Dan Stein’s Reaction to 5th Circuit Court Ruling

Watch FAIR’s President, Dan Stein, discuss the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding an injunction that stopped the Obama administration’s plan to grant amnesty through executive action.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Is it just me, or is anybody else ANGERED by politicians (Kasich – Bush) who show compassion for people who have
    killed American and cost us billion of dollars, But none for the Citizens who elected them ???
    And this nonsense that you can’t deport them…..BS ! Install E-VERAFY and stop any benefit’s and make it know,
    FYI Read the 14th amendment there is no such thing as ANCHOR BABYS !!

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      Certainly, you are not alone in thinking that traitors like Kasich and Bush shouldn’t be publicly advocating for immigration criminals. They are a public disgrace. They mistakenly believe that the outcome of the 2016 election turns of their ability to out-pander the Demographic Party. It won’t work. Open-borders voters are already getting everything they want from the latter and have no reason to switch to the GOP.

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      UStinman yes there is we are all anchor babies…in the meaning of the word…..AND NOT all those people kill Americans…you are senile…….

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    I wouldn’t be surprise Obama did this with a plan……the same way he defeated his second opponent……

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    Great job Dan. I have to give EWTN credit for having you on again, even if the official position of the Vatican is for open borders. Of course, a lot of members of the Catholic Church in the US are opposed to illegal immigration and will always be glad to hear what you have to say.

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    I worked at a 7-11 type of store for almost 6 years with an all illegal work force from Mexico. Eleven people from different parts of Mexico. These people proved to me they are very willing to break all of the laws that they can. It seems to bring excitement to their existence. They also traumatize people in the community through the practice of stealing and eating people’s pets. All of the people I worked with would and did eat dog meat. I know they did not have to allow the owners of the dog to find out what happened to their dog-but they would spread the rumors in the neighborhood. I think that pain was intentional. To suggest they contribute to our society so much has to be a miscalculation. I would like to learn about the data from this–how gained, how old it is–all of the details of it. They have said for years –for 30 years to my personal knowledge–that the number of illegals in the country is 11-12 million. The number has to be higher than this because I read there are 1 million coming in every year now. These numbers have to be supported by calculations being tabulated at the border in some way. Someone out there really thinks a lot of their maid or nanny to allow all of this to go “undetected” for so long. It is a real shame. The torture the people’s pets go through becoming a food source and eaten would make me want to stop it if I were a law maker. What does it take?

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      If that were true…we would have found out by now……….so either you just happen to be in the worst neighborhood of the US or you are in Mexico of an extremely low population that eats dogs……..NO WAY……

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          I don’t really know what you mean really……welcome to the third world……part of our efforts to the American Dream has been from the 3rd world…..like in your field….very star South American/Mexican Engineers or Africa etc…………look more deeply SW….this is just people from specific places that do that NOT ALL 3rdword countries……you need to refine your reasoning and critical thinking…..

          HA!!! I wouldn’t eat it…..:)