FAIR Submits Comment to Stop the STEM Jobs Giveaway

job_giveawayThe Obama administration is trying to bypass Congress and make it easier for the technology industry to hire cheap foreign workers instead of Americans. Through a proposed regulation—which is open for public comment through TODAY—the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to allow foreign science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degree-holders remain in the country and work on their student visas for up to3 years after they graduate. By law, DHS must accept public comments on the proposed regulation and respond to them before implementing the change.

Accordingly, FAIR has taken a stand against the assault on American STEM workers and submitted a comment in opposition to the proposed rule. Part of our comment reads: “Upon review, FAIR has concluded that the proposed rule serves no legitimate interest and harms American workers, especially recent graduates with STEM degrees. Instead, the proposed rule only benefits the technology industry’s desire for a reliable supply of lower cost labor. Foreign nationals would be taking jobs that otherwise would go to U.S. citizens. FAIR believes that our immigration system should supplement the American workforce not replace it. This rule is contrary to these principles, therefore, FAIR urges DHS to abandon the proposed rule.

To read FAIR’s full comment, click here. To learn how you can submit your own comment, click here.


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    Our president, who claims to care so much about the working man, has done everything he possibly can to assist big business in their attempts to flood this country with cheap foreign workers. And when he is out of office he will get his reward by being appointed to boards of many of those companies.

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    I Saw That Matt Damon Movie, The Martian

    What a Hollywood crock, albeit enjoyable anyway.

    They have NASA, you know the “shutdown” agency we’ve basically butcher axed all the engineers from years ago, launching multiple missions to Mars….with what? Monopoly play money?

    China helps us with their superior space program when our booster fails…..

    We’re in love with any engineer that’s cheap and foreign, albeit sub-par compared to domestic. We need the 2007 laid off 250K automotive technicals re-hired to if we’re ever going to design American transmissions again.

    I know….the NWO says Mexico can replace ’em…..LOL

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      It’s a tragedy that so many talented engineers from NASA have been let go. Those aren’t the kind of skills that a person can just learn overnight. We need to retain these people for our national security. There is the private company SpaceX, but we still don’t have enough people working in the space program as we should.