Americans Speak Up On Our Military Veterans


These testimonials are part of FAIR’s, “It’s OK to Talk About Immigration: Testimonies from Americans.” 

We invite YOU to speak up for effective, sensible immigration policies that work for America’s best interests.

– “We need to help our military vets, not illegals.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.

– “Our vets need so much help. They deserve it, and they are not getting it. I am all for immigration, but think it needs to be limited each year to a certain number. We need to remember to take care of our own first. We CAN’T save the whole world. And, they need to enter the right way or not at all. Laws need to be followed.” – American affected by immigration from Washington.

– “I am sick and tired of our vets going without. Illegal and legal immigrants seem to be first on the list to take care of!” – American affected by immigration from Minnesota.

– “The government takes better care of illegals than it does our veterans! Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. And we the people have allowed them to do so…I say NO MORE!” – American affected by immigration from Idaho.

– “My father fought in WWII and my brother fought in the Vietnam War for this country only to have our president trash our veterans and dishonor their service in favor of the illegal aliens overrunning our country. I live in CA, I know and see the damage being done to this state by these law-breaking illegals.” – American affected by immigration from California.

– “Americans must come first. There are too many seniors, veterans and children that need assistance before foreigners.” – American affected by immigration.

– “My father SSgt. of the U.S. Air Force who fought during Vietnam lost a lot and had the PTST do go along with it and was not given the help that he needed. He passed away this year on my birthday still waiting for the help that he was promised. Charity begins at home, and so if you wanna help someone help our own people first before we try to help other countries and their problems.” – American affected by immigration from Massachusetts. 

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