destroy millions of lives of he ended those two things. But he doesn’t care because he has his money. He has know idea on How to run a country. He couldn’t even be a speaker. He has no idea about anything but being a doctor.

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          Linda anybody that faces Trump is an idiot……….Hillary is smarter than Trump politically………if you know what I mean……….